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A History of Katapultar – Part 3 (MYM14-16)

It’s been a long and painful journey, but we’ve finally approached the third movesetting era of the Katverse – an era marked not by a leap in time, but rather a leap in space to an alternate universe. There, we journey through multiple worlds and witness the exciting escapades of heroes, angels, demons, dragons, superpowered world leaders, the occasional misplaced human and even the one who created all the Katverses(?).

We’re now onto the final part of this massive write-up and the shortest of all 3 parts at 13 movesets: 4 from MYM14, 3 from MYM15 and the 6 I currently have for MYM16. I was originally going to have the entire write-up be a whole thing, but I instead split it into 3 parts, not just because one part would be too long but also because I feel that each new part represented the times in which me and my movesetting changed as a whole (the fact that each of the previous parts had 25 movesets was merely a funny coincidence). The first era represented my days as a newbie, while the second era was one of extreme ups and downs that would mold my approach to movesetting.

What changed for me in this third era was that I was now (mostly) making movesets for character I loved and not screwing up nearly as badly as I did in the past. I liked to think that my slate had been cleaned entirely, and that the negativity of the past was not part of the new continuity, but it is there and I have acknowledged it through my previous articles. In any case, I love this new era and am proud to represent most of the characters I have done sets for, because it is my firm belief that if a MYM’er is interested in something then they should represent it through a moveset(s) so that it is forever imprinted for all to see. That is why I’ve become picky over what characters or series I make sets for, as opposed to MYM13 where I was more open to character choices – if you make a moveset for a character, you instantly become associated with them and possibly their series, and my pride will no longer allow me to make sets for characters or series I don’t want to be associated with. It reminds me of how tirkaro made a joke set for some fan-made pony (along with Agi, Big Mac and Dave) when he hated the series, and Agi pointed out in a comment that tirk making a set for a pony caused him to be associated with the series.

But enough about that. Let’s get through the last of these sets, so that I can go and make more sets to talk about in future articles.

51. Minami Iwasaki – MYMIV

A long-time favorite character of mine, Minami is my last Lucky Star “schoolgirl” moveset and the only one I could imagine actually fighting due to her athleticism and overall coolness. She is more or less the spiritual successor to Yutaka (fitting since they’re best friends) and I spent an enormous amount of time brainstorming ideas for her (2 years), the difference being that she had “potential” in her use of sporting balls. Wanting to represent my favorite character (at the time) so bad, I became totally fixated on making her character and concept completely perfect, despite the fact that she had practically no potential. Sure, any athletic anime schoolgirl can throw a ball around, but I specifically wanted to make a moveset for Minami and would have done a more potent character (Charles Barkley) had I just wanted to represent the concept.

My attempts to make simple throwing balls and item-throwing were pretty insane, to the point where I thought up stuff like having the balls bounce off foes from unrealistic angles (if you threw one forward, it would bounce off on a high angle just for the sake of acting as a makeshift trap when it came down), knocking foes away on unrealistic trajectories for the sake of convenience and even having Minami juggle sporting balls. It was all beyond Minami’s mundane abilities as well as the boundary of realism, but furthermore I was thinking about input placement, not being redundant by spreading throwing inputs throughout the set and not being self-contradictory. I even thought about giving Minami a shield that grew with damage (and time) so she could have a makeshift wall to bounce distant balls and even have them bounce around inside her shield, but it was utterly tacky for too many reasons. In the end, I had to forgo any sort of complicated mechanics ALA Yutaka in favor of a more simple set.

Beyond concepts and execution, I attempted to make the playstyle elaborately symbolic by having aspects of Minami’s gameplay represent her character. The balls would represent her trying to be cool and distant (what with being projectiles) and generally at her best because others see her that way and expect a lot from her. Her shield would also represent her seemingly-cold nature, because it makes her “unapproachable” as do her projectiles. Finally, she would be vulnerable up-close (being human and all) and vulnerable to grabs through a mechanic (not in the set) to represent the fact that she gets embarrassed easily and that she’s nice if you just talk to her, with “talking” being the foe grabbing. Being grabbed would realistically embarrass Minami, too. The set also has a soccer ball that can only be knocked around with leg-based attacks, which I considered symbolic because it forces foes to play by the rules and Minami can show opponents how cool she is by having a lot of leg-based attacks in comparison to them.

For a while, I considered Minami to be my favorite set, if only for entirely personal reasons like me wanting to use the character in Smash, thinking that the set had depth at the time, the clean yet charming presentation, the “brilliant characterization” in the form of the aforementioned symbolism and the most amount of extras I’ve ever made for a character. Of course I knew the character could only get so far with her limited potential, but so long as I did my best and she placed on the Top 50 it was fine by me. I even had the set previewed before posting it, because I really, REALLY wanted to be sure that I would not screw up a beloved character given I had just come out of MYM13.

The favoritism behind Minami was short-lived, largely because my next set was better but also because her playstyle was bland. It wasn’t offensive, but it made the set feel very dull despite having a lot of extras and love behind it, and a big reason for this was that I did not have a full understanding of items, item-based techniques like glide tossing and overall melee despite trying to reach one. I still like the set and the character nowadays, don’t get me wrong, but I find a good deal more enjoyment in my older sets with more compelling concepts like Atmey and even those known for their badness like Jason, compared to Minami. Minami could not truly reach an audience because of how personal her set was, and how her symbolism cannot be understood by the average reader. That wasn’t the set’s goal however, as it was done entirely out of love. It succeeded at that, and did the best it could for its time. I admit the set’s not perfect and would have slightly better execution if I worked on it now, but then I’d rather make a moveset for a real B-Baller like Charles Barkley.

52. Salvatore the Magnificent – MYMXIV

I only got into the Disgaea series near the end of MYM13 after watching all the cutscenes from the third game, whereby I attempted to make a moveset for Salvatore specifically because she was voiced by the same actress who played Minami, Michelle Ruff (who voices Robin in Smash 4!). Of course, she was also a really cool character who had moveset potential, because if she didn’t have either trait then I wouldn’t have bothered with her. The set took months to complete, but all that time actually paid off because for once this was an ambitious set for a character who actually fought in their source material. As would be the case with every set that followed, or at least on this write-up.

