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The MYM’er Encyclopedia

This list is updated as of MYM20. 

We do have a list of every moveset ever made by franchise, but have you ever wanted a list that details movesets by who made them? Well worry no more! Because I, your friendly-neighborhood Kat, have compiled such a list that I was totally going to post like well over 5 months ago, but decided not to because Smady told me to focus on sets and also because it would be much more appropriate if I just waited until MYM17 ended.

If you’re like me and take interest in the statistics regarding the set collections of your fellow MYM’ers, or just your own, you’ll enjoy having access to it all on this page, now able to know just how many sets Warlord has made over his career without having to go through every MYM page and tally up all his sets from each contest…among other things. I even kept the links so you don’t have to take your eyes off this page!

This handy-dandy encyclopedia lists nearly every MYM’er of significance from highest set count to lowest, letting you see just how high you place in set quantity. Speaking of placing, sets that placed in their contest’s Top 50 are bolded, while those that didn’t place aren’t, giving you an idea of the quality behind them – or at least for their time.

♔ = This crown is put next to each individual’s highest-placing set assuming they have placed in a Top 50, regardless of whether or not it’s their best set. If that set won the contest it was in, however, it instead gets this ♛ next to it, crowning that person and set as being a cool dude. Maybe you’ll be a cool dude one day, too.

Oh, and by the way, some MYM’ers have a “Link-Up Space” beneath their names, which links to all their movesets via a page on a MYM contest thread despite all the sets being linked here to your convenience. You can check those out if you want, just ctrl+f Link-Up Space to see who’s got one.
  • MasterWarlord
  • Katapultar
  • FrozenRoy
  • Junahu
  • Bkupa666
  • Smash Daddy
  • Lord Sakurai
  • darth meanie
  • Munomario777
  • n88_2004
  • SirKibble
  • Bionichute
  • JOE!
  • Hyper_Ridley
  • Chris Lionheart
  • ForwardArrow
  • King K. Rool
  • ChaosKiwi
  • Getocoolaid/Rychu
  • KholdStare
  • majora_787
  • MarthTrinity
  • dancing frogman
  • Spadefox/Red Arremer
  • Davidreamcatcha
  • UserShadow7879
  • Nicholas1024
  • tirkaro
  • half_silver28
  • Agidius
  • Koppakirby
  • ProfPeanut
  • LegendofLink
  • Dr. Slavic
  • SkylerOcon
  • Wizzerd
  • Plorf
  • BridgesWithTurtles
  • Phatcat203
  • Chief Mendez
  • Conren
  • Reigaheres
  • Professor Lexicovermis
  • Altais
  • IvanQuote
  • kirbywizard
  • brostulip
  • TheSundanceKid
  • Davidk92
  • Tocaraca2
  • wrkngclsshr
  • zero_breaker
  • TheKalmarKing
  • JamietheAuraUser
  • Chris Sifniotis
  • Fawriel
  • Monkey D. AWESOME


MW, Warlord, WL

Uighur (Tetsuo Hara)

A typical ‘Warlordian’ character, featuring the renown Warlordian Stomp in action. The above character, Uighar from Fist of the North Star, doesn’t actually have a set yet.

Warlord needs no introduction. He is by far the biggest presence in MYM, both in set count and body fat. Never fails to contribute at least half a dozen sets to the contest, even if everyone else fails to. As his username implies, he’s always been near the top in every contest since his debut, and has been a leader his entire life. Like, seriously, check the list of leaders of every contest past MYM2 and you will find this guy listed. That’s how big of a deal he is to MYM. He is responsible for creating many, many, many movesetting tropes that have inspired sets from other users.

MasterWarlord is associated with heavyweight male antagonists (HMA), a term he came up with long ago (around MYM6 I believe?). Indeed, most of his characters are big and heavy, are men and are antagonists, usually stock antagonists you’d expect to see in a shonen anime. The few characters who aren’t male or antagonistic stand out like a skinny guy in a crowd of fat people. HMAs are commonly associated with terraforming/indenting the stage, boulders, stomping, crushing, biting and occasionally devouring.

Warlord’s flagship franchise is Fullmetal Alchemist. He has 9 sets for that franchise under his belt, including his very famous Father Cornello set and multiple sets for a few of the better Homunculi who fit his palate (namely Sloth and Gluttony). Other secondary franchises include Crash Bandicoot, Donkey Kong, Warcraft, Mario, Soulcalibur to some degree and Dragon Quest and Ultimate Muscle/Kinnikuman as of recent. Is always looking for HMA animes, even though there aren’t many.

If Warlord had an SM starring all his sets, it would take place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland/Fist of the North Star setting where all the women and protagonists have died out, and the world has become 70% land, mountain and ancient ruin/city, rather than 70% ocean. The world has become a survival-of-the-fittest setting, and with constant fighting, severe cases of obesity and no means of propagating humans are on the verge of becoming extinct. To solve this, a certain wizard among Warlord’s characters (Zant or Dhoulmagus for example) goes to open up 16 portals to other worlds and have those characters partake in a survivor game where there is only 1 winner. This serves as a source of entertainment to the humans of the world, and lets them partake as a hazard if they wish so they can use the participants as a source of food. What would become of the winner is unknown since Warlord has never finished a MYM survivor SM, but it’s likely that they would kill the host of the survivor game and take their place in the next game, creating an endless cycle of survivor games. The participants of each game bring something new to the fat culture, like Hugo or vehicles.

Notable Franchises: Dragon Quest, Fist of the North Star, Kinnikuman/Ultimate Muscle, Warcraft, One Piece, Donkey Kong, Fullmetal Alchemist, Crash Bandicoot, Dragon Ball, Cuphead

  1. King K.Rool (MYM3)
  2. Big the Cat
  3. Yoshimitsu
  4. Voldo
  5. Nightmare
  6. Cervantes
  7. Dimentio (MYM4)
  8. Cortex & Tiny
  9. AI Colonel
  10. The Joker
  11. Klump and Krusha
  12. Capsule J2
  13. Halberd Crew (Captain Vul)
  14. King K. Rool (MYM5)
  15. Fatman
  16. Gluttony
  17. Lust
  18. Envy
  19. MissingNo.
  20. Zasalamel
  21. Illidan
  22. Ryuk
  23. Alphonse
  24. Steven Stone (Skarmory)
  25. Envy (MYM6)
  26. Sloth
  27. Ludicolo
  28. Dingodile
  29. Bald Bull
  30. Bear Hugger
  31. Roller Coaster Tycoon
  32. Mr. Sandman
  33. The Count ♛
  34. Gluttony
  35. Lightweight Female Protagonist (Lucy) (MYM7)
  36. Morton Koopa Jr.
  37. Kel’Thuzad 
  38. Cairne Bloodhoof
  39. Inspector Lunge 
  40. Valozarg
  41. Venusaur
  42. Ninetales
  43. Golem
  44. The Spy
  45. Huff N. Puff
  46. Komodo Bros (MYM8)
  47. Dark Bowser ♛
  48. Hannibal Bean
  49. Exeggutor
  50. Rocket Executive Hugo
  51. Antonidas
  52. Gamageroge (Seismitoad)
  53. Victreebel (MYM9)
  54. Midbus
  55. Fat Zombie
  56. N. Brio
  57. Landlos
  58. Nappa
  59. Burter
  60. Captain Ginyu
  61. Guldo
  62. Wario (MYM10)
  63. Vlad Plasmius
  64. King Barbovor
  65. Dirty Bubble
  66. Sid’s Toys
  67. N. Oxide
  68. Clayface
  69. Gangreen Gang (MYM11)
  70. Le’Quack
  71. Hammerhead
  72. J. Jonah Jameson
  73. Iggy Koopa
  74. Beezwax
  75. Dedede Remix
  76. Crawdaunt
  77. Goriath
  78. The Necromancer (MYM12)
  79. Zasalamel
  80. Garbage Man 
  81. The Prospector 
  82. Manfred Von Karma 
  83. Black Hole Bowser 
  84. Tubba Blubba
  85. Ashens (MYM13)
  86. Clayton
  87. Stromboli
  88. Koala Kong
  89. Zak Gramarye
  90. The Sniper
  91. Uka Uka
  92. Queen Worm
  93. Trent
  94. Zodick the Hellhog
  95. Deathborn
  96. Gruesome Twosome (MYM14)
  97. Ant Hill Mob
  98. Gyarados
  99. Kudgel 
  100. Gluttony
  101. Sloth (MYM15)
  102. Thrall
  103. Royal Sticker Bowser
  104. Shoot the Rabbit
  105. King K. Rool
  106. Fugu
  107. Bashmaster
  108. Zant
  109. Nature’s Prophet
  110. Wang Chan (MYM16)
  111. Dhoulmagus
  112. Evil Sir Leopold
  113. Father Cornello
  114. Hydrazoa
  115. Hatchan
  116. Arlong
  117. Blocks  (MYM17)
  118. Polpo
  119. Kon the Knight
  120. Slon the Rook
  121. The Mountain
  122. Lubba
  123. Lord Morgan
  124. Atlantis (MYM18)
  125. Zomom
  126. Garithos
  127. The Storyteller
  128. Lord Galf
  129. Lord Detheroc
  130. Varimathras
  131. Grunty
  132. Yangus ♛
  133. Jr. Troopa (MYM19)
  134. N. Brio
  135. Necrid
  136. Guldo (MYM20)
  137. Burter
  138. Recoome
  139. Captain Ginyu
  140. Ribby and Croaks ♛
  141. Grim Matchstick
  142. Captain Brineybeard



Notable Franchises: Mugen Souls, Pokemon, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Lucky Star, Zettai Bouei Leviathan, Atelier, Disgaea, Sgt. Frog, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Kingdom Hearts, Scream, various anime franchises


  1. Tsuru Tsurulina III (MYM5)
  2. Heatran (MYM6)
  3. Gorea
  4. Suzu
  5. Nightmare
  6. Heppokomaru
  7. Banette
  8. Samus Aran
  9. Gorea
  10. Hunter J (MYM7)
  11. Shedinja
  12. Versatile Pokemon Trainer
  13. Jason Voorhees (MYM8)
  14. Sarisa
  15. Dio Brando
  16. Suzu
  17. Jecht
  18. Ulgamoth (Volcarona) (MYM9)
  19. Ronald McDonald
  20. Mephiles the Dark
  21. Steelix
  22. Beeheyem
  23. Keldeo
  24. Charlotte (MYM10)
  25. OVER
  26. Ayano Minegishi (MYM11)
  27. Chun
  28. Yukari Takara
  29. Agiri Goshiki (MYM12)
  30. Hellmaster Fibrizo
  31. Yutaka Kobayakawa
  32. Kirika Ueno
  33. Medusa Gorgon
  34. Cherry
  35. Luxord
  36. Keroro Platoon 
  37. Sakurako Ohmuro and Himawari Furutani
  38. Oogie Boogie
  39. Jeanne D’Arc 
  40. Emi Ibarazaki
  41. Athena  (MYM13)
  42. Madolche Majoleine
  43. Ghetsis
  44. Young Xehanort
  45. Luke Atmey
  46. Putata
  47. Tabitha Orleans
  48. Yukiki
  49. Ryota Ijima/Mistelteinn
  50. Mukae Emukae
  51. Minami Iwasaki (MYM14)
  52. Salvatore the Magnificent
  53. Nisa
  54. Magic Knight
  55. Leviathan (MYM15)
  56. Funny Valentine
  57. Jörmungandr
  58. Chou-Chou Infinite ♛ (MYM16)
  59. Shinobu
  60. Altis
  61. Ryuto
  62. Bahamut
  63. Judge Nemo
  64. Tamaki Kawazoe
  65. Halekulani
  66. Syrup
  67. Syrma (MYM17)
  68. Regina Curtis
  69. Abnes
  70. Soul Skyheart (MYM18)
  71. Doppelganger Tsukika
  72. Doppelganger Shirogane
  73. Elka
  74. Marina Cannonvale
  75. Doppelganger Welsh
  76. Pseudo-Vorgis
  77. Esty Dee
  78. Liz Eird (MYM19)
  79. Izuna
  80. Miss Kobayashi
  81. Ohana Matsumae
  82. Marion Quinn
  83. Ziz (MYM20)
  84. Ghostface
  85. Shallotte Elminus


