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The MYM15 SM that I decided to continue… for now

The boundaries between worlds have now collapsed. Earth and Gensokyo are now one. 

This has resulted in the creation of a “new world”, combining different aspects of the two worlds while distorting everything about them. Locations and even people have been shifted like crazy, now scrambled beyond recognition. The world is in chaos, and only the prepared can survive.

Also, the sky is green, just like in Divinity of Pride’s card image. Thought you should know that.

Chapter 8 – Scarlet-Ruby Unities

The second part of our story takes place on the very same mountain used for the merging ritual… which mountain, you ask? Both! Earth and Gensokyo’s central mountains were now a single mountain. Our heroine, Reimu, had just woken up near the peak of this mountain, only to find the unconscious body of Leviathan lying near her. There was also another unconscious, unfamiliar girl in her sights, who just happened to be Ruby Rose (main character trio much?).

“Just where the heck am I? It looks like Youkai Mountain, but it doesn’t feel like it. It’s almost like I’m in another world.”

(one could argue that Reimu would normally suspect boundary fluctuations in this kind of scenario, but our dear Yukari Yakumo, who is normally associated with such things, is in another castle- I mean, contest)

After gathering her thoughts together, Reimu took the time to hover off the ground and look around for other individuals, but to no avail. She had no choice but to make do with the two that had been presented to her.

“Hello? You in there?”

Reimu started by crouching down and poking Leviathan with her ofuda. Thankfully this anime character wasn’t a sleepyhead, as this time Reimu actually got a response, albeit a rather reluctant one. Leviathan took her sweet time waking up, then slowly got up and asked the one question anyone else would ask in the same situation:

“Where am I?”

“Apparently we’re on Youkai Mountain. But something just doesn’t feel right. For one, I haven’t seen the others anywhere around here. Also, that girl over there feels as though she’s from another world.”

Reimu pointed to the unconscious Ruby, who just now starting to wake up. She got up and stretched her arms out with a big yawn before looking around, a bit drowsy.

“That’s strange. I was with Yang and the others before.”

“Oh, she’s awake.” Reimu exclaimed bluntly. Ruby took note of Reimu and suddenly got a chipper look on her face.

“Hey, have you seen my sister anywhere?”

“You mean that Yang person you were talking about? Why no, I haven’t seen anyone else around here, nor do I know what she looks like.”

(Oh, how I’d love to make a joke about Yang’s name right now. But I can’t)

“Well, she’s got wavy blonde hair, a cool smile and…”

“Huh, I’m also looking for a blonde-haired girl. Well, you don’t seem like a bad person, so why don’t you stick around with the two of us until we figure out just what the heck’s going on here?”

“Okey-dokey! Oh, but who’s that girl behind you – she hasn’t said anything yet!”

“I’m Leviathan.” She responded a bit shyly.

“Hi!” I’m Ruby Rose!” She gave a friendly, hyperactive wave.

“Then I’m Reimu Haukrei, a Shrine Maiden. I guess this means we’ll be traveling together for a while.”

With that, the trio proceeded to head down the mountain.

The next part of our story cuts to DK Isle, which if you remember was recently frozen over by the Snomads, DK still frozen in an ice block. But that’s not what we’re going to be focusing on…

Marisa and Weiss have just had a chance encounter near DK’s residence. Weiss seems a bit guarded, but Marisa appears to be rather excited.

“I don’t know how I got here or where I am, but it sure looks interesting!”

“Really? I can’t stand this place. Like, I know I fight using ice, but come on! It’s like some kind of sick joke someone’s playing on me.”

“Perhaps so. But why not make the most of it? I mean, there might be unique magical ingredients lying around here.”

“Who even does that? And what you are you meant to be, a witch?”

“Actually, I’m Marisa Kirisame, an ordinary magician!”

“You sure don’t look ordinary to me. Well anyway, I’m Weiss Schnee, heir to the Schnee dust company!”

“Schnee dust? Never heard of it. Also doesn’t sound very impressive if it’s just making -dust- you can find off the ground.”

“Why you! I’ve been in a pretty bad mood since I got here, so I think I”m gonna take it out on you!”

“Sure thing. But I won’t hold back!”