Thinking about it, Salvatore’s moveset is very mechanical and methodical. She summons stationary minions that automatically fire at enemies ahead of her, which she can then give different firearms and order around in precise, complex ways that enable different strategies depending on your set-up. Salvatore can also ride on a giant bullet that functions as a moving platform via her signature move (Neutral Special), or use her N-air to create a path for ally projectiles to follow so you can get a lot more from your minions’ otherwise straightforward projectiles. At the same time however, Salvatore needs be careful with how she positions her minions since they cannot (and will not) fire through her or each other, meaning actual strategy is required in order to use them effectively rather than just placing them mindlessly. The sheer balancing and imagination to make such a tightly-woven set was probably why I had to work on it for so long, though to be fair I also considered trying to represent the character through a different concept I felt to be more in-character through a counter and getting more powerful by not holding back, but I’m glad I didn’t (I learned through Minami’s reception to go for the more interesting playstyle). The current playstyle fits Salvatore however; it emulates her overly-strict militaristic tendencies while being similar to the Disgaea games in that you have to handle multiple characters, but also contains some hints of outrageousness like with the aforementioned Neutral Special and the character being able to jump really high.

Salvatore is good fun, and avoids pitfalls that could have damaged the set (making the N-air path affect projectiles or scattering minion commands throughout the set instead of putting them all on the same input used to summon them), but that’s not to say it hasn’t waned over time. The set is rather unfriendly to the player due to the playstyle being so demanding, but also input-wise such as the throws that require extra (and somewhat inconsistent) inputs to get extra effects and the minion commanding which requires you to double-tap B an then make an input to issue a specific order. While the set has enough melee for you to fight up-close for the most part, the set feels stiff due to most of the inputs being guns (and projectiles at that) while playing around with minions. It is also fairly overpowered since you can summon all 5 of your minions at once to swarm the stage (deadly on stages with multiple platforms), and Salvatore’s recovery is completely insane when she can use her Neutral Special, then use her jumps again and then an Up Special recovery that doesn’t put her into helpless. The F-Smash has also bothered me for a long time: it’s a powerful beam that travels 2-4 SBBs and can be kept out for up to 2 seconds, which wrecks foes trying to recover, but furthermore can be wielded by minions and be used with the Neutral Special to run into foes. It wouldn’t have been a bad idea to make the minions’ attacks weaker than Salvatore’s as a means of balance and to show their difference in strength. Still, the OPness is mostly a case of numbers rather than conceptual brokenness, and could be balanced were I to go back and make edits. The stiff and unfriendly nature of the set isn’t that bad either, but not something I would want in an ideal set.

Salvatore hilariously placed 4th and tied with Luxord, which was a delight because I thought she was my best set and that I could finally have a better character to represent me on the User Rankings. That being said, she only got that high because there wasn’t that much competition in the first place and it was the first contest where I didn’t vote when it was certain I’d place. Though it wasn’t my intention (I hadn’t read all the sets in the contest), I couldn’t help but feel that I’d cheated my way into a placing slightly higher than I would’ve gotten had I voted (probably 7th), and it was made worse by the fact that all MYM’ers who placed in the Top 5 of the last 10 or so contests had voted and thus deserved their positions at the time. The victory was less satisfying, as a result. Thus, I made sure to vote in all future contests so that all my placings would be completely fair.

There are many little things I’ve wanted to edit into the set, but never did due to the fact that they would go unnoticed and how Xenofo would further wreck the presentation like it did once before. One of these were new quotes from Salvatore’s DLC appearance in Disgaea D2 (the set was posted on June the 7th, while said DLC was released around November the 2nd during that same year) while another was adding an animation quirk to the Neutral Special that involved Salvatore drawing her gun from her cleavage like she did in the Disgaea 3 manga. Also, I was going to add a boss set where the only change was that the minions could now fire their projectiles through Salvatore…and maybe some resistance to energy projectiles based on her Evility D-Protection, which reduced damage from special attacks in Disgaea 3.

Fun fact: the second line in the intro “She’s also voiced by Michelle Ruff, and has big boobs.” was inspired by the second line in the intro of Junahu’s Fuka that read “Also, she’s dead.”. Also, Salvatore is 180cm tall (very tall for a female character, probably on par with Rosalina), and she has a weight of 7 and a ground speed of 5.

If you’re wondering what happened to that “Diez Gentleman” movement that was posted before Salvatore, I was going to post all the other 9 gentlemen as joke sets that parodied a certain aspect of MYM’ing but didn’t end up doing so. That’s not to say there’s no chance of them happening, though…

53. Nisa – MYMXIV

Nisa has a cool design, a flat chest and above all is voiced by Michelle Ruff, so of course I’d want to make a set for her. I had plans to do so for a long time (as far back as MYM12), but was held back by the fact that her potential was limited to punches, kicks, swords, buffs, exploding energy blades and the occasional gun. Okay, so her potential wasn’t all that bad compared to other characters, but the point was that I wanted to make the moveset feel like it was for a brash heroine of justice rather than exploiting the more potent ideas like energy blades to create a “conceptually interesting set” at the unacceptable sacrifice of character. But that was so MYM13! When creating a set for a beloved character, you always prioritize characterization before all else, and if they don’t have the potential to be amazing due to not having minions, projectiles or traps the that’s okay so long as you represented them as accurately as possible. So long as I was happy with the set, I would be alright.

In this set, Nisa is known for her incredible jumping and falling speed to the point where she’s essentially the vertical version of Sonic, able to reach the top platform of Battlefield with both her jumps (just barely worse than Falco’s first jump, though I thought it was better than his at the time) and even buff them with her Down Special. With this, she would play an aerial hit-and-run game by jumping/falling towards a midair foe and striking them with a sudden attack, but even if she missed she would continue to jump/fall pass them and thus not be punished. Rather, Nisa had to worry about being intercepted by foes as she moved towards them given how fast she was moving, like running into an attack with a long duration. There was also the issue of moving so fast that timing your aerial attacks would be too difficult given how hard it is in the first place. In any case, Nisa could also use her “physics” D-air that made a bigger and stronger explosion around her upon landing based on how high up she was (we really need a proper name for those kinds of moves instead of having to always use describe it as such) and Side Special energy blades she could make explode upon landing in order to keep enemies up in the air for longer.

At first I thought the set would be decently good at best, and though it did have a few likes it wasn’t very well-received overall. It made me sad knowing I had messed up on the character and I even regretted posting the set, because I was now associate the character with dislike in the same way as Tabitha. Having her get on the Top 50 at all was reassuring however, and my love for the character was too strong to be waned by reception anyway. I got over it very quickly.