Froy, Roy

Making his debut in early MYM12, Froy is the youngest leader, and influential MYM’er as none after him have made as big of a splash as he has. But maybe one day they will. Our boy Froy is the chill man of the bosses, being the most approachable (modern) leader with his easygoing personality and simplistic style – assuming he’s not copying the Heavyweight Male Antagonists above him! He is kind of like the modern MarthTrinity in terms of his old persona (whatever happened to that?), even doing recaps for MYM during MYM14. He is well-known for posting more sets than anyone else on a good contest, an average of 10-12 per-contest, and gives off the impression of being open to movesetting for just about any franchise. He was a Touhou kind-of-guy during the MYM12-15 era, but has recently taken to doing a lot of MOBA/MMORPG stuff like from WoW, Diablo, League of Legends and DoTA, and I presume Overwatch in the future. He also likes making sets for Yu-Gi-Oh! cards he likes.

Whereas the Three Tyrants (Smady, Warlord, FA) generally share common opinions on movesets via their rankings (Smady a bit less so though), Froyers tends to hold some different opinions – it is not uncommon to see him rank an unpopular set 9-10 stars, or at least in the last as most people are more united in their opinions. He gravitates towards “In-Smash” more than most others, and was/is (or at least I surmise) one of the posterboys for in-smash alongside JOE!, DM (but not now) and I guess Jamie as of now. They were making waves in a world where props and traps were (and still are) prevalent in the Top 10 world.

Notable Franchises: Touhou, Warcraft, RWBY, League of Legends, Dark Souls, Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA2), Yu-Gi-Oh!, The World Ends With You, Star Wars, Fate/Stay Night

  1. Scizor (MYM12)
  2. Night’s End Sorcerer
  3. Zombie Master
  4. Demyx
  5. Rattata
  6. Two-Headed King Rex
  7. Alice Margatroid
  8. Cold Enchanter  (MYM13)
  9. BeastMan.EXE
  10. Randy Johnson
  11. Gatsaf Shepherd
  12. The Headless Horseman
  13. Skull Kid
  14. Asura 
  15. Patchouli Knowledge
  16. Croagunk (MYM14)
  17. Mace Windu
  18. SwallowMan.EXE
  19. Megumi Kitaniji 
  20. SSB Luigi
  21. Sho Minamimoto ♛
  22. The Six Samurai – Kamon
  23. Armored Ventus Nightmare
  24. Reisen Undongein Inaba
  25. Remilia Scarlet
  26. Rahm Kota
  27. Reimu Hakurei (MYM15)
  28. Marisa Kirisame
  29. Lucemon
  30. Kaguya Houraisan
  31. Youmu Konpaku
  32. Ruby Rose
  33. Weiss Schnee
  34. Blake Belladonna
  35. Yang Xiao Long
  36. Iku Nagae
  37. Shadow Naoto
  38. Heat Man
  39. Tenshi Hinanawi
  40. Night’s End Sorcerer
  41. Argent Commander
  42. Vivi
  43. Astamon (MYM16)
  44. Kunkka, The Admiral
  45. Loatheb
  46. Baron Rivendare
  47. Patchwerk
  48. Grobbulus
  49. Thaddius
  50. Kel’Thuzad
  51. Traxex, The Drow Ranger
  52. Nue Houjuu
  53. Heracross
  54. Viktor, Machine Herald
  55. Sealsdramon (MYM17)
  56. Count Dooku
  57. Forlon Junk Heap
  58. Alakazam
  59. The Butcher (MYM18)
  60. Zyra
  61. Electivire
  62. Roy Koopa
  63. Joe DiMaggio
  64. Artorias, the Abysswalker
  65. Anti-Mage
  66. Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time
  67. Gluth
  68. Dragonslayer Armour
  69. Tutankoopa
  70. Leoric the Skeleton King
  71. Yuugai Musume – Nitric Acid (Fortis) (MYM19)
  72. The Six Samurai – Nisashi
  73. McCree (MYM20)
  74. Balrog
  75. Haunter 
  76. Kylo Ren 
  77. Medea
  78. Mr. L
  79. Grave 
  80. Dyspo 


Jun, “E Card Maker”

Like Warlord, Junahu was a big name in MYM for the majority of his stay, but became less active over time before eventually dropping out. While nowhere near as influential as Warlord in the movesetting department, Junahu was arguably one of the most important and significant movesetters in the history of Make Your Move. He is the one responsible for the current layout of the very site you’re viewing this article on, he essentially created the Bunker (now known as the Plaza) and complied countless lists and articles that are still readable today. You know those minis that are listed, and those Pokemon and Megaman lists? He made all those. He also wrote up lists for fun in the threads back during MYM6, and even designed custom avatars for MYM’ers to use back in the day – the likes of which can still be seen on dead MYM’ers like Wiz and HR. His contributions to the contest were invaluable, above and beyond expectations, but he couldn’t stay with us forever. The man (or woman?) is in his 30s as of now, and honestly it would be strange for anyone of the working age to keep giving their life to a simple internet community.

Moveset-wise, Junahu was big, and had a very unique style that isn’t seen in today’s movesetting. His earlier movesets – around MYM3-11 – were known for their absolutely stellar presentation, essentially picture sets designed using Photoshop and boy they were marvelous to look at, a real treat. Junahu even drew pictures for his sets, as seen in sets like Donna Levmen, Cutesy Beau, Anne Elmtod, Doppelori and Etna. Unfortunately, this became less common later on as Junahu decided to experiment with BBcoding, even when doing picture sets. Junahu was also known for his “long” chain of Top 50 placements early on, broken only by a joke Magikarp set posted in MYM7; this would later become more frequent as Junahu made some rather controversial sets that earned him a negative Top 13 list by Warlord. You see, Junahu was a bit of a “contrarian” if you would, and rather experimental as he played with all sorts of funny concepts, some of which can be seen in sets like Granfaloon or Kusumi-no-Okami. Sometimes he appealed to MYM, other times he didn’t. His was definitely a mixed bag.

Personality-wise, Junahu was mature, and he always thought outside the box. He had a way with words that made his sets entertaining to read, poking fun at the series or character he was making a set for, but no matter the post, article or chat log he was always the type you could take seriously and thought from a different perspective that inspired individualism…or something along those lines. Some of my favorite pieces of advice that come to mind are “critiquing a moveset from the perspective of the author’s intentions rather than your own/the contest’s standards” and something along the lines of “repetitive praise eventually turns to expectation”. (err, I think I kind of made that last one up) There were also some funny lines like describing Dragonite as being a glass of water (in the set itself), but hey that’s the stuff comedy is made of. In a sense, Junahu was kind of like a celebrity, maybe even a sage to MYM, but like all celebrities he would be forced to retire from MYM as his interests took him elsewhere. While MYM has changed since then, the man’s writing style still holds up strong today, whereas some older MYM’ers had to develop their writing over several years and contests.

Also, for some reason Junahu is paired with King K. Rool as “Roonahu”, possibly over their similar movesetting philosophies. Just in case you are looking back over the old threads and see that come up and don’t know what it means.

Junahu’s movesets are most prominently done for video game characters and OCs (original characters). His flagship franchise is Castlevania, with 9 movesets over 2-3 movements (1 of which got Smady his first win), but he’s also a fan of: Megaman, Sonic, Mario, Disgaea, Tales of, Resident Evil, Kirby and Pokemon but hey just about everyone has done at least one Pokeset so that doesn’t really count as a franchise. Also, Junahu is fond of random stuff like real-life boxers, self-insert news reporters and chocolate bars among other things you wouldn’t expect. If he had an SM, Donna Levmen would be the main character of course, essentially being Junahu’s mascot, and she goes around reporting things while Anne Elmtod is her rival/mentor, the spiritual successor to said set. The story would just be random episodic stuff featuring a certain moveset(s), like going to Castlevania to interview one of the monsters and this somehow mingles with Disgaea or something. Junahu obviously wouldn’t have a typical SM, and to finish it off Cloud of Darkness ends up being the final boss. Also, Penny Gadget would play a major role as a recurring character, possibly even the main character, because Junahu has outright stated that he has a Penny peril fetish.

Fun facts: Junahu has watched hundreds of anime, but Krillin is the only anime character he has done a set for. Also, if you google “Junahu”, stuff related to MYM comes up because it’s probably not a fictional name or real name anyone uses. If Junahu ever wrote a novel, he should totally make that the name of a character or location, but then it would probably be obvious that he wrote it.

Notable Franchises: Castlevania, Pokemon, Disgaea, Megaman, Tales of, Sonic, Resident Evil


  1. Donna Levmen (MYM3)
  2. Mega Man 9: Mega Man (MYM4)
  3. Wispa
  4. Viola
  5. Team Rocket (MYM5)
  6. Cutesy Beau 
  7. Clefable (MYM6)
  8. Joe Calzaghe
  9. Hector
  10. Cloud of Darkness
  11. Arche Kraine
  12. Anne Elmtod
  13. Doppelori ♛ (MYM7)
  14. Magikarp
  15. Alucard
  16. Badman
  17. Nurse Joy (MYM8)
  18. Regal Bryant
  19. The Item Tree
  20. Etna 
  21. Megaman 10 Protoman
  22. Diglett (MYM9)
  23. Penny Gadget
  24. Blaze the Cat
  25. Windows XP Tan
  26. Airman
  27. Emolga
  28. Blaze
  29. Mona and Lisa
  30. Victini (MYM10)
  31. Krillin
  32. Zigzagoon
  33. Fluttershy
  34. Linebeck (MYM11)
  35. Mask DeMasque
  36. Grunty
  37. Copycat
  38. Giant Bat
  39. Medusa
  40. Mummy Men
  41. The Creature
  42. Granfaloon
  43. Piggybank
  44. Dragonite
  45. Pyoro
  46. Minnie the Minx
  47. Dry Bones (MYM12)
  48. Kirby Enemy Team 
  49. Billy Hatcher
  50. Larxene
  51. Cap’n Bowser
  52. Etranger 
  53. Fuka
  54. Old Man Geo 
  55. Mike Dawson  (MYM13)
  56. Clumsy Assassin (Sheena Fujibayashi)
  57. Yoshika
  58. Kamella
  59. Sakuya Izayoi
  60. Axel (MYM14)
  61. TAC 
  62. Sonic 06 Eggman
  63. Dust Man
  64. Water Dragon
  65. Bone Golem
  66. Carmilla
  67. Richter Belmont
  68. Nidorino
  69. Junahu’s Harem
  70. Kusumi-no-Okami
  71. Rotom Frost
  72. Erutus Profiteur (MYM15)
  73. Murkrow
  74. Licker
  75. Nemesis
  76. Ganados
  77. Brandon Whittaker (MYM16)



Doesn’t he kind of resemble a fusion between Bowser and King K. Rool?