At the fight’s resolution, Marisa proudly stood victorious over an exhausted Weiss due to being a Touhou character… but also because Weiss is still in-training, if that makes sense.

“You’re strong! You can’t possibly be an -ordinary- magician.”

“Oh, but it’s true! I’ve never told a lie, honest!”

“Very well, we’ll leave it at that. I can’t waste my time fighting someone like you.”

“And I don’t have anything against you, either. Say, why don’t cha help me look around?”

“Fine, I guess I have no choice. Maybe I’ll find Ruby and the others along the way.”

“Oh, so you’re looking for someone, eh? Same here. Maybe we’ll find them on this island.”

Next we cut to a creepy deserted village, which is actually the Gensokyo village merged with “Isabelle’s” village that was under attack. It is unknown why there is nobody around, but one can only assume the worst. Well, maybe the bit about there being nobody around isn’t entirely correct.

Jormungandr has just finished taking down an ogre, and appears quite exhausted. Her fighting attracted the attention of another in the city, Blake Belladonna, who came rushing in to see what was going on. Rather than ready herself to fight against Jormungandr, she seems almost… curious about her.

“You must be a faunus.” Blake assumed, staring at Jorm’s horns and tail.

“A faunus? What’s that?” Jorm asked, tilting her head in confusion.

“But that can’t be. What about that tail?”

“Oh, you mean this?” Jorm looked at her tail before it suddenly vanished, along with her horns and the armor on her body, due to exhaustion. This genuinely surprised Blake.

“W-What happened to your tail!?”

“Oh, that. It only stays out when I transform for battle. By the way, I’m a dragon.”

“A dragon? Like the ones in fairy tales that breathe fire?”

“No no, I can’t do that!” Jorm admitted bashfully.

“My apologies then. I just assumed you were a faunus.”

“What’s a faunus, anyway? I’ve never heard of them.”

“Well… we’re a race separate from humans, but most of them don’t take too kindly to us.”

“Really? That’s not very nice! I know I’d feel pretty bad if people shunned me just for being a dragon.”

“You mean they don’t?”


“I see… I wish the same could be said for our kind.”

As the two were talking, they were suddenly interrupted by an outside voice.


It was Kaguya Houraisan, floating off the ground and observing the two females.

“Glad I found some friendly faces around here.”

“Did you get lost too?” Blake asked.

“Yes I did. It seems to be happening all around the world.”

“So that means they’re in the same situation as I am…”

“If you’re talking about your friends, then they too must have been scattered across this new world – provided they were “strong”.”

“Provided they were strong? And what do you mean by new world?”

“Ah, so we’re not on the same page. Then allow me to explain.”

Kaguya hovered down to Blake and Jorm’s level so she could speak to them.

“It might be hard to believe, but there are actually two worlds: Earth and Gensokyo. The 2 are meant to be separate to one another, but something or someone has caused them to be merged together. Certain beings have been able to discern the difference, but few know what it truly is. I used to live on Earth before coming to Gensokyo, so I immediately knew that the 2 worlds had become one.”

“Really? I didn’t feel any difference, except that the sky is all weird.” Jorm exclaimed.

“It would be difficult for even being like yourselves to identify such changes. You, the faunus; and you, the dragon; both of whom came from different worlds.”

“So that’s why she didn’t know about the faunus…” Blake thought to herself.

“Now, about what I mentioned of “the strong individuals”. You see, when two things merge, not everything about them is kept in-tact. If that were the case, the new world would overload and surely fall to ruin from overpopulation and damage to the ecosystem. Thus, only a few traits from each world are kept, as though combining the best of the two into one new world. Similar lands have merged to become one, and only a handful of living creatures remain; the rest linger on the borders, their souls locked in stasis. Only those who are strong remain, and thus, why humans are scarce. If we’re to set things right, we need to band together and stop the one responsible for doing this to our worlds.”

“And I supposed you have an idea of who’s responsible?.” asked Blake.

“More or less, but I’d stand no chance against them even with my current powers. I require the assistance of many in order to fight back, which is why I have approached the two of you.”

“If it means returning to my friends, then count me in.”

“I’ll help too!”