Nisa, I feel, was held back by my lack of knowledge and total appreciation for in-smash, something that was absolutely necessary to make her moveset work. There is not one straightforward, simple melee attack outside of the F-air and maybe the Jab, you see. Instead, the moves try too hard to be creative and interesting to the point where they become forced, namely the U-Smash that creates a gravity-lowering tornado for the sake of keeping enemies in the air for longer, an N-air that makes a longer tornado for the more area you jumped/fell from, a B-air that makes a magic syndrome-y blade that makes the enemy fall faster and an U-air where Nisa fires her gun upwards and can meet with the bullet if she’s jumping fast enough among other things. Trying to make moves overly-creative in fear that they will be perceived as generic has always been a pitfall in my movesetting since the very beginning (but maybe not so much now), but I think it manifests here more than with any of my other sets due to the fact that Nisa is supposed to be a melee fighter as opposed to a more magic-y character. On a final note, the set wasn’t considered to be all that exciting, which I considered the case because I didn’t find the concept exciting when working on the set either. If you find something in your work that’s interesting, it’s likely that others will feel the same. Unless it’s overly personal.

For all the set’s problems, I still do believe Nisa fights like a heroine of justice, being a totally offensive character who tries to KO by using flashy moves like the Side Special and D-air, just that the set doesn’t always feel like Nisa. Or a playable Smash set, at that. It all came down to a lack of in-smash experience and appreciation, and while I could have just waited until I got better I wanted to make the character now and didn’t know whether I’d ever gain the sense of appreciation I (and MYM as a whole) have now. Looking back, the concept of aerial hit-and-run is definitely interesting and could be made exciting by MYM’s current standards; I could even remake the set just to attempt it again, but I would have to think of stuff like move placement and feel the set would be too similar to this one given I would re-use the quotes, images, energetic writing style and presentation.

54. Magic Knight – MYMXIV

Unlike the beloved Michelle Ruff trio of Minami, Salvatore and Nisa that came before her, the Magic Knight was a self-insert set for the MYM’er Junahu. Just kidding. She was actually made for a concept that was inspired by her class intro in Disgaea 3 where she would carve up a magic circle on the ground that would then fire off a massive pink beam. Of course, I liked the character to some degree due to being Disgaea, and being a generic unit means that there are endless ways to represent her in an SM. Also, the character was very flexible in how a set could be handled for her.

The Magic Knight essentially makes magic circles that can be imbued with up to 3 elements (wind, fire, ice) that will in turn buff her own corresponding elemental attacks, but she gains a greater buff if she only used 1 element as opposed to all 3. More significant however is that the magic circles act as points which the Magic Knight will release corresponding elemental spells from when she casts them, allowing her to fire them off from any part of the stage and with no limit to how many circles can be out. The magic circles can’t be made from a distance and will disappear after 15 seconds however, so you actually have to run around to make them first and furthermore must decide between keeping one circle out for a long time or making many to set-up one big attack. You would think that the Magic Knight’s set would be littered with elemental spells in order to take advantage of these circles, but she actually only uses a Dancing Blade-esque Side Special, Smashes and an U-air that cycles between the 3 elements while the rest of the set is entirely focused on manipulating the circles with nearly every input. That being said, you can still get a lot of mileage out of these few moves, as most of them have a lasting effect (AKA make a trap) and interact with each other in ways you’d expect from mingling different elements together.

Junahu’s movesetting philosophies had always influenced me since MYM6, and this set was notable in portraying such. Included were visual indicators to tell players of a magic circle’s status among other things, coloring element-related words in their appropriate color to help give readers a picture (influenced by Junahu’s Kammy comment) and associating an element with a directional input by keeping them consistent between the Neutral Special, Side Special and Smashes (not something I learned from Junahu but rather a philosophy I developed myself). The set also has a nice presentation to it.

I considered the moveset to be fairly good due to its playground basis and whole strategy/manipulation going on with the circles, but its reception ended up being roughly average as a whole and it got 10 places lower than I expected at 35th. To be fair, most of the set was completely dedicated to circle manipulation and left melee as something of an afterthought (but it was still there), there being no single straightforward sword attack and the B-air being a magic blast that awkwardly hits all around you. Perhaps most MYM’ers were beginning to grow weary of such focused playground sets, but above all I think the character actually did too much. She can shoot fireballs, create wind to push enemies around, make icy walls, teleport between circles, counter, teleport herself an any enemy to another circle with said counter, fire off a beam from a circle with that same move, enchant her sword with an element, make icy surfaces and slide along them via Dash Attack, create lava, tornadoes, solid ice spikes and finally fire off half of all that from different angles and distances using the magic circles. She’s a magic-using knight who comes from Disgaea, sure, but it can be too overwhelming for one generic unit to be able to do all of that compared to a stronger, more significant character in the series. Like a god, for example.

With Magic Knight done, I started to realize that my movesetting style was specialized in making playground sets, as evident through her set and others like Luxord, Madolche, Putata, Atmey and Salvatore. At first it worked, but I realized that the style was becoming outdated and that I needed to change my ways or else I would be left behind…

After MYM14, I decided that simply making sets for the characters I loved wasn’t enough; they also needed to have an interesting concept that would make them fun to work on and fun for others to read. This way, I could moveset to the very best of my abilities despite my character choices being more limited compared to the old era.

Aaaaaanyways, MYM15 was a contest in which I felt was revolutionary, simply because it was the time where MYM now understood and appreciated smash as a whole, rather than just a select few active members like Froy, DM, and of course JOE!. What’s also interesting is that the more prolific MYM’ers now knew what they were doing in this era, because none of them were making any big screw-ups like we all did in the past.

Now, I never kept up with the chat all that much in the past and thus don’t know exactly how the newfound appreciation came to be, but I believe the aforementioned members played a strong part in it by finally convincing MYM that their past ways were wrong/in-smash was interesting. I think it actually started near the end of MYM14 given a good deal of in-smash sets like Saber Alter placed high (even if there weren’t a lot of -really- good sets to begin with), but it was only put into full motion around the start of MYM15. I imagine someone will correct me on this in the comments section, but I’m cool with being educated.

The first half of MYM15 was totally inactive for me, but not because I was depressed or too busy deciding on a character to make a set for. Rather, it was because I decided to start up on my Mugen Souls movement, and that kept me really busy with having to construct the bases, intro write-ups, rough concepts and other extras like images for 16 sets, along with universal extras (which are still incomplete) like stages, match-ups, event matches and what not. This had nothing to do with my actual MYM15 activity, sure, but all the work I did on it helped me develop to the point where I was able to gain the same insight for in-smash as everyone else, which in turn allowed me to catch up with them. It was most likely because roughly 70% of the 16 movesets demanded in-smash knowledge in order to function properly, or maybe the movesets that were posted at the time had something to do with it. Either way, all that work led to the creation of a moveset-making article for tips on coloring and fonts among other things. It also actually helped with my writing style, which I now feel is up to a legible standard that started with this contest.