Notable Franchises: Mario, Luigi’s Mansion, Donkey Kong, Toy Story, Stephen King’s It, Harry Potter, Various Disney Movies

  1. Timone & Pumba (MYM3)
  2. Indiana Jones
  3. Bowser
  4. Tigah
  5. Samurai Panda
  6. Captain Jack Sparrow
  7. Harry Potter
  8. King K.Rool
  9. Andy’s Toys
  10. Houdini
  11. Simba
  12. Yau-Man
  13. Beast Trio
  14. Woody
  15. Cranky Kong
  16. Doggy & Bear (MYM4)
  17. Klump and Krusha
  18. Ken Hoang
  19. Hades
  20. Iago and Zazu
  21. Arthur (MYM5)
  22. Scar & the Hyenas
  23. Kaptain Skurvy
  24. Sebastian
  25. Bowser Jr.
  26. Tryclyde (MYM6)
  27. Wart
  28. Hades
  29. Pennywise
  30. Bleak
  31. Lord Voldemort
  32. Klump and Krusha
  33. Kaptain K.Rool
  34. The Greaty Mighty Poo
  35. Disco Kid
  36. Klubba (MYM7)
  37. Fat Bastard
  38. Christmas Man
  39. Zinger
  40. Stanley the Bugman
  41. Aran Ryan
  42. Chucky
  43. Dionysus (MYM8)
  44. Mr. Luggs
  45. Mr. Potato Head
  46. Rex
  47. Hamm
  48. Slinky
  49. Bowser Jr. ♛ (MYM9)
  50. Kaptain K. Rool
  51. Necky
  52. King Boo
  53. Sir Weston (MYM10)
  54. Klobber
  55. Baron K. Roolenstein
  56. Pennywise the Dancing Clown
  57. Masahiro Sakurai
  58. Edgar
  59. King K. Rool (MYM11)
  60. Double Header
  61. Bowser
  62. Gaston
  63. Burgermeister Meisterburger
  64. Kloak
  65. Professor Ratigan  (MYM12)
  66. Gooper Blooper 
  67. Jarvis
  68. Willy Wonka (MYM13)
  69. The Medic
  70. Lord Voldemort
  71. Tigger
  72. Skowl (MYM15)
  73. Petey Piranha (MYM19)

Smash Daddy


If you couldn’t tell from his name and swanky picture, Smady is one of the longtime and still active MYM’ing greats alongside his good buddy Warlord. The dadster emerged around the same time as his fat friend, that being MYM3, but didn’t get the smash ball rolling until around MYM5-6 where he made a name for himself. Smady was infamous for posting 1 set per contest back in the day, hence why his set count is a bit low for how long he’s been around for, but he also wanted to make sure he was producing quality. Speaking of quality, the guy had an almost dignified, kingly air about the way he spoke and presented things, kind of like an esteemed British noble. That probably had to do with his quality, username and also the fact that he scarcely posted sets.

Smady is well-known for his participation in movements, and the fact that when he does participate he almost always makes the best set and gets the highest placing. Talk about showing off! Most of these movements are co-produced with his good friend Warlord, but sometimes Junahu or just participating with a bunch of other people. Movements include:

  • Shin Megami Tensei (MYM9): Pyro Jack, Jack the Ripper
  • DBZ (MYM9): Vegeta,Recoome, Jeice
  • Castlevania (MYM11): Death
  • Kirby: Return to Dreamland (MYM11): Grand Doomer
  • Mario Party 2 (MYM12): Wizard Bowser
  • Team Fortress 2 (MYM13 Dave): The Soldier
  • Illbleed (MYM13): Queen Worm, Cashman, Michael Reynolds
  • Pokemon (MYM14): Koffing
  • Snomads (MYM15): Lord Fredrik
  • Resident Evil (MYM15): Tyrant, Albert Wesker
  • Dead Rising (MYM16): Slappy
  • One Piece fishman (MYM16): Vander Decken
  • Resident Evil (MYM17): William Birkin, Dr. Marcus
  • Dragon Quest V villains (MYM17): King Korol, Ladja
  • The Seven Sages (MYM17): Copypaste, Mister Badd

Bolded sets are the ones that placed highest of those in the movement, btw. Snomads were the only exception to Smady placing highest in every movement he participated in (that was Warlord), but Freddy still came close. Will you take the Smady Movement Challenge and outplace him?

Needless to say, Smady wasn’t just famous for being a champ in movements. He was also a movesetting pioneer of sorts, creating a small number of not only influential ideas but even control schemes. Some of these influential sets include Ameno-Sagiri, a huge stationary 3v1 HP boss; Michael Reynolds with multiple traps on one input; Wesker who can fire off projectiles that can be teleported to; and Fassad with his ability to use multiple Specials at the same time, to name a few.

You want to know what kind of Story Mode Smady would have? Well, for one, Wiz and Kupa would DEFINITELY be the protagonists. Their story would begin on the streets, where the duo see an ad outside a boxing gym inviting guests to come spar with the great Von Kaiser, who has come from Germany for an exhibition match. They go inside, and Wiz somehow beats the crap out of Kaiser to the point where he is traumatized, explaining the part about his backstory where he was beaten up by children. The story then skips to a few days, where Kupa reads a newspaper showing that Von Kaiser lost his match and committed suicide. After that, Wiz gets into a fight with Ryuji Yamazaki because he’s overconfident from having beat Von Kaiser, but gets pwned. Then, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, Wiz decides to go to Illbleed, because there’s a one million dollar prize for making through to the end and he wants money to buy a new laptop so he can get back into MYM. You see, his laptop overheated and eventually exploded after using it to make Dr. Strangelove. Anyways, they go into Illbleed, where they are joined by other contestants such as Raiden, who is there to investigate the place because it’s suspicious; Cosmic Spacehead because he’s curious about earth; and Waluigi because. Also the Soldier, who is teamed with Raiden.

The Homerun of Death and the Revenge of Queen Worm function the same as in Illbleed, as Mr. Banballow and Queen Worm exist as Smady sets, except maybe someone dies like Waluigi because he was killed by Banballow in The Illbleed Slaughter. As Trent doesn’t exist in the Smadyverse however, Woodpuppets isn’t an attraction. Instead, it’s replaced by “Chemicals”, which features Smot as the monster and Muk, Weezing, Koffing and Garbodor as its spawns. Smot’s backstory is being a combination of numerous Muk, similar to its backstory in one of those 5 minute SMs from MYM12-13 that don’t exist anymore sadly. Killer Department Store remains the same, but Slappy is included as a “Cashman Employee” if you know what I mean (hint: Warlord comment title for the set). Killerman was done by FA, so instead of there being an attraction it’s basically just a generic zombie survival attraction, given the Killerman attraction in Illbleed has actual zombies in it. Here, it is revealed that all the monsters in the attractions are actually real, as Michael Reynolds is working together with Wesker, Birkin and Dr. Marcus of Umbrella to create new monstrosities. Shortly into the zombie-fest though, the real attraction shows up, titled “The Trauma”; featuring a resurrected Von Kaiser as the boss, in his infamous Great Child-Killing Dragon Chimera form he enters in his Final Smash. No seriously. He is also teamed up with King Boo just for the sake of being generically included in the SM. After being defeated, a cutscene focusing on Reynolds reveals that he is also working together with Death, who is seizing certain evil souls before they can reach hell so they can be used as vessels in various experiments by the RE scientists, explaining Cashman and Von Kaiser. The final attraction, normally “Toyhunter: Cork Goes to Hell”, is replaced by “Mine for a Change”; Mr. Mime being the monster instead and follows the plot from his Powerpuff Girls episode, where he became evil and monochrome after that truck spilled paint on him.

After reaching the Michael Reynolds orchestra, Reynolds announces that there was no prize all along and that the whole thing was a set-up just to have Wiz murdered for making Dr. Strangelove. Thus, the whole Illbleed attraction is being blasted off into space and into the sun so everyone – Wiz, Kupa, Waluigi and Cosmic Spacehead – will all die horrible deaths. You might think that Reynolds would also die as well, but his overseeing visage from the balcony is revealed to be a dummy man. Wiz was meant to die earlier on, but now they have to take drastic measures, if partly because they have to get rid of zombie and inhumane experimental evidence from the public eye. Fortunately for the group, the rocketing Illbleed runs out of gas before it can make it into the sun, but that doesn’t matter because Grand Doomer shows up to kill them all.

After dying, Wiz and Kupa find themselves being judged by Koenma. Kupa is sent to heaven for his efforts in MYM and moderating, while Wiz is sent to hell for obvious reasons. Kupa should be happy to be rid of Wiz, but he’s not and decides to fight his way through heaven to reunite with his little bro. While in heaven, Kupa meets up with Auron and Vivi. Meanwhile, Wiz meets up with Vegeta, Recoome and Jeice in hell, which totally makes sense if you’ve watched DBZ. Realizing how weak they are, Kupa and Wiz train to develop Personas of their own. Kupa gets Pyro Jack and Jack Frost, which make sense given the kinds of sets he’s done, while Kupa gets Jack the Ripper, who constantly tries to kill him whenever summoned. Nonetheless, the duo are reborn as Wiz and Kupa 2, upon reuniting, along with their new comrades, but that doesn’t last long as Koenma calls Death to try and subdue the group, only to fail.

Upon escaping from hell, Wiz and Kupa end up in a fantasy piratey world, which sets the scene for One Piece and Dragon Quest to appear. Unfortunately, Ladja appears before Wiz and Kupa, kills the latter and enslaves the former, because Wiz hasn’t suffered enough yet. The story could play out in any way from here, but who knows? These are just ideas.

MYM18 UPDATE: Characters from this contest are inserted into various parts of the story I’ve already brought up. Kristoph is in hell (lawyers from hell joke or something) and has to defend Wiz in court with Koenma as the judge, with the intent of secretly manipulating Wiz so he can escape hell or something. Allen O’Neil is a recurring “comic relief” who is frequently killed but keeps randomly coming back to life, often seen trying to kill Wiz just like the rest of the cast. Shadow Teddie is an agent of Ameno-Sagiri. Baku works well thematically with Wiz, and could be apart of some dream sequence when he is killed. Jecht is also apart of hell, and ends up helping Wiz for some reason due to being one of the few Smadians with protagonist status. Goronu is working for Ladja, the Ganon equivalent of the Smadyverse (ironic given Smady had Ganon represent him during his time as leader in MYM6). Not sure about Lickitung and Kappa Tian yet. Micheal and Matador are part of the hell arc, and Adel makes a cameo appearance in outer-space when Ilbleed is launched into space in a plot to kill Wiz, being the one who ends up killing everyone. Also, Adel is a man in this story.