“Good, good. I knew I could rely on the two of you. Now, if you excuse me, there appears to be someone watching us…”

Chapter 9 – Scarlet-Ruby Conflicts

Reimu, Ruby and Leviathan had just finished their trek down the mountain, which was relatively peaceful and mostly just Ruby gossiping away about her friends. Leviathan was rather quiet, and Reimu didn’t feel inclined to talk about her trouble-making “friends”. They were headed for a mansion near the forest, the very same Resident Evil mansion seen in the last part. None of the 3 realized that they were being watched from a monitor in a monitor room… by none other than Albert Wesker, who had his back towards the screen.

“I hardly expected the worlds to merge together so quickly, and to be shifted to such a location. None the less, this IS but a minor setback in my plans…”

Wesker then turned towards the monitor.

“I’ll need to use this chance to take hold of that Hakurei Shrine Maiden. The other 2 might make nice test subjects for my newly developed OOC virus…” Wesker then took out a syringe with a vomit-green liquid in it.

“As its name implies, anyone infected by this virus gains insurmountable power at the cost of having all their character stripped away from them. But I have no need for such thing when I have Uroborous.”

The trio head to the mansion to see if anyone’s inside, but Tyrant pops out of the ground to attack them. Leviathan and Reimu are a bit grossed out and have no idea what kind of creature it is, but Ruby seems excited to show off her skills. She manages to match the creature in speed and eventually beheads the creature, killing it. Reimu took Ruby for being an ordinary person, but she expresses some respect for her skills. With that, the 3 head inside to see if anyone’s trapped or in a pinch. Battles with zombies take place, and Ruby has to explain the concept of zombies to Reimu and Leviathan since western zombies don’t exist in Gensokyo. They then meet face-to-face with Wesker…

“So my zombies weren’t good enough for you? I have to say, it was a bit boring watching you blow through everything without struggle.”

“Like those things could match my power!” Reimu proclaimed proudly.

“Yes, true. You are the Haukrei Shrine Maiden who keeps Gensokyo in-tact, after all. You’d need to have at least some degree of power to defend yourself with, or else that world would have collapsed by now.”

“How do you know that!?”

“Let’s just say I have my sources. But that’s not important right now.”

“No, you’re definitely suspicious! Are you the one behind this whole mess!?”

“Not quite. But I am taking advantage of it.”

“Regardless, I’m gonna beat you down and get some answers out of you!”

“Three against one? That hardly seems fair. Let’s even the odds, shall we?”

With a snap of his fingers, several lights shone around Wesker and revealed Metroid Prime and Hydromb at his side.

“I was planning on saving these for later, but I may as well test their combat capabilities.”

“Oooh, looks exciting!” said Ruby.

“Those things don’t scare me. In fact, they look pretty weak!” said an overconfident Reimu.

“Oh, you’ll see…”

“Seven minutes. Seven minutes is all the time I have to play with you.”



  • Weiss and Marisa eventually encounter Fugu and do battle with him before freeing Donkey Kong. They also encounter Pompy and Dewgong.
  • Sideshow Bob betrays Weavel, Burrito Bison and Mr. Dark by ordering Terminator to kill them before joining up with Frank Underwood. Burrito Bison eventually survives and encounters one of the hero groups.
  • Profituer meets Obzedat and they form a villain team. Inspired by being next to each other in the Top 50.
  • Great Dusknoir, Chao and Sherry meet up with Rool and Ridley to tell them that they came from the future to help them get into the next Super Smash Bros installment.
  • Nature’s Prophet and Thrall meet up with each other and join forces, the former wanting to set nature back the way it was. They decide to save the world and gather their own army to band against the culprit who is unbeknownst to them. To do this, they recruit several Roman Centurion.
  • Lucemon revealed to be working for Don Thousand.
  • Sloth is alive and digging for the Numeron Code, which is hidden underground in a gap between two worlds.
  • Night’s End Sorcerer meets up with somebody. I don’t know who yet. Probably Marisa.
  • PC-89 Reimu meets Yang, and is characterized as having a high-pitch voice that would be hilarious to imagine.
  • Rool’s quest for Smash, the Snomads and Frank Underwood are subplots that would be resolved before the heroes finally band together and encounter Don Thousand.
  • Reimu’s group encounter Frank Underwood when trying to chase Wesker, Marisa’s group fights against the Snomads and Kaguya’s fight against the Rool.

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