55. Leviathan – MYMXV

Zettai Bouei Leviathan is one of my favorite anime series of all time, if you couldn’t tell from the fact that I made sets for all the main characters (except the tiny fairy Syrup who has no set potential) despite the fact that Bahamut and Jormungandr didn’t have a lot of set potential. I had always wanted to make a “true anime set” for a protagonist that had pictures, neat headers and a proper smash set that felt anime-ish, largely out of inspiration from Kibble’s anime sets, but never got the chance due to not being able to find a character (I was into slice-of-life and not shonen, plus the main character is almost never my favorite), a source material that wasn’t overly long or the experience necessary to make the in-smash happen. With Leviathan and her 13-episode anime however, I was finally able to make my little dream a reality. Starting up Crunchyroll on my computer, I took screencaps of characters mid-attack and made some lovely headers on Cooltext which I think are damn fitting for all the characters.

Leviathan is a water-manipulator, but she can differentiate herself from others like her by using her signature barley tea to fire off watery lasers at enemies. The barley tea even comes in a canteen that acts as a throwing item, because no Kat set is complete without some degree of item-manipulation! Leviathan can then merge the barley tea with other water sources she creates to fire off the lasers in different ways, or just use said water with most her other attacks instead. It is very playground-ish though, and I fall into my trap of trying to make some of the moves overly creative (namely the aerials) along with the U-Smash and D-Smash being quite extreme, to name a few. I did have appreciation for in-smash at the time and there were melee attacks, just that Leviathan is not a close-range fighter and the “creative effects” were there to make the most of the water because it was the central playstyle. It’s interesting to note that said U-Smash and D-Smash are accompanied by a picture, and that they would’ve been very different moves did I not have any fitting pictures to accompany them to begin with. In that sense I was trying to make the move fitting for the picture, fitting for something Leviathan had done in the series, and that I had somewhat restricted myself mentally on move choices for those 2 inputs. It makes thinking of moves easier, but also harder at the same time.

I was getting tired of playground sets and thought I was becoming too known for them at the time of posting Leviathan, which is actually why I posted her first: I wanted to get her out so I could post something more in-smash afterwards, which would not only feel be refreshing for me (I dislike making 2 sets with the same concept in a row, like minions or boss sets) but also to show MYM that I could do more than just playground sets now. I tend to get self-conscious over which order I post my sets, especially if I have 2 sets with similar concepts and have to decide which one will be considered “the original” in the eyes of MYM.

On a different note, Leviathan is the first set I ever put on hiatus and then deleted so I could start off fresh. Now it might seem like a waste to just delete work like that, let alone re-type all the basics, but for me it’s an even bigger waste of time to just go over old work and reestablish thoughts and ideas that might be entirely different to what I have now or thought were actually part of the set when they weren’t. Writing style, ideas and moveset approaches can change over time too, as was especially the case with the transition to MYM15. Leviathan was also a set I remember being very nervous about posting, possibly because I hadn’t posted a set in quite a while, to the point where I postponed her for 2 whole days just for that. I was nervous about comments and would dread when somebody posted them, but I always came out feeling better upon reading them (unless they were straightforwardly negative like with my past sets).

On the subject of old ideas, Leviathan and friends were originally going to have a transformation mechanic that let them fly around, but also to represent the fact that they could fight even when not transformed (only weaker) and to set them apart from normal sets. Leviathan would be weak normally but strong when transformed, having to build up meter from damage/being damaged because she’s the protagonist and becoming stronger over time is very protagonist-like. Bahamut, on the other hand, would start off with a full meter but could lose it quickly if she got too trigger happy to represent the fact that she’s rich, having to build it back up over time. And Jormungandr’s weapon would grow larger upon transforming, but she would lose meter over time for remaining in a transformed state. The whole mechanic was cut due to complexities involved in balance and distributing moves among other things, so I instead made the girls constantly fight in their transformed states; not only are they represented this way on covers, but it also represents their weakness to some degree by the fact that they can only keep up with the Smash cast by being transformed.

Though not perfect, Leviathan still succeeds in being an ideal anime set that I sought, and that makes me pretty happy.

56. Funny Valentine – MYMXV

Funny Valentine has a funny story behind him: I wrote a moveset for him back in MYM14 and nearly completed it, only to find one day that I had accidentally deleted the whole thing by copying a single letter over the entire text during the transition from the Whiteboard (I use it for previewing the layout of my sets instead of Crashboards), then saved and closed the file without being aware of it. At first I was in denial and simply thought the 1KB underneath the file name was a visual error, only to realize it wasn’t upon opening the file. I naturally couldn’t be bothered writing up the whole thing again since it was hours of work gone down the drain, yet I took the loss surprisingly well given I still had the ideas behind the set and other sets to work on at the time. That being said, I’ve made sure to double-check the KB of my more important sets from that point on to make sure that I never make the same mistake again.

Ideas and aspirations aren’t so easily deleted however; it was only a matter of time before I would remake the entire set from scratch, and upon doing so realize that my little accident from the past might have been the best mistake I’ve ever made.

The original Valentine had a similar opening quote and presentation to the final version, more or less, as well as similar ideas like being able to summon a “minion” from a point off the ground where a foe is launched and the blood pools that are harmless to the victim but can damage their alternate-universe counterpart. The gameplay and concepts from the original were there too, from the summoning of duplicates all the way to juggling the opponent’s AU counterpart so you can use it against them. The original Valentine lacked a Stand-summoning Special however, as the Side Special was originally split into 2 Specials for the AU Valentines and AU foes respectively. Instead, the Stand-summoning was done with the N-AIR of all things and required you to awkwardly hop into the air in order to mess around with it. The D-Smash was going to have the AU Valentines gang up on foes if they were around, and the D-throw was one of bad taste that replaced the foe with an AU version of themselves and fully healed them so you could juggle them around more easily, but I might have removed it at the time. Now, I had the idea of comboing foes to rack up their damage even then, but I didn’t have a proper grasp on in-smash and thus my intentions on how to play Valentine would not have been properly conveyed to readers. Furthermore, Valentine would not feel like Valentine due to having some awkward melee attacks that try to be creative, similar to Nisa. This is why I’m so glad I accidentally deleted the set and got put-off making it; I would be “forced” to wait in order to start up again, time that would serve to help me gain the insight necessary to make the set work as I intended.