Notable Franchises: Dragon Quest, Ace Attorney, Shin Megami Tensei, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, One Piece, Illbleed, CD-i, Cuphead

  1. Vivi (MYM3)
  2. Ryuji Yamakazi (MYM4)
  3. Raiden ♛ (MYM5)
  4. Von Kaiser (MYM6)
  5. Gambit (MYM7)
  6. Wiz and Kupa (MYM8)
  7. Weezing
  8. Muk (MYM9)
  9. Auron
  10. Wiz & Kupa 2
  11. Pyro Jack
  12. Jack The Ripper
  13. Vegeta
  14. Recoome 
  15. Jeice
  16. Garbodor (MYM10)
  17. Dr. N Tropy
  18. Mr. Banbollow
  19. Mr. Mime
  20. Cosmic Spacehead
  21. Swalot (MYM11)
  22. Death ♛
  23. Grand Doomer
  24. Cyrus
  25. Smot  (MYM12)
  26. Manfred Von Karma 
  27. Wizard Bowser
  28. Ameno-sagiri ♛
  29. The Soldier (MYM13)
  30. Queen Worm
  31. Cashman
  32. Michael Reynolds
  33. Koffing (MYM14)
  34. King Boo
  35. Waluigi
  36. Lord Fredrik (MYM15)
  37. Tyrant
  38. Albert Wesker
  39. Slappy (MYM16)
  40. Vander Decken
  41. Florent L’Belle (MYM17)
  42. King Korol
  43. William Birkin
  44. Dr. Marcus
  45. Koenma
  46. Ladja
  47. Copypaste
  48. Mister Badd
  49. Caribou
  50. Fassad ♛
  51. Lickitung (MYM18)
  52. Kristoph Gavin
  53. Allen O’Neil
  54. Shadow Teddie
  55. Baku the Dream Eater
  56. Jecht
  57. Goronu
  58. Kappa Tian 
  59. Matador
  60. Michael
  61. Adel
  62. Hotel Mario Roy (MYM19)
  63. Magellan
  64. Pinstripe
  65. Goldman and The Emperor
  66. F.A.N.G (MYM20)
  67. Pigma
  68. Goopy Le Grande
  69. Wally Warbles 
  70. Djimmi the Great
  71. Werner Werman 
  72. Dr. Kahl 

Lord Sakurai


Notable Franchises: Kirby, Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Mario, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, Starfox, F-Zero, Earthbound, Game and Watch, Ice Climbers, Wii Fit, Metal Gear, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, Bayonetta, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, Pac Man, Pikmin, Duck Hunt, Xenoblade Chronicles

  1. Mario (MYM-64)
  2. Donkey Kong
  3. Link
  4. Samus
  5. Yoshi
  6. Kirby
  7. Fox
  8. Pikachu
  9. Luigi
  10. Captain Falcon
  11. Ness
  12. Jigglypuff
  13. Peach (MYM-23)
  14. Bowser
  15. Zelda
  16. Shiek
  17. Ice Climbers
  18. Dr. Mario
  19. Falco
  20. Marth
  21. Young Link
  22. Pichu
  23. Ganondorf
  24. Mewtwo
  25. Roy
  26. Mr. Game and Watch
  27. Pit (MYM0)
  28. Meta Knight ♛ 
  29. Zero Suit Samus
  30. Diddy Kong
  31. King Dedede
  32. Wario
  33. Ike
  34. Lucas
  35. Squirtle
  36. Ivysaur
  37. Charizard
  38. Olimar
  39. Lucario
  40. R.O.B
  41. Toon Link
  42. Wolf
  43. Snake
  44. Sonic
  45. Villager (MYM16)
  46. Mega Man
  47. Wii Fit Trainer
  48. Little Mac
  49. Rosalina and Luma
  50. Greninja
  51. Palutena
  52. Pac Man
  53. Mii Gunner
  54. Mii Brawler
  55. Mii Swordfighter
  56. Robin
  57. Shulk
  58. Dark Pit
  59. Lucina
  60. Bowser Jr.
  61. Duck Hunt
  62. Ryu (MYM17)
  63. Cloud
  64. Corrin
  65. Bayonetta

darth meanie


Notable Franchises: Pokemon, Mega Man, Star Wars, Fate/Stay Night, Dungeon Crawl, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Mahou Sensei Negima, Danny Phantom

  1. Darth Vader (MYM2)
  2. Magmortar (MYM5)
  3. Daroach (MYM6)
  4. Saren
  5. Abomasnow
  6. Magnezone
  7. Darkrai
  8. ProtoMan.EXE
  9. BubbleMan.EXE
  10. Nanoha Takamachi
  11. Mewtwo
  12. Subaru Nakajima (MYM7)
  13. Saber
  14. Rider
  15. Abomasnow
  16. Probopass
  17. Harbinger
  18. VideoMan.EXE
  19. Mario & Luigi 
  20. Hariyama (MYM8)
  21. The Secret Apprentice
  22. Magmortar
  23. Archer
  24. Tatari
  25. Nattorei (Ferrothorn) (MYM9)
  26. Electivire
  27. Nrvnqsr Chaos
  28. Toxicroak
  29. Luviagelita Edelfelt
  30. Jellicant
  31. Crustle
  32. Bizarro
  33. DarkMega (MYM10)
  34. Vlad Plasmius
  35. General Grievous
  36. Two-Face
  37. Fright Knight (MYM11)
  38. Buizel
  39. Kenji and Hisao
  40. Negi Springfield (MYM12)
  41. Tomoe Mami (MYM14)
  42. Saber Alter ♔ placed 5th
  43. Lobo
  44. Jigglypuff
  45. Sherry Cromwell (MYM15)
  46. Chao Lingshen
  47. Goodra
  48. The Great Dusknoir
  49. Fate Testarossa Harlaown
  50. Vivio Takamachi
  51. Burrito Bison
  52. Negi Springfield
  53. Misaka Mikoto
  54. Lom Lobon (MYM16)
  55. Gloorx Vloq
  56. Cerebov
  57. Mnoleg
  58. Neku Sakuraba



Notable Franchises: Sonic the Hedgehog, Legend of Zelda, Mario, Splatoon, Overwatch, Cuphead, Fantasy Strike

  1. Sonic Heroes  (MYM16)
  2. Toon Link 2.0
  3. Inkling
  4. Omochao
  5. Steve
  6. Captain Toad
  7. Dr. Robotnik
  8. Boom Sonic
  9. Dood
  10. Daisy
  11. Baymax and Hiro
  12. Wonder-Red
  13. Plusule and Minun (MYM17)
  14. Nights
  15. Cat Mario
  16. Inkling
  17. Silver the Hedgehog
  18. Qbby
  19. Shadow the Hedgehog
  20. Tri Force Heroes 
  21. Sonic 2.0
  22. Aiden Pearce
  23. Shovel Knight
  24. Super Mario 2.0
  25. Ganon 2.0
  26. Hawlucha
  27. Rayman
  28. Knuckles
  29. Octoling
  30. Captain Toad
  31. Tails
  32. Paper Mario (MYM18)
  33. Piplup
  34. Captain Toad
  35. Excite Biker 
  36. Link
  37. Tetra
  38. Yomi (O.C)
  39. Alolan Pokemon Trainer
  40. Isaac (MYM19)
  41. Agatio
  42. Tracer
  43. Sombra
  44. Min Min
  45. Inkling
  46. Zenyatta
  47. Doomfist (MYM20) ♔ placed 8th 
  48. Junkrat
  49. Iris
  50. DeGrey
  51. Doc To 
  52. Cuphead
  53. Valerie
  54. Inkling
  55. The Root Pack 
  56. The Devil
  57. Jaina 



Notable Franchises: Marvel, Mario, Star Wars

  1. Rosalina (MYM6)
  2. Gameboy Color Link
  3. Kee-Mo-Shi
  4. HK-47
  5. King Boo (MYM7)
  6. Dark Samus (MYM8)
  7. Bob-Omb
  8. Pokey
  9. Black Cat
  10. Kamek
  11. Haunter
  12. Torkoal
  13. Firebar
  14. Goruugu (Golurk) MYM9
  15. Aianto (Durant) 
  16. Blooper
  17. Spiritomb
  18. Fantomex
  19. Chain Chomp
  20. Keith
  21. Dormammu ♔ placed 7th
  22. Crimson Cowl
  23. Dr. Strange
  24. Dry Bowser (MYM10)
  25. Venom
  26. Satana
  27. Malzahar
  28. Goomba
  29. General Grievous
  30. Lord Cronal
  31. Hippopotas
  32. Boom Boom (MYM11)
  33. Dark Star
  34. Kanden
  35. Maxwell
  36. 88 Teeth
  37. Jeff Madrox (James Madrox)
  38. Glaceon
  39. Darth Vader
  40. Tul-Bak-Ra
  41. Amps MYM12)
  42. Chantique
  43. Kang the Conqueror
  44. Veran
  45. Angel
  46. Paper Man
  47. Bowser Sphinx
  48. Nova 
  49. Galvantula
  50. Isamu
  51. Spiral (MYM13)
  52. Selene (MYM14)
  53. Koopa Troopa
  54. Ultron
  55. Spider-Man
  56. Deadpool (MYM16)



LINK-UP SPACE (made by Junahu as part of a farewell)

Notable Franchises: Kirby, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Mega Man, Shakugan no Shana

  1. Bomberman (MYM2)
  2. Protoman
  3. Knuckle Joe
  4. Biospark
  5. Ray 01
  6. Baby Mario Bros.
  7. Megaman.EXE
  8. Sir Kibble
  9. Ivan
  10. Erk
  11. Adeleine
  12. Toon Zelda/ Tetra
  13. Paper Luigi (MYM3)
  14. Cutman
  15. The Chosen One
  16. Worm Soldier
  17. Sandslash
  18. Waddle Doo
  19. Chrono
  20. Super Star Helpers (MYM4)
  21. Proto Man
  22. Dyna Blade
  23. Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright ♔ placed 3rd
  24. Frog
  25. Bonkers
  26. Gemini Man
  27. Butterfly Kirby
  28. Halberd Crew
  29. Advance Army
  30. Super Star Helpers: Ultra (MYM5)
  31. Balloon Fighter
  32. Wilhelmina Carmel
  33. Heat Man
  34. Animal Crosser
  35. May
  36. Elias
  37. Richard
  38. Computer Virus
  39. MYM Man
  40. Wrath
  41. Steven Stone (Armaldo)
  42. Adeleine (MYM6)
  43. Thor, God of Thunder  (MYM10)
  44. Jenna
  45. Sayaka Miki (MYM11)
  46. Cutie Mark Crusaders
  47. Invidia
  48. Whispy Woods
  49. Mr. Dooter
  50. Magolor
  51. Kanade Tachibana (MYM12)
  52. Gray Fullbuster
  53. Quote
  54. Khamsin Nbh’w 
  55. Wind Waker Bang Head Against Wall Guy (MYM13)



Notable Franchises: Kamen Rider, Ray Man, Donkey Kong, Transformers, Skylanders, Yo-kai Watch, Sly Cooper, Zootopia

  1. Rayman (MYM12)
  2. Soundwave Superior (MYM13)
  3. Bigfoot
  4. Mr. Dark
  5. Swap Force (MYM15)
  6. The Lich
  7. Shy Guy
  8. Cartoon Donkey Kong
  9. Polygon Man
  10. Pompy 
  11. Armored Toad
  12. Mr. Dark
  13. Sheep Mage
  14. El Jefe (MYM16)
  15. Sheriff Toothpick
  16. The Grizz
  17. The Black Knight
  18. Ms. Decibel
  19. Kamen Rider Double
  20. Wizzro
  21. Mad Mike
  22. Nightshade (MYM17)
  23. Darkseid
  24. Hanasakaji 
  25. Big Massif
  26. DJ Octavio
  27. Chop Chop
  28. Fiesta
  29. Kamen Rider Accel
  30. Sproink (MYM18)
  31. Dr. Krankcase
  32. Hood Sickle
  33. Pain-yatta (MYM19)
  34. Silent But Deadly 
  35. Jestro
  36. Genis
  37. Kizaru♔ placed 13th
  38. Blitzwing
  39. Nick Wilde
  40. Shockwave
  41. Aku (From Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion)​ (MYM20)
  42. Blaster-Tron
  43. Judy Hopps 
  44. Captain Metal
  45. Bomb King
  46. Kamen Rider Cronus
  47. Dr. Neo Cortex
  48. Cagney Carnation 
  49. Don Armage


Notable Franchises: Pokemon, Marvel, Borderlands, OCs

  1. Spiderman (MYM5)
  2. Rival Trainer (MYM6)
  3. Velociraptors
  4. Vegeta
  5. Mewtwo
  6. Samus (MYM7)
  7. Spartan Warrior (MYM8)
  8. Forretress
  9. Octillery
  10. Salamence
  11. Toxicroak (MYM9)
  12. E.E.D. Soldier (MYM10)
  13. Trainer JOE!
  14. Sonic (MYM11)
  15. Rhyperior  (MYM12)
  16. Player99
  17. Y2X
  18. Ace Trainer JOE ♔ placed 3rd (MYM13)
  19. Ho-oh (MYM14)
  20. Spider-Man
  21. Pinsir
  22. King Boo
  23. Zoroark (MYM15)
  24. Barbaracle
  25. Goodra
  26. Hydromb
  27. Banjo and Kazooie (MYM16)
  28. Venusaur
  29. Charizard
  30. Blastoise
  31. Axton
  32. Meganium
  33. Typhlosion
  34. Feraligatr
  35. Sceptile (MYM17)
  36. Trevenant
  37. Chesnaught (MYM18)
  38. Zer0
  39. Gaige
  40. Sandslash 
  41. Ranger-M
  42. Captain America (MYM19)
  43. Cyclops
  44. Iron Man
  45. The Beast
  46. Thor
  47. Storm
  48. Hulk
  49. Wolverine



Page on the MYM’er Wiki. Yes, MYM actually has its own Wiki courtesy of Kholdylocks. Much information that is not written here, but be warned that the dates are outdated by like…7-8 years as of early 2017.

Another influential MYM’er of the past, HR enjoyed a seat in the leadership around the MYM5-7 era, and was respected during MYM4-8 – even if the quality of his movesets was always fluctuating from being amazing to just average/bad. Contrary to what you’d expect from his avatar and username, he had a very fun personality and seemed to like invoking memes during his writing, being a pretty laid-back and enjoyable guy to be around. He was that one guy who liked “cool” things like dragons and was passionate about them, being an absolutely massive fan of Ridley as you’d expect of his Username. So much so that he created an OC (Original Character) named after himself, actually the image used to represent him shown above. He was big fan of Metroid, MegaMan, Sonic and later LoL, but unfortunately he also became a Brony and likes Furries. Not that that makes him any less worthy of respect.

HR was known for being good friends with the notorious MYM’er “Spadefox”, a cold guy who pretty much had the exact opposite personality. It got to the point where they were a gay couple, and represented their relationship in his SM epic (more on that soon) and his OC Spadefox (the MYM6 one). It’s kind of outdated, though.

Hyper_Ridley had his fair share of successes throughout his MYM’ing career, but his greatest masterpiece without a doubt was his MYM4 Story Mode epic Playing God…which is unfortunately not available for anyone to read anymore. It was posted on the “User Blogs” back in the old days (MYM4-5) when they still existed on “Smash World Forums”, which got messed around with post MYM10 and became impossible to access, along with a bunch of other crappy MYM1-2 Story Modes. Xenforo made big changes to Smashboards at the end of MYM13, though I’m PRETTY sure it happened beforehand, before the likes of Froy and FA (MYM12/10 respectively) even got the chance to look up the Playing God.

Soooo…it’s hard to recommend something that doesn’t exist anymore, no? But don’t worry, there still exists someone in MYM who did read the whole thing and remembers parts of it: ME! For your knowledge and entertainment, I shall recall all I remember about Playing God so that you can at least get an idea of the overall plot. Who knows, I might make it sound better? Or inspire you all to write your own SMs at the peril of creating a modern movesetting drought? Nah.

Here goes:


Katapultar: Takes place in heaven where Master Hand is a benevolent god with Pit working under him, and Mr. Game and Watch with his shadow bugs from Brawl’s The Subspace Emissary. Shadow Bugs spill out to create Black Doom, the main antagonist of the terrible Shadow the Hedgehog game and for most of Playing God. He transforms into Devil Doom, who is the first boss of the SM fought by the 3 Smash characters.

Warlord: Master Hand and Black Doom are the first of the characters who are capable of speech. Black Doom is the primary antagonist for 90% of the story mode, and in the ending is generically usurped by HR’s self inserts of himself, his boyfriend Spadefox, and his OC pet, Mewthree in a subversive “hijacked by Ganon” trope. This ancient story mode probably gave me a lot of bias on why I consider Black Doom a good character, as I nearly always consider any villain who steals a plot terrible by default.


Katapultar: The prologue took place thousands of years ago, where now the story takes place in the present day.

I don’t actually remember much of this, other than a Mario-style platformer level, the inclusion of Angry German Kid (who doesn’t actually have a moveset) and Maria Renard who shoots a bolt of lightning from her finger. Also Aeon (one of Spadefox’s movesets), a character from some Castlevania: Judgement game who appeared in ALL 4 Story Modes that were written during MYM4…one by HR, one by Warlord, one by Chris and one by Spadefox. Also, most of the non-major characters were reduced to silent roles.

Oh yeah. Mario was in this chapter, and it ends with he (and some other characters) being abducted by an airship with General Grievous as the bad guy. He backhands one of the characters and is like “Bah!”.

Warlord: There is an end of chapter scene with Black Doom talking with an unknown figure who is undoubtedly Spadefox. When said that Mewthree came out of nowhere, HR later pointed to this conversation as foreshadowing.


Katapultar: Some characters go to an island, where Dr. Eggman/Robotnik pours toxic waste that creates Hexxus…who is actually the main villain of this old movie Ferngully: The Last Rainforest. He is the boss of this chapter, and for some reason the Esper battle theme from FFXXII plays for the fight.

Warlord: AI Colonel shows up to send some characters on a mission to the island, still perfectly mimicking Roy Campbell for the time being, as a random irrelevant character who is allowed to speak. Klump and Krusha set some stock cartoon traps and fail before being assimilated into the generic party, the only fate worse than death.


Katapultar: Don’t remember anything specific about this chapter. But I remember that Kirby, Meta Knight, Super Star Helpers (Kibble moveset), Sonic, Tails, Fox, Falco, Wolf, Captain Falcon and Shadow the Hedgehog would be included in the SM. Also, there is an Arabian chapter with Gaara (yes, the Naruto character TWILT fapped to) and Disney’s Aladdin and Jafar (a set by Rool). These might be separate chapters.


Katapultar: This chapter takes place on that same Grievous airship where Mario and Sonic are forced to fight for the amusement of a crowd and for Black Doom. It should be mentioned that Dr. Eggman and Grievous both work for Black Doom, for some reason, even though they were enemies in Shadow the Hedgehog. Also, Black Doom mentions Sonic by name despite referring him as a “blue hedgehog” in said game. The Super Star Helpers ally with the heroes in this chapter. The heroes have to fight the Robot Masters (from the Mega Man series, presumably the first game given I remember Splash Woman among the ones mentioned), followed by a boss fight against Dr. Wily…who did not have a moveset back in the day, as he didn’t get a set until US gave him one in MYM6. Wily wanted to be the scientist working under Black Doom and wanted to prove his superiority to Eggman, but losing Doom telekinetically slams him into a wall to kill him. I think the heroes escape from the airship after this.

Warlord: Eggman and Grievous are very consistent antagonist figures throughout the SM as Black Doom’s enforcers. The reason they work for him is unstated, but it is weird they are non speaking characters for how major their roles are. At the end of the chapter, Eggman is so disrespected that Black Doom has him fight one of Dr. Wily’s mechs in the arena on foot using DFM’s ancient set. His reasoning basically amounts that if he can’t do it, he is fired. This chapter is the first one where characters from previous chapters actually come back instead of introducing even more, outside of the main villains.


Katapultar: The Joker (Heath Ledger MYM4 set by Warlord) is in a bar or something, fighting with another character who is definitely NOT Batman, when they are attacked by Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat, who is a boss, and is killed after the fight, being obliterated by Shadow Lugia from Pokemon XD. Afterwards, they go through some facility where Sync (dunno who the hell he is, some bad guy who never got a moveset) uses Electrode against them but joins up with them afterwards. They then have to fight Shadow Lugia as a boss, who is then killed by Spadefox.

Warlord: The Joker’s level specifically is supposed to be a clone of GTA in the Smash engine. You are able to hijack cars as going through SSE doors in a Great Maze like level for it to be a “sandbox”. The win condition is generically causing enough chaos. This was pretty definitely the most irrelevant chapter.


Katapultar: There is some space chapter involving the Smash Bros space animals, and Shadow confronting Black Doom and his 2 subordinates Eggman and Grievous in a Star Wars space station. The latter 2 have to be fought under the Star Wars Duel of Fates theme, with Black Doom sitting on a throne and throwing debris and sometimes mind controlling Shadow. There is later a boss fight against Omega Grievous – a giant mechanized dragon form of General Grievous – where you’re in outer space and fighting on top of Arwings. This battle uses the Ikaruga boss theme.

Warlord: The space animals are more irrelevant characters allowed to speak for some reason over Grievous and Eggman. When it would be actually relevant for them to speak, like in chapter 9, they forget how to do so. Random cartoon characters like Klump and Krusha have to pilot futuristic technology spaceships somehow. There are more levels here playing as Eggman and Grievous before they are finally defeated somehow.


Katapultar: At some point The Sandbags are introduced. These guys represent the 5 MYM Leaders back in MYM4 – Sirkibble, Chris Lionheart, MasterWarlord, Chief Mendez and good old King K. Rool – and are the world leaders who maintain peace in the Playing God world. They each go through their own sections where they join up with a group of other characters and have to fight against a boss:

  • Bkupa666 with Bowser’s image, in a ruin where he gets Bowser Bomb’d to death.
  • Dancingfrogman, based off the MYM’er but using that frog character from Looney Tunes. He can attack you using the macerina which generates shockwaves.
  • Jimneybob, an insignicant MYM’er, who is some giant Cubone. You fight him in outer space while grinding on rails Sonic-style. He dies by falling to earth and Dr. Eggman laughs at him.
  • Spadefox, who is a major antagonist. He has 2000HP, described as a “HP God” and is meant to be crazy hard. In this SM, he is canonically powerful in levels that border god-like.

Warlord: I am fairly sure this is the chapter where Black Doom is generically betrayed by Spadefox. I really have no memory whatsoever of the role of HR’s self insert character beyond being a generic minion of Spadefox.


Warlord: AI Colonel goes crazy finally and spouts his obligatory meme dialogue as fighting…Whoever was supposed to be instructed by him. Somehow, he is not killed and is assimilated into the generic protagonist group for some reason, because deep down he wants to be like the real Roy Campbell or something. The gigantic group that is the protagonists meets the sandbags, and they eventually track down Spadefox and HR’s location.