When I finally started the set up again, I found that I was able to get through all the inputs one-by-one with extreme ease (about 3 and a half days), not only because I still had all the old ideas in my head but also the understanding necessary to capitalize on them via melee attacks. It was only when I got to the grab game that things slowed down due the potential creativity they demanded, yet while I could have finished them right there I chose to put the set on hiatus and take it easy. The reason for this was because I wanted to post Leviathan first so I could get the playground business out of the way, but the feedback from her set ended up helping the development of Valentine; just as I was made to tone down Leviathan’s grab game and thus make it more interesting (that took 2 whole hours, but was worth it), I toned down Valentine’s grab by making it so D4C always took the foe to Valentine instead of holding them in place (that way it can’t hold them over a ledge). With that, I just had to make tweaks to various moves like the Up Special and add quotes from the manga before I was ready to post the set. Unlike with Leviathan, I wasn’t actually all that nervous about posting Valentine.

Reception-aside, Valentine represents many personal victories for me. His moveset was fresh, as opposed to the playground sets I had been making before or really anything that relied on traps, minions or projectiles in excess. His moveset played like a proper smash set, with practically all the standard inputs being a basic attack and the D-Smash actually hitting on both sides of him in a straightforward manner instead of only hitting from the front. Also, it was fun to imagine match-ups for him due to being able to summon a copy of the opponent. But above all, Valentine feels like the first of my frontrunners whom actually deserved his 4th place: there were plenty of people supporting him, healthy competition surrounding him and also the fact that I SV’ed for all the sets that placed above him. It just felt fitting. I admit I was worried that Valentine’s support might drop if somebody possibly found a flaw in the playstyle, as the concept had room for mess-ups, but my fears were alleviated by the end of the contest.

Do I consider Valentine my best set? Not necessarily, if only because he doesn’t control as smoothly as I’d expect from my ideal set. Some of his throws and dash attack require some sort of extra input from the player in order to activate a secondary effect or control things in a specific way, not to mention he would be quite difficult to use in having to handle his Stand and alternate counterparts. Despite the complicated inputs that my sets can force players to undergo, I actually care about providing players with a smooth experience and being player-friendly not unlike in Smash. It’s not just the set that has to flow seamlessly and consistently, but also the controls.

As a bit of trivia for those who haven’t read Steel Ball Run yet, Funny Valentine never actually made use of blood in the way he does in this set. I felt it something he -would- do however; something that would occur in the JoJo universe and would fit because of the sense of gore and strategy it entails. I’m proud of myself for that.

57. Jörmungandr – MYMXV

Jormungandr is your typical heavy-hitter with the body of a lightweight female protagonist, known for the massive axe she wields, tendency to throw said axe as a deadly projectile and ability to fastfall at great speeds or float using her default fall speed via a vague hovering ability her transformation provides.

The set admittedly lacks playstyle due to most of the Specials being straightforward powerhouse moves can’t really be played off with the slow, heavy standard attacks, (Side Special is boomerang-esque axe projectile that loops the screen with some delay and the Down Special is a multi-hitting tornado that pulls enemies in), but the Neutral Special does let Jorm build up a charge that lets her create rocks items or even rubble walls by hitting the ground with her axe-based attacks based on how strong they were. The items and walls don’t really get played off that much, somewhat being forced to make the set less generic, but you can have a bit of fun with them by using your Side Special to tear through a bunch of walls in order to keep the axe out for longer through the hitlag of destroying said walls (not mentioned in the set).

It might sound like I’m being negative, but the simplistic nature of the set was really refreshing and welcome despite how “generic” it was, probably because it was easy to visualize. I didn’t hesitate much when the set was posted, nor did I worry too much about how the set would be perceived. What’s more, it was surprisingly fun to make.

Jorm is actually a set I was holding back ideas on, mostly those related to rock items or ways she could tear up the ground using her axe. The reason for this is because I wanted to use a few of those ideas on my Mugen Souls sets, and if I used them on Jorm first then they would have been considered as “done before” when I finally got to them. It’s also an issue of having to share around concepts for all the different sets I make so they’re not used by the same characters, and Mugen Souls characters were (and still are) my highest priority. Thus, Jorm could have possibly been better if I invested all the ideas I had into her, but I’m very cool with the set she has now.

I was really happy with how MYM15 went, as I’m sure everyone else was, but there was only one little issue I had at the time: I felt I hadn’t made enough sets. Not for MYM, but for myself and the fact that there were new opportunities available to me due to the revolution that took place. Thus, I set out to not just make more sets (while staying within reason), but also having a contest where the gap between my highest placing set and second highest wasn’t so great. And the Mugen Souls movement would be my answer to that…

Enter MYM16, the current contest that hasn’t finished yet. I won’t go into these sets too much given most of them are premeditated and it would come off as being blatant advertising, but I’ll try to provide the kind of insight you can only get from a personal write-up.

58. Chou-Chou Infinite – MYMXVI

Chou-Chou would definitely be the main character of a Kat SM.

Chou-Chou is the longest set I’ve ever written (and that’s saying something), if only because the Specials entail a ridiculous amount of gameplay and trivial mechanics regarding Mugen Souls. There is no way around it, and no way to compress it; it’s overwhelming, just as Chou-Chou would want it. The set represents the zany, over-the-top nature of the character and series as a whole, as should be the case with a set for a main character, and for that I love it to death. It’s almost like Jason’s sheer trueness to his series and Agiri’s sheer wackiness (and set length) came together with the sagaciousness of the new age to create a set that was not only fun and educational and wacky but also somehow remained sensible. Ironically, each of these 3 sets were my first in each contest and they are 4 MYMs apart.

I think the reason why Chou-Chou was able to work in such a true way is because her character is so domineering and she carries most of the series’ wackiness on her shoulders, which she in turn causes everywhere she goes. I actually thought Chou-Chou would be the last Mugen Souls to come out because of how complex she is and how making a set for such a commandeering main character is requires so much, but that wasn’t the case at all.

Chou-Chou’s playstyle is more or less a direct translation of her game: she uses her Neutral Special to create peons from various enemy sources (projectiles, minions, traps or even from the enemy themselves), which she can then use for various purposes such as throwing items, a tower or even a catastrophically powerful projectile should she succeed in the lofty ambition of gathering over 100. She can abuse her peons slightly, but overall wants to protect them from enemy attacks like the compassionate person she really is. The set encourages the player to be ambitious just like Chou-Chou, but her Neutral Special does leave her open and can be exploited by an enemy if she gets too greedy. But I won’t spoil anything else for those who have yet to read the set.