When they find Spadefox and HR, it is a generic house. HR and Spadefox come up out of the basement with their arms around each other to find the cast of 50+ characters having invaded their house. They are very casual about the matter and Spadefox monologues some edgy speech while the 50+ characters sit and listen. Spadefox at some point or other turns into a gigantic tentacle monster boss thing. The boss is specifically supposed to be 5 Final Destinations that the player can move between via warp pads, all surrounding the gigantic tentacle monster Spadefox in the background. The Hyper Ridley moveset acts as a minion and is out on the field as a CPU enemy, chasing the foe around and probably has something to make it better than usual.

Spadefox dies (?) and HR makes his way into the depths of their yiff dungeon basement to unleash their ultimate weapon, Mewthree. Mewthree has the personality of a typical edgy toddler villain who just “wants to play” and has access to the chaos emeralds somehow, gathered as a cliffnote off camera. It is generically said at some point as a cliffnote that Mewtwo died and was considered a failure. Mewthree’s boss battle was considered not nearly as impressive as Spadefox’s, as you can tell from the fact I remember nothing about it, once again subverting a main villain with a more boring one. I am fairly sure Mewthree and Spadefox are the only characters with movesets to actually die the entire time, besides maybe Eggman and Grievous.

Black Doom miraculously reveals he has survived Spadefox’s attempt on his life somehow after the defeat of Mewthree. For whatever reason, he fuses his shadow bugness into Master Hand to become one with him again or something, because this is a better death than being generically killed by Spadefox apparently. There are ending shots of what each character went back to doing after this, and HR’s character is generically forgiven and not given any penalty despite being one of the main villains. This is supposed to represent Spadefox’s outburst during the end of MYM 5 or something, but obviously does not translate to the SM’s universe.

Katapultar: I remember like, 3 attacks on Mewthree. He had one attack called “Eyes of the Devil” which functions like the Dragoon, another attack where he gets the foe to “play” with a 40HP golem and one move called “Soul-Shredding Beam” (I think) which turns the foe to stone for an insta-kill, a reference to Ash dying in the first Pokemon movie. Before this fight, you have to fight against the “Dark Emeralds” (referenced in the Mewthree moveset’s N-air) and before then you have to fight against the 50+ cast who have been mind-controlled by Mewthree simultaneously, with the exception of Black Doom who has to go up against all these characters and free them.

Notable Franchises: Metroid, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, My Little Pony, Punch Out!, League of Legends, Pokemon, Playing God OCs, Kirby, Mario

  1. Vulturon (MYM3)
  2. Omega Ridley
  3. Fulgore
  4. Beauty and the Beast unit
  5. Bass.Exe
  6. Enker
  7. Shade
  8. General Grievous (MYM4)
  9. Nack the Weasel
  10. The Raptors
  11. Black Doom
  12. Hyper_Ridley
  13. Death
  14. Wheelie
  15. Daroach
  16. Cortez
  17. Trident Knight
  18. Ratchet and Clank (MYM5)
  19. Bass and Treble
  20. Dark Gaia
  21. Mewthree
  22. Lemmy Koopa
  23. Acid Seaforce
  24. Steven Stone (Aggron)
  25. Edward Elric (MYM6)
  26. Spadefox
  27. Wheel Gator
  28. Vile
  29. Super Macho Man (MYM7)
  30. Omega Pirate
  31. Spadefox Remix
  32. Arbok
  33. Mogenar
  34. Axel Gear (MYM8)
  35. Salamence
  36. Helios
  37. Sazandora (Hydreigon)
  38. Jalorda (Serperior) (MYM9)
  39. Yorick The Gravedigger (MYM10)
  40. Wukong
  41. Firebrand (MYM11)
  42. Skarner
  43. Vergil  (MYM12)
  44. Garble (MYM13)
  45. Grimlock
  46. King Sombra
  47. Omega Ridley (MYM14)
  48. Armydillo (MYM19)



TWILT’s favorite game

Notable Franchises: Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Narutard, Death Note, Wrestling, Shin Megami Tensei, Devil May Cry, Fire Emblem

  1. Metapod (MYM2)
  2. Shinon (MYM3)
  3. Jeff Hardy
  4. Pidgeotto
  5. Beyblade
  6. Volke
  7. Drake & Josh
  8. Gibari
  9. Leonardo
  10. Mia
  11. Sagi
  12. Trunks (MYM4)
  13. Ilyana
  14. Gaara
  15. The Dragonfly
  16. Kalas
  17. Milliarde
  18. Guillo
  19. Three Days Grace
  20. Sasuke Uchiha
  21. Misa Amane
  22. Edward Elric (MYM5)
  23. Near
  24. Death the Kid (MYM6)
  25. Lelouch
  26. Trainer Gold
  27. Itachi Uchiha
  28. Roxas (MYM7)
  29. Jeff Hardy
  30. Shiki Misaki
  31. Joshua (MYM8)
  32. Miles Edgeworth ♔ placed 15th
  33. Red
  34. Ventus
  35. Ken Masters
  36. Yuzu
  37. Nero
  38. Raimundo Pedrosa
  39. Dante (MYM9)
  40. Amaterasu
  41. Vergil (MYM12)
  42. Yu Narukami
  43. Strider Hiryu (MYM14)
  44. TWILT’s Harem
  45. Trainer Rosa
  46. Son Pikong
  47. The Terminator (MYM15)

Chris Lionheart



Notable Franchises: Fire Emblem, OCs, Warcraft, Fullmetal Alchemist, Devil May Cry, Guild Wars

  1. Chris and Ryann (MYM2)
  2. The Black Knight
  3. Kenny
  4. Altair
  5. Zero
  6. Aiden
  7. Lyon
  8. Jaffar
  9. Sothe & Micaiah
  10. Chris Lionheart (MYM3)
  11. Pelleas
  12. Zelos Wilder
  13. The Third Agers
  14. Ashencroft
  15. Geoffery
  16. Gerik
  17. Shiro Tagachi
  18. Ashitaka & San
  19. Sam Lionheart (MYM4)
  20. Kelsey
  21. Bastian
  22. Happy Gilmore
  23. Ashencroft
  24. Zero
  25. Robot Santa
  26. Haar
  27. The Sandbags
  28. Pyre Fierceshot
  29. Michael
  30. Arthas (MYM5)
  31. Klarrann
  32. Leviathan
  33. Sheeda
  34. Gwen
  35. Husayn Janan
  36. Raven
  37. Roy Mustang
  38. Steven Stone (Claydol)
  39. Thrall (MYM6)
  40. The Black Knight ♔ placed 9th
  41. Flygon
  42. Dante (MYM7)
  43. Nero
  44. Urgot (MYM8)
  45. Zephyr (MYM9)
  46. Aidan of Eander (MYM10)



One of the 5 modern leaders, FA is the last of what I’d like to call “The 3 Tyrants of MYM” alongside Warlord and Smady, simply because nearly all their movesets are for villains, they’ve all won at least 2 contests and are perhaps the most critical of all commenters (well maybe not Smady). Especially FA. He may well be the most critical MYM’er as of today, and certainly isn’t afraid to express his opinions be it commenting, simple chatting or even in his own movesets. While his mindset and opinions may generally gear towards negativity, channeled right this can be result in very entertaining sets or useful, constructive critique, useful because he is usually the first one to read and comments sets these days (you’ll usually see this guy push the Like button on every Smady and Warlord set within an hour of being posted).

FA’s origins are interesting to say the least: despite coming in around MYM10, he had been lurking since MYM2, which technically makes him one of, if not the oldest MYM’er around despite not having the posts or sets or experience to show for it. Talk about dedication. He was also mistaken for darth meanie due to a number of reasons, like posting a moveset for Homura. Speaking of movesets, nearly every set FA has ever posted is for a dark and edgy character or one from a dark and edgy series, aside from a few sets he wishes would burn up. His movesets generally feature the bigger, more appealing concepts like bullet hell, playground, minions or all of the above, with the former arguably being his most invoked genre. He is also well-known for the extreme size ratios of his characters, mostly with bigger characters like Vol Opt, Vorinclex or Grandmatriachs but also tiny featherweights like Kyubey or Lizard. He can be very daring with his movesetting, invoking the uncommon 3v1 genre or the aforementioned extreme sizes, but usually knows what he’s doing and thus this often pays off as seen in his high placings.

As mentioned before most of FA’s characters are dark. A frequent recurring theme in his character choices are their monstrous designs, or being some almighty god or eldritch abomination – often using their final, more humanoid form as seen with Don Thousand and Charkravartin. FA’s sets provide a strong atmosphere, possibly due to his character choices, or perhaps the occasional dark and gory animation or his frequent use of the palinto linotype font. That, or might be FA’s writing style. While someone like Smady writes from an objective standpoint, FA tends to be a bit more meta and allows his opinions to flow into the moveset, featured most prominently in the character’s bio. This creates a unique reading experience, as when invoked it takes the character and series and warps them to FA’s preference, seen in sets like Don Thousand. Even the Grandmatriachs from the Cookie Clicker game are warped to be a horrible evil satanic abomination, but honestly I can’t even tell whether they were or weren’t in their original source material even when googling it. By the time you’re done reading FA’s Yu-Gi-Oh! sets, you’ll know that he actually hates the franchise to some degree despite having made sets for it, because he also took the time to tell you that he hates it in addition to make a set for you to read. This biased writing style isn’t present or as strong in -every- FA set, but when taken to its extreme can result in something extremely entertaining and even -good- set-wise, most prominently seen in Prime Minister Honest which was finished in a day. Guy should make more of those kinds of sets, and enlighten us to all the terrible edgy action animes out there. And then become an internet critic.

FA’s flagship franchise is Magic: The Gathering, with 9 sets including his first contest winner and arguably one of the most famous movements in MYM, featuring all 5 Praetors in a row in MYM11. His other most prominent franchises are Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Yu-Gi-Oh!, the latter of which gave him 2 famous sets and his second win. There are others, but they’re all small time and other than that it’s whatever monstrous, gruesome or over-the-top stuff he can get his hands on. If FA had his own SM, it would obviously revolve around Homura, who after finding she can no longer save Madoka resorts to traveling between different worlds to destroy God and make everything right. Lizard somehow gets involved and partners with Homura to find powerful enemies to move-copy, and eventually figure a way to copy time-stopping which is impossible because one can’t simply see time being stopped. Kyoko is also a partner, and maybe Kyubey too if he’s not a villain behind-the-scenes. The villains would all be tremendously powerful, but there’s lots of infighting and perhaps a different ending where Jin, Lord English, Chakravartin or Don Thousand/Vector end up being the final boss. Or Dark Falz. Along the way, we find that Jin was the one who created the incubators (maybe?), and there is a recurring gag where Syura dies a lot but is constantly revived by Mordekaiser/Karthus. He loses his memory of each death and keeps acting out his mistakes until Honest just gets sick of him.

MYM18 update: Being a rare protagonist and now a central character in FA land, Metireon is given a central role in the SM. He is Homura’s father, because it is mentioned in his set that he has a child but nothing more is specified. He has come to earth to spend some time with his daughter, but is surprised to see just how much she has changed as he knew her as the clumsy moe glass-wearing girl she was before becoming edgy via time-loops. Homura mentions that her mother has died, presumably killed by Witches or something given the grim nature of the FA-verse, and has been surviving off the pay that her father brings in. Like-father like-daughter, both have made a contract with a supremely evil being to gain great power for an important purpose. Homura is cold and distant towards her father given he was not around much for her childhood, being too busy leading his rebellion.

Notable Franchises: Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Expanded Lizard Lore (OC universe), Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Phantasy Star, Drakengard, Cookie Clicker…

  1. Hoppip (MYM10)
  2. Cofagrigus
  3. Homura Akemi 
  4. Wailord
  5. Gamzee
  6. Vol Opt (MYM11)
  7. Kyubey
  8. Fruit Yummy Mummy
  9. Gatsaf Shepherd
  10. Kyoko Sakura
  11. Elesh Norn
  12. Jin-Gitaxias
  13. Sheoldred
  14. Urabrask the Hidden
  15. Vorinclex
  16. Slaking
  17. Doc Scratch (MYM12)
  18. Elsa Maria 
  19. Grim Poppet
  20. Dark Falz
  21. Chakravartin
  22. H.N Elly (MYM13)
  23. Lizard
  24. The Scout
  25. Killerman
  26. Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord ♛
  27. Dark Falz (MYM14)
  28. Avalugg
  29. Don Thousand (MYM15)
  30. Usami
  31. Intoner Three
  32. Divinity of Pride
  33. Metroid Prime
  34. Vector ♛
  35. The Grandmatriachs (MYM16)
  36. Prime Minister Honest 
  37. Mordekaiser (MYM17)
  38. Karthus
  39. Malomyotismon (MYM18)
  40. Juzo
  41. Metireon
  42. Iguana ♛ (MYM19)
  43. Knight
  44. Hee-Mo (MYM20)
  45. Supreme Leader Snoke 

King K. Rool

Rool, metinahurricane


Not to be mistaken for everyone’s favorite green crocodile who didn’t make it into Smash 4, Rool is kind of a legend…or at least was in the distant past. Now he is kind of viewed as a “villain” and his sets are constantly being mocked. I always thought he and Warlord were the best of friends in the past, because their movesetting opinions clashed with each other and they argued a lot, but maybe not.

Rool likes horror.

You can find out just about everything you’d want to know about Rool in this post.

Notable Franchises: George A. Romero AKA Zombies, Pokemon, Kirby, Mario, Looney Tunes

  1. Magikoopa (MYM3)
  2. Pidgeot
  3. Grim Reaper
  4. The Squeak Squad
  5. Powers Kirby
  6. Headless Horseman
  7. Snorlax (MYM4)
  8. Electrode
  9. Jafar
  10. Gold Magikarp
  11. Chef Kawasaki ♛
  12. Galaxy Man
  13. Halberd Crew (Ax Knight)
  14. Shellder (MYM5)
  15. Ekans
  16. Father Time
  17. Jumpluff
  18. Miracle Matter
  19. Count Cannoli
  20. Kangaskhan (MYM6)
  21. Vaporeon
  22. Jolteon
  23. Flareon
  24. Espeon
  25. Umbreon
  26. Leafeon
  27. Glaceon
  28. King Hippo
  29. TAC
  30. Zant
  31. George A. Romero
  32. caterpie (MYM7)
  33. The Elves
  34. Abra
  35. Team Rocket Grunt 
  36. Kamek
  37. Skeleton (MYM8)
  38. Tutankoopa (MYM9)
  39. Gastly (MYM10)
  40. Haunter
  41. Gengar ♛
  42. Mouse Man (MYM11)
  43. Wolf Man
  44. Flat Top
  45. Lucio Fulci



Image result for kiwi

Notable Franchises: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ben 10, Mega Man, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Shrek

  1. The King Of All Cosmos (MYM15)
  2. Lion-O
  3. Jet Jaguar
  4. Clockwork
  5. Zatch Bell
  6. Astrodactyl
  7. Borth-Majar
  8. Holly Summers
  9. Piedmon
  10. Isabelle
  11. Quick Man
  12. Chill Man
  13. Randy Cunningham
  14. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  15. Magma Man
  16. Lore (MYM16)
  17. Duck Hunt Dog
  18. Scorpion
  19. Baby Bowser
  20. Fi
  21. Groose
  22. Ravio
  23. Carbink
  24. Funky Kong
  25. Kludge
  26. Korra
  27. Zhu Li
  28. Hol Horse
  29. Khybon
  30. Sylveon
  31. J
  32. EX Red King
  33. Kuvira ♔ placed 22nd
  34. Shrek
  35. Hody Jones
  36. Chibi Robo (MYM17)
  37. Android 19
  38. Starman
  39. Starman
  40. Starman
  41. Ryu
  42. Crazy Dave
  43. Doc Louis


(Currently known as Rychu on Smashboards)


He is now known as Rychu on Smashboards, but he will always be Geto to us.

Notable Franchises: DC Comics, No More Heroes, Spongebob, Paper Mario, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Resident Evil, Pokemon

  1. The Joker (MYM8)
  2. RTS Army
  3. Toad
  4. Blastoise
  5. Tetris (MYM9)
  6. Harvey Moisewitsch Volodarskii
  7. The Joker
  8. Bad Girl (MYM10)
  9. Doopliss
  10. Admiral Bobbery
  11. Man Ray and The Dirty Bubble
  12. Pachirisu (MYM11)
  13. Margaret Moonlight
  14. The Appetizer
  15. The Weird Rider ♔ placed 23rd  (MYM12)
  16. Bouldergeist
  17. Red Tornado
  18. Kammy Koopa (MYM13)
  19. The Flim-Flam Brothers
  20. Shang Tsung
  21. GLaDOS
  22. Manny Pacquiao
  23. Shadow the Hedgehog (MYM14)
  24. Volknerr
  25. Blizzard Man
  26. Doopliss (MYM15)
  27. Tangela
  28. Snorlax
  29. Roman Centurion
  30. Bellatrix Lestrange (MYM16)
  31. Steve Chapman
  32. Aang
  33. Sokka
  34. Frank West
  35. Azula
  36. Superman (MYM17)
  37. Starman
  38. Batman
  39. Chief Mendez
  40. Jack Krauser
  41. Jolteon
  42. The Appetizer (MYM18)
  43. President George Washington (MYM19)




Notable Franchises: Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Pokemon, Mega Man, My Little Pony, Team Fortress 2, Kingdom Hearts

  1. Fierce Deity Link (MYM3)
  2. Anonymous (MYM4)
  3. Wiz
  4. Shadow Beast
  5. Kholdstare (MYM6)
  6. Great Tiger
  7. Axel (MYM7)
  8. Dodongo
  9. Sandslash
  10. Chill Man
  11. Lakitu (MYM8)
  12. Concrete Man
  13. Infected
  14. Gigaiath (MYM9)
  15. The Scout
  16. Baibanira (Vanilluxe)
  17. The Medic
  18. Ghost Rider (MYM10)
  19. Kabutops ♔ placed 10th
  20. Applejack
  21. Rarity
  22. QWOP (MYM11)
  23. King Ramses
  24. Knight Man
  25. Escavalier
  26. Phantom
  27. Zombie
  28. Jukebox Jaw
  29. Teru Mikami
  30. Landia
  31. The Black Puddle Queen  (MYM12)
  32. Roxas
  33. Axel
  34. Saix 
  35. Vexen
  36. Aquaman (MYM13)
  37. Queen Chrysalis
  38. ember
  39. Swampert
  40. Khold’s Harem (MYM14)
  41. Anub’arak (MYM18)



Notable Franchises: Legend of Zelda, Homestuck, Metroid, Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Anima Project (actual book series made by this MYM’er!)

  1. Skull Kid (MYM3)
  2. Death Sword
  3. Meta Ridley
  4. Ian Guardian 78
  5. Sylux
  6. Darknut
  7. Ramses
  8. Kiba Inuzuka & Akamaru (MYM4)
  9. Light Suit Samus
  10. Dark Link
  11. Ghor
  12. Zero Two
  13. Camus (MYM5)
  14. Sho Minamimoto (MYM10)
  15. Taokaka
  16. Arakune
  17. Emidius Amarandos
  18. Majora
  19. Redead
  20. Trace
  21. Doopliss
  22. Sceptile (MYM11)
  23. Leviathan
  24. Deviljho
  25. Jinouga
  26. New Destroyman
  27. Garrick
  28. Mello
  29. Metal General
  30. Galacta Knight
  31. Karkat (MYM12)
  32. Terezi
  33. Tempura Wizard
  34. Count Bleck
  35. Phantoon
  36. Sovereign Slayer
  37. Phaedra
  38. Basaran
  39. Sawtooth and Squarewave ♔ placed 18th (MYM13)
  40. Pyrus (MYM18)



RIP Smashbot, think of him whenever you play Dota 2 at the Thanksgiving dinner table with your family.

Notable Franchises: Kingdom Hearts, My Little Pony, Marvel

  1. Shy Guy (MYM2)
  2. Darkrai
  3. Bioshock Jack
  4. Stefan
  5. Meme Man ♔ placed 4th
  6. Leon Palowski 
  7. Cervantes
  8. Xemnas (MYM3)
  9. Astaroth
  10. SMASHBOT226
  11. Xigbar
  12. Shadowrunner
  13. Sol Badguy
  14. Kite
  15. Godtier
  16. Sauron
  17. Cel Link
  18. Yoda
  19. Bioshock Jack
  20. Genesect (MYM10)
  21. Mike Haggar
  22. Mr. Freeze
  23. MODOK 
  24. Hakan
  25. Rocket Raccoon
  26. Pyro
  27. Zoroark
  28. Pinkie Pie
  29. Dr. Facilier (MYM11)
  30. Battleheart
  31. Zecora
  32. The Coachman (MYM12)
  33. Xigbar
  34. Xemnas 
  35. Star-Lord
  36. Rin Tezuka
  37. Sauron (MYM13)
  38. Necrolyte (MYM14)




Ahhhh, MT. What a guy (Yes, he is a guy contrary to the above image, just like nearly every MYM’er in existence bar Iron Thorn and Meadow). We’re gonna have some fun talking about him.

Back when MT was around, he was an extremely likeable person with quite the sense of humor. Legacy-wise, he was known for 2 things: placing unusually high with his mediocre sets (mediocre at the time), and the creation of the Sunday Recap. The Sunday Recap was something MT started during MYM6  and kept going for an admirably long time, occasionally getting someone to stand in for him every now and then (Warlord did so for the entirety of MYMX – read them for a great time) until he died out around MYM11. From there, David, Froy, myself and a few others like Agi and TWILT would proceed to do the recaps up until they stopped around MYM15, the beginning of the “modern” era we are currently bathing in. The other guys’ recaps are worth a read, but I would advise against reading mine – especially the MYM13 stuff.

Fun fact: MT only started using pictures for his recap on Episode 8. He wrote an entire “Story Mode” using “season 1” of the Sunday Recap which covered the early to mid-late parts of MYM6. People found it funny back in the day, but I bet you won’t. Even when MT killed off lots of characters in the SM, serves them right for having aged terribly. Actually, looking back, it kind of…sucks. Warlord Top 10 Worst Story Modes list? Nah, guess we’d need a MYM9 mini where you write up a small chapter involving MYM19 sets or for a few characters you’ve made sets for of your choice, where the chapters contribute as “Story Modes” for the list. Maybe I should comment and put it in as a suggestion…

Hmmmm, what else is there to talk about this man? Well, his sets placed unusually high like I said, and that because he was blessed by – say it with me now: MYM’er Bias! That word might pop up in your head if you got jealous of someone else’s works enjoying success, if you’re like me, but this was a legitimate thing with MT. Back in MYM11, one of MT’s sets Reznor was extremely well-received by everyone, even getting 8 STARS from Warlord back in the day, but I couldn’t figure out what in the world everyone liked about the set. No seriously, go look it up yourself, it had an absurd un-smash mechanic that would make it a massive meme if it was posted in thread right now.