Chou-Chou just might be my favorite set out of everything I’ve made so far, or at least on a personal level. There are a few things I want to change however, and those are the U-Smash (which doesn’t provide much for the playstyle that other moves can’t) and the U-tilt being an arbitrary command to form your peon towers. I would place the U-tilt command on the Up Special, and have a new U-Smash in mind that causes Chou-Chou to extend her two ribbons upwards in spiral formation which automatically hits at the top of a peon tower if used close to one, as well as being able to drag it along as you DACUS. The only reason I haven’t made these changes yet is because I haven’t received enough feedback regarding whether the original moves could be better, and I don’t like to bring up my own sets in the chat. Also, some of the throws don’t feel wacky enough, but they do work at least.

59. Shinobu – MYMXVI


I won’t lie: while most characters in the present era have movesets because I genuinely like them, Shinobu has one because I have always been aroused by female ninjas who use ninja magic like cloning or teleporting. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure, even after making the set. In fact, Shinobu alone prompted me to read through the entire manga and ignore the chapters she wasn’t in, partly to see what kind of moveset potential she had. I had this set shelved for many contests (started it around MYM13?) and went through many ideas that revolved around clones, which was originally on the Down Special and went through countless edits. Outside of the character being a guilty pleasure to work on, I thought that clones, together with a speedster who got lost easily worked well together and would make for an interesting set if put together well, which is why the set persisted and ultimate got made.

Shinobu was originally going to have some gimmicks to her character, a minor one that involved taking slightly less damage from poison (for character’s sake) while also tripping more easily and being able to have her sword sent flying out of her hand if she clashed with a stronger enemy attack. The original Neutral Special let Shinobu reach the enemy instantly with her speed (but enemies could smack you in the face if they saw it coming), and she’d be “the ultimate pressure character” combined with her ability to make clones in what would make sense for her character given she’s annoyingly tenacious in the series. Your attacks would all be individually weak and you’d have to gang up on the enemy in order to win, one idea was. Another idea I liked was being able to throw your sword, or have your sword sent flying behind you from an enemy attack, and said sword could hit the real you if you left your clones to do battle with an enemy while you just hid, not only being high-risk but also displaying Shinobu’s incompetence. Also that Shinobu could use the sword of a clone if she lost hers, or resort to a less-effective hand-to-hand game like she did in the manga if she couldn’t use her sword. Balance problems and difficulty in thinking up standard moves ultimately led me to omit the sword idea however, and I didn’t use the insta-teleport Neutral Special because I thought it was far too powerful of an ability for someone like Shinobu flavor-wise, whereas it would make more sense on a character with insane speed from a more universal perspective (the speed of sound/light perhaps?) or can just outright teleport. After all, it would be silly if Shinobu, a human for the most part, randomly moved faster than someone like Sonic or Burter.

As you can probably tell, I put too much thought into the playstyle and characterization of this one set for my own good, even though it was obviously fairly limited and I could have worked on something else instead. I actually completely gave up at one point, going so far as to delete everything I had and the 3 manga images on my Photobucket account which would have been used on the set. That didn’t stop me from awaiting Nagasarete Airantou manga updates however, nor thinking about the character. I ultimately went back and re-watched the anime that got me into the whole thing in the first place, and realized that the characters’ clothing looked less revealing and Shinobu looked younger and her first fight played out a bit differently than in the manga, making me see the character in a new light. One thing that helped was that Shinobu was restricted to no more or less than 8 clones in the manga canon, but the numbers were less consistent in the anime and that restriction was not set in place, which was something that really held me back when I initially tried making the set. I took screencaps, because though help me get motivated when working on anime sets and make them look better, and I spent the next 3 days engrossed in a set that I ultimately completed. From then on, it was just a matter of waiting until MYM6 began and then getting over my initial posting nervousness.

A far as the actual set goes, I was aware that duplicates were nothing new and that whole mind-gaming/one-shot type of clone had already been done to death, but I was pretty proud of how the same input used to summon them was then used to change their behavior, so it was all self-contained for the most part. The character is rather limited by just having noobish swordplay (or at least attempting to) however, which somewhat led to a big focus in clone management and some awkward ways to do so while trying to make the moves melee. Typing this up, I almost think that the idea of losing your swords and having the ones from your clones backfire against you would have been fun, and if I went back and remade the set I would probably make the clones simple AIs who fight in your stead and have the swords be used against you if you spam them. Duplicate sets are indeed tough to make, especially with this kind of character. Very puzzling.

Flavor-wise, you’d think Shinobu would have a dash speed of 9 over a 5, but at the time I thought that her consistent running speed was not -that- great in the series (essentially moves fast in bursts of speed, maybe) and that having a bunch of clones run up to you at high speeds might be a bit overpowering. Yes, I put too much thought into a simple matter like that. It is also weird having her move instantly in bursts of speed when fighting other characters who would be much faster than her and can’t do the same thing, only moving so fast from a perspective of her own universe.

Ignoring what I think of the set itself in terms of execution and whatnot, I actually feel that Shinobu is out-of-place in the current Katverse, or at least from a complete flavor-perspective. That is to say, she is out-of-place among the super-powered Mugen Souls, Disgaea and Leviathan characters, as well as not being a character for whom I necessarily have a genuine likeness for unlike the aforementioned. This is me thinking about what it would be like if all my sets from a single contest existed in one universe, mind you, in which case Shinobu would stick out as much as Jason does among all my sets. There’s something about a completely comical ex-ninja being in the same world as magical dragons, demons, heroes and gods that does not stick well with me. She would be more in place in the MYM12 or MYM13 Katverse, where there are more comical, one-dimensional anime characters like herself.

60. Altis – MYMXVI

Altis is a simple set that runs with a few simple ideas that work together to form a neat-yet-admittedly-contradictory playstyle: she’s a projectile/trap character who can choose to propel herself back whenever she uses a gun-based move (in order to fire off even more projectiles from a distance), but she can also choose to tether herself to foes so she can drag them into traps or offstage. Self-contradiction is the main theme here, and Altis is very open to messing up her own gameplan when the two aforementioned concepts conflict with each other, much like how she constantly screws up her own evil plans throughout the series. Altis can even add extra layers of evil onto her schemes with Down Special bombs, D-tilt fire traps, U-Smash clouds and D-Smash icing, but they have the potential to be used against her if she doesn’t properly read the flow of the match. The word “self-contradictory” might bring Jason to mind among my sets and is generally associated with bad sets, but it’s deliberately invoked here and the ideas coexist surprisingly well with each other in order to be serviceable to the character.

Unlike other JRPGs where the main characters have maybe 3 or 4 signature attacks, the Mugen Souls cast only have a signature Final Smash-esque EX Skill to go by, effectively leaving them as blank pages with their characters (and sometimes weapon preferences) fully fleshed out. This makes their attacks tough to think of when the universal attack skills in the game are vaguely worded, described and animated compared to a game like Disgaea, but it also means that the characters are completely open to fun, creative concepts unlike other RPG characters whose specials as main attacks in order to represent them faithfully. Yes, the sheer fun you can have with the Mugen Souls characters is one of the reasons why I chose to do sets for them all. And when you do nail the character in such a way that their playstyle feels completely natural to them, it feels pretty damn rewarding.

Altis has the honor of being my only set that I am completely satisfied with, in that there is literally nothing I want to change or even regret with her. She may not have the most amazing concept in the world, but she has a strong sense of playstyle and feels utterly complete. For that, she ranks very highly among my sets.

61. Ryuto – MYMXVI

Fun fact: Ryuto is meant to be a bad set. Or mediocre, at best. Also, he was the 2nd Mugen Souls character to receive a full (but not necessarily completed) set, with Chou-Chou being the 7th and Altis being 8th.

If you’re wondering what on earth would possess me to do something so mean to a Mugen Souls character, it’s because Ryuto is a butt monkey and I was feeling kinda lazy. Maybe. Men are not treated all that well in the Mugen Souls universe, after all. Ryuto is essentially an underpowered close-range fighter who can dish out good damage with select moves (Neutral Special, Side Special, F-tilt, U-air, U-throw), but this comes at a cost of self-damage and the risk of the Special projectiles backfiring on him. If he damages himself too much, it’ll be easy for enemies to finish him off, but he can take advantage of his high damage with moves like the D-air and even surprise enemies by suddenly using his 2 risky Specials when they wouldn’t think he would. The moveset blatantly admits that it’s generic, though to be fair it does have a playstyle, just that numerous moves don’t add to said playstyle because I didn’t put a tremendous amount of thought into them back in the day. The “humor” in the set can also be a little dry, I feel.

Ryuto’s set doesn’t actually appeal to me that much, but I’m very content with it.

62. Bahamut – MYMXVI

I meant to post Bahamut before Jormungandr back in MYM15 since the proper character order is meant to be Leviathan > Bahamut > Jormungandr, but I didn’t have the ideas fully fleshed-out and people can get sick (and being sick sucks when you’re not in school). That’s why Bahamut was alluded to in Jorm’s set despite the fact that she hadn’t been posted yet. But better late than never, right?

Set-wise, Bahamut essentially revolves around her fireball projectiles and a single pool of lava that can be guided towards a foe by sweetspotting with the gem on her staff, encouraging melee but also being useful for hitting a foe that just got up in your face if your projectiles or traps were still in play. She can also perform a fiery rush recovery that gains power if she runs through her fireballs/lava and summon flames at her side that can be used to empower attacks or cut down the time it takes to charge a fireball. Sweetspotting an attack generally results in a stronger hitbox, but I also think it has potential for sensible, player-friendly projectile/trap/minion manipulation that also gives incentive to go melee, something I’d love to see or further implement in future sets since it’s not all -that- exciting here.

The Zettai Bouei Leviathan trio are generally meant to be simple sets, because all of them are little girls who only ever fight simple battles against monsters rather than actual intelligent people. This admittedly makes their sets a bit boring, but that’s still better than making them play too intelligently. Speaking of boring, I can’t help but feel that Bahamut is the weakest link among the trio despite having more playstyle than Jorm, if only because her sets feels like very straightforward projectile/trap manipulation while Jorm’s heavy-hitting nature was slightly refreshing and even somewhat fun to imagine. It might also be that, while Leviathan has her barley tea lasers and Jorm had her axe-tossing, Bahamut only ever tossed fireballs at enemies in the anime and never did anything that felt especially unique to her from a universal standard. Her rushing recovery was based off a moment in the anime where she tried to fly into a waterfall (not cloaked in flames), while her F-Smash fire wall is a vague reference to a barrier that her mage father made. Now, I could have taken some creative liberties in order to give Bahamut an attack that felt unique to her, but there are many anime characters out there who can also use fire magic, and in different ways too, so keeping Bahamut as close as possible to the way she was represented in her source material ensures that the other characters would be unique in a fighting game were they all hypothetically mashed together into one.

All and all, Bahamut is a set that feels like it’s just there, but her presence in the Katverse is still important because of Leviathan and Jormungandr. Yes, sometimes you -need- to make a moveset for a character or else your universe won’t feel right. Kinda like how Smady needs to make a set for Senator Armstrong, FA needs to do Akuma Homura from the end of Rebellion, Warlord needs to do Frieza, Nidoking and Tyranitar and Smashbot really, REALLY needs to do Shrek. But anyway, Bahamut brings the Zettai Bouei Leviathan movesets to a close, even if it wasn’t in the most fitting way possible. I could make a set for a 4th character who doesn’t appear in the anime, but her character is essentially a picture and all the information is in Japanese. I did decipher her name, though.

63. Judge Nemo – MYMXVI

Judge Nemo is the most Smadian villain I’ve ever made a set for. If you’re wondering what Smadian means, it’s a specific term used to describe an imposing villain of high standing (usually political or a CEO) who doesn’t appear to have fighting ability and instead makes heavy use of minions/traps, but will often undergo some sort of deadly transformation by unorthodox means when backed into a corner. The term is named after Smash Daddy and is most associated with his Illbleed moveset Michael Reynolds, the owner of the Illbleed amusement park who makes heavy use of traps and even uses minions in the place of some standard attacks. Okay, so I didn’t invent the word “Smadian” (terms like “Warlordian” have existed for ages), nor do I think what I just described is what anyone else thinks when that word comes to mind, but that’s always been the case for me. But I digress.