Now, what else is there? Well, he liked anime and people thought some of his sets were funny, especially M. Trinity and The Prince. What’s funny though, is that I think they are less funny than the modern Warlord and Smady sets that are still being serious! Man, have the times changed.

Also, he is viewed as a sex fiend/sexy woman person in the Warlord Stereotype lists. Except in the JoJo one, where he is just Hol Horse.

And that’s just about it. The summary of a much-loved anchorman who won the hearts of a bunch of brainless idiots. I heard that his personality changed for the worse around MYM12 before he died out completely, presumably having joined the Tirkchat, but that’s okay because we have Froy now.

Notable Franchises: Mario, Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Marvel, Kingdom Hearts, Earthbound, Katamari Damacy, Pokemon

  1. L Block (MYM2)
  2. Travis Touchdown
  3. Lucy
  4. Haruko
  5. Roger Smith
  6. Colonel.EXE
  7. Dante
  8. Tabuu
  9. Light & Ryuk (MYM3)
  10. Lil’ Slugger
  11. Egoraptor
  12. DK Crew
  13. Henry Townshend (MYM4)
  14. Shanoa
  15. Odysseus
  16. Hyatt (MYM5)
  17. Azumarill
  18. Computer Virus
  19. Steven Stone (Cradily)
  20. Little Mac (MYM6)
  21. Tauros
  22. Negative Man
  23. Silver the Hedgehog (MYM7)
  24. Ultimate Chimera
  25. Swalot
  26. Strike Man (MYM8)
  27. Q
  28. Sir Arthur
  29. The Prince ♔ placed 3rd (MYM9)
  30. M.Trinity
  31. Shuma-Gorath
  32. Slowbro (MYM10)
  33. Hostile Elder Oak
  34. Rainbow Dash
  35. Reznor
  36. Marluxia (MYM12)
  37. Bartz



Notable Franchises: Pokemon, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Yu-Gi-Oh!

  1. Dry Bowser (MYM2)
  2. Juggernaut
  3. E102-Gamma
  4. Homer Simpson
  5. Tails Doll
  6. Miles “Tails” Prower
  7. King Boo
  8. Metal Sonic
  9. Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel
  10. Warioland Wario
  11. Team Rocket (MYM3)
  12. Chao
  13. Dry Bowser
  14. Nights
  15. Death Adder
  16. Bean (Sonic the Fighters)
  17. Metal Knuckles
  18. Captain Syrup
  19. Froggy
  20. Miles “Tails” Prower
  21. Dr. Robotnik (MYM4)
  22. Tails Doll
  23. E-123 Omega
  24. Uncloned Wolf
  25. Smeargle
  26. Undead Hero
  27. AOSTH/YTP Robotnik
  28. Disaster (MYM5)
  29. Battalion Army
  30. Chaos 0
  31. Bowser Remake
  32. Marowak
  33. Shadowdeth (MYM6)
  34. E-101 MK II
  35. Maximillion Pegasus
  36. Votarch


(current known as Red Arremer on Smashboards)



Notable Franchises: Castlevania, Sonic the Hedgedog, Final Fantasy, Klonoa, Mega Man

  1. Lip (MYM3)
  2. Gilius Thunderhead
  3. Rouge the Bat
  4. Stanislav “Spade” Serkov
  5. mISsINGno.
  6. Silver the Hedgehog
  7. Blaze the Cat
  8. Chaos
  9. Gemini Spark
  10. Shadow the Hedgehog
  11. Numberman.exe
  12. Mr. Sandbag
  13. Dr Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik
  14. Kovomaka Students
  15. Shannon
  16. Guntz (MYM4)
  17. Lyon
  18. Harkinian, the King of Hyrule
  19. Bill Grey
  20. Jonathan Morris & Charlotte Aulin ♔ (placed 8th)
  21. Cornell
  22. Oume Gouketsuji
  23. Kefka
  24. Aeon
  25. Italian Spiderman
  26. Squishy
  27. Golbez (MYM5)
  28. Waluigi
  29. Eggman
  30. Ashe/Gray
  31. Acid Seaforce
  32. Nature
  33. Soma Cruz (MYM6)



Notable Franchises: Spongebob, My Little Pony, Looney Tunes, Dr. Seus, Mario, Adventure Time, DC Comics, Team Fortress and a bunch of other American franchises

  1. The Flying Dutchman ♔ placed 6th (MYM10)
  2. Robo-Patrick
  3. 5 Minute Move Man
  4. Twilight Sparkle
  5. Pinkie Pie
  6. Marvin the Martian (MYM11)
  7. Freaky Fred
  8. Pussycat Puss
  9. Count Chocula
  10. Princess Kraehe
  11. Dr. House
  12. Yukon Cornelius
  13. Captain Olimar
  14. The Grinch
  15. Captain Hook (MYM12)
  16. The Once-Ler
  17. Iron Tail 
  18. Bowser the Brash
  19. The G-Man 
  20. The Engineer 
  21. Princess Bubblegum  (MYM13)
  22. Ashens
  23. Stromboli
  24. Strong Bad
  25. The Pyro
  26. 2/7 Discord
  27. The Joker
  28. Dr. Robotnik (and the Mean Bean Machine) (MYM14)
  29. Sideshow Bob (MYM15)
  30. The Terminator
  31. Frank Underwood
  32. Yosemite Sam (MYM16)




Notable Franchises: Mega Man, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Metal Gear, OCs, Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the Seven Devils

  1. Revolver Ocelot (MYM5)
  2. The Three Stooges
  3. Iji Kataiser
  4. Agent J
  5. Kira Trine
  6. Lyn
  7. Servbot (MYM6)
  8. Dr. Wily
  9. Akira
  10. Specter
  11. Revolver Ocelot (MYM7)
  12. Houndoom
  13. Scarmiglione (MYM8)
  14. Cacturne
  15. Hockey Man (MYM12)
  16. Bubble Witch Marin ♔ placed 2nd (MYM14)
  17. The Producer
  18. Jodie Reynolds  (MYM15)
  19. Abomasnow (MYM17)
  20. Colonel.EXE (MYM18)
  21. Garnet
  22. Tangrowth
  23. Butterfree (MYM19)
  24. Hockey Man (MYM20)
  25. Bunny the Honeywhite
  26. The Root Pack



Notable Franchises: Marvel, Star Wars, Mario, Mega Man

  1. Dark Samus (MYM9)
  2. Megaman.EXE
  3. Fawful
  4. Pong
  5. Flame Hyenard
  6. The Soldier
  7. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  8. Spider-Man (MYM10)
  9. Galaxy Man
  10. Concrete Man
  11. Mafia Man
  12. Portal Man
  13. Caterpie
  14. Gemini Man
  15. Mr. Mime
  16. Fefnir (MYM11)
  17. Harpuia
  18. Phantom
  19. Leviathan
  20. CloudMan.EXE
  21. Master Hand (MYM12)
  22. BubbleMan.EXE ♔ placed 11th (MYM13)
  23. FlashMan.EXE
  24. DrillMan.EXE
  25. Sandman



Notable Franchises: Shin Megami Tensei, Touhou, Dark Souls and… that’s just about it. He really just made a whole bunch of demi-OCs and whimsical jokey Japanese pop culture sets, never really sticking to one franchise.

  1. Willis Brooke (MYM1)
  2. DS-Tan (MYM3)
  3. Robo-Link (MYM6)
  4. Mekuri Master
  5. Robo-Link MkII
  6. Pikachu Remix
  7. Mara
  8. Cirno ♔ placed 37th (MYM7)
  9. Mario (Vs Capcom Mix)
  10. Tohru Adachi
  11. Cloyster
  12. Ganondorf Dragmire (MYM9)
  13. Robo-Link MKIII (MYM10)
  14. The Fighter
  15. Chen
  16. Oichi
  17. The Fighter  (MYM10)
  18. Gwyndolin  (MYM13)
  19. The Creeper
  20. Banana Nut Sundae
  21. Merlina (MYM14)
  22. Tirk’s Husbands
  23. Charlotte Evergreen (MYM15)
  24. PC-98 Reimu Hakurei


Silver, Billver

Notable Franchises: Tales of, Shakugan no Shana, Final Fantasy, various anime sets

  1. Sheena Fujibayashi (MYM2)
  2. Lloyd Irving (MYM3)
  3. Colette Brunel
  4. Stanley Yelnats
  5. Batman
  6. Spyro (MYM4)
  7. Midna
  8. Yuji Sakai and Shana (MYM5)
  9. Cammy
  10. Excel
  11. M. Bison (MYM6)
  12. Raven 
  13. Rena Ryuugu (MYM7)
  14. Psyduck
  15. Gambit
  16. Hitagi Senjougahara (MYM8)
  17. Miroku (MYM9)
  18. Rita Mordio
  19. Wakka (MYM10)
  20. Clare
  21. Sweeney Todd (MYM11)
  22. Yuffie Kisaragi
  23. Shana ♔ placed 8th (MYM12)
  24. Lilly Satou & Hanako Ikezawa



Notable Franchises: Mega Man (for the 50th time)… and also Narutard, Homestuck and I Want To Be The Guy

  1. Clipit (MYM3)
  2. Lolcat
  3. Mallow
  4. N (MYM4)
  5. Simirror
  6. Airman (MYM5)
  7. Bubble Man
  8. The Kid
  9. Thief Khee’bler (MYM6)
  10. Hornet Man
  11. Nara Shikamaru (MYM7)
  12. Sheep Man ♔ placed 3rd
  13. Wood Man
  14. Empoleon (MYM8)
  15. Napalm Man
  16. Omastar (MYM10)
  17. Shiftry (MYM12)
  18. Pharaoh Man (MYM13)
  19. The Heavy
  20. Rolled Scroll
  21. Rose Lalonde (plaintext version)



Notable Franchises: Kirby, Mario, Mega Man

  1. Poppy Bros. Senior (MYM6)
  2. Delibird
  3. Guardian Digger
  4. Koopa Bros.
  5. Blaster
  6. Kafei
  7. Spade Invaders
  8. Weldar
  9. Mr. Dream (MYM7)
  10. Dr. Mario Remix
  11. Mumbo Jumbo
  12. Bully
  13. Sparky ‘n’ Pidgit
  14. Bellsprout
  15. Noddy
  16. Bomber
  17. Hard Man
  18. Burst Man ♔ placed 29th (MYM8)
  19. Dunsparce
  20. Ring Man (MYM14)


Peanut, Prof, Professor

Notable Franchises: Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Winnie the Pooh, Cucumber Quest

  1. Tetra (MYM10)
  2. Octavia (MYM11)
  3. Jack Skellington
  4. Po
  5. Aisling
  6. Gardevoir (MYM12)
  7. Tropius
  8. Zexion ♔ placed 7th
  9. Lexaeus 
  10. Xaldin
  11. Ampharos
  12. Cryogonal
  13. Chandelure
  14. Winnie the Pooh
  15. Nyx Assassin (MYM13)
  16. Demoman
  17. Princess Nautilus (MYM17)
  18. Splashmaster