Sets that involve the ability to customize your minions are one of the most appealing types of sets in existence, prominent past examples being Ameno-Sagiri who won MYM12, Jarad who won MYM13, Lizard who placed beneath Jarad, Sho Minamimoto (kind of) who won MYM14 and Intoner Three who tied for 1st place last contest. The fact that the genre essentially produced 4 winners in a row really says something about how popular it is, and how villains ultimately have more potential than heroes due to having access to minions and how they’re willing to do cruel things like sacrifice and use said minions as livestock because it’s in-character. There’s certainly nothing wrong with doing custom minion sets so long as we don’t all jump on the bandwagon just because they’re the most popular kind of sets (they’d get boring fast if that happened), but then again there are surprisingly few around because it’s not always easy to find a character (by which I mean villain) who can be used for the concept naturally. It would only be a matter of time before I myself would find a character suitable for carrying out the concept, given how crazy my sets can be. And when I did, I would present MYM with a custom minion set of my own style…

Enter Judge Nemo, a Smadian villain in his purest form. He’s so incapable of fighting (the exact reason for that is spoilerish) that EVERY standard attack causes him to summon a different monster minion that attacks in his place (some damn fine SM minion fodder right there). He can also summon one of 3 humanoid minions that he can take control of (who can use his Specials), fuse two monsters together or even turn one into a specialized weapon that lets him bypass his arguably non-existent melee game. The amount of things you can do with the minions is completely absurd, and Nemo (or a humanoid minion) can even use the Side Special to make the weaponized monster use one of 2 given attacks based on whether you tap or hold B so you can use their attacks as makeshift-Specials. Indeed, what makes Judge Nemo unique among custom sets is that he chooses to completely focus on his minions to the point of taking the genre to unprecedented extremes. This isn’t a moveset for a man named Judge Nemo: it’s a moveset for the entire Disgaea 4 game and just about everything it embodies gameplay-wise (except for Geo Blocks and Geo Panels). Nemo is merely a vehicle for the series to drive, and a damn fitting one at that. Except that he’s a human(?), and not a demon.

Nemo is easily the most convenient set I’ve ever worked on, because all the ideas and inputs fell into place so perfectly once I decided to make the set work the way it does. It especially helps that all the monster-type demons had nearly half a dozen unique attacks and their own unique ability to draw from, and that allowed me to think up how they’d function with practically no effort. Thus, the set only took 4 days of work to complete despite how absolutely loaded it was; I had all the ideas, just that they’d require time in order to actually type up. It was almost like working on Funny Valentine all over again, as I completed all the moves in order (something I almost never do) until the grab game made me stop and have a week of hiatus…because Smash 4 was close to its worldwide release date of October the 3rd/4th. The F-throw and B-throw are actually the only things I wish I could have made better (by which I mean wackier) due to them being performed by a magicy minion, but they still work and really the mechanics behind the set still give them plenty of uniqueness. This makes the set similar to Chou-Chou, given their length and that I thought their side throws could have maybe contributed a bit more to their crazy playstyles. But maybe not being able to think of anything especially meaningful for those inputs means that they should remain simple, as opposed to forcing something for the sake of being creative like with Leviathan’s original grab game.

I think Nemo is one of the craziest sets I’ve ever made, but not in a bad way. If anything, the set is extremely loaded with ideas to the point where they woudn’t feel as fresh if I used them in future sets, almost as though the set is actually multiple sets but only counts as one. This also applies to the monster minions, which could also be used in future Disgaea sets due to it being fitting for a lot of characters to summon minions. I also can’t help but feel that the set is “cheap” in that it deliberately appeals to others through invoking the most popular set genre, similar to what I felt about Putata, though to be fair the difficulty in finding the character and series necessary to make a set of such magnitude means I should also be proud of myself, as should others who have or would attempt custom minion sets. So go forth young ones, and give us sets that revolve around customizing minions! Then we’ll all get sick of them and just want to focus on ways to make melee, more in-smash sets engaging.

Only time will tell how far we’ll be able to take MYM’s most popular genre and continue to shape it in unique ways. For me, Judge Nemo feels like my own specialized, definite custom minion set: not only does he represent one of my favorite game series of all time, but he also makes use of my favorite movesetting trope in item creation/manipulation that’s been synonymous with many of my sets since Jason…or maybe Yukari. I love my items, and what’s more fun than being able to turn your monsters into items you can throw around? Chances are that I’ll never make another set like Nemo ever again, but he was a really, really fun ride.

And now for a bit of trivia: Nemo uses every generic monster-type unit from Disgaea 4 except for Orcs, Catsabers, Deathsabers (a DLC class), Nekomatas, Succubus and of course, Prinnies. I had to exclude some classes in order to maintain consistency in the set’s design, and these classes all felt the least menacing due to being too comical, cutesy or human-like. Especially Prinnies, which are not only former human sinners (Nemo hates humans) but are also integrated into the series in such a way that tons of characters could use them as minions, and not just Nemo. Also, the Professor, Battle Suit and Android classes all made their debut in Disgaea 4 and are exclusive to that game, making them especially fitting minions for Nemo; he’s not just stealing universal humanoid units like Mages, Thieves, Gunners or Magic Knights, the likes of which could receive sets or be minions under another Disgaea character. These need to be distributed carefully so potential future Disgaea characters can remain fresh and unique when compared to one another.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand we’re done! It was a long read for sure, but I’m sure it provided you all with some insight to my identity and tastes as a MYM’er: I’m an uninformed hipster with a penchant for semi-obscure Japanese works and JRPGs with colorful characters that appeal to me personally, so it can be hard to relate to me. I’d like to think that maybe I inspired some of you to either moveset or write an article, because we’re in a bit of a rough drought here with Smash 4 and the fact that we haven’t had a consistent stream of sets. But either, hopefully you enjoyed it just as much as I did.

Now, I’m sure some of you are curious as to how I’d rank my own sets, given I just spoke about all of them in full detail. Truth be told, I’ve never had a definite overall ranking for all my sets, but after going through them I think I can provide you with my personal Top 10 as of now:

  1. Chou-Chou Infinite
  2. Judge Nemo
  3. Funny Valentine
  4. Altis
  5. Jason Voorhees
  6. Leviathan
  7. Salvatore the Magnificent
  8. Jormungandr
  9. Keroro Platoon
  10. Luke Atmey

The above list is not definite; there’s so much more I want to do with my skills, and so many characters I want to make in this new age of freedom, flexibility and appreciation. Really, I just want to make more sets and represent more characters in order to show more of myself to MYM, but above all gets lots of placings on Top 50s to be completely honest. So I’m gonna finish up here and leave this with you all. A belated Merry Christmas, my fellow MYM’ers…

And a Happy New Year filled with lots of movesets. Hopefully.


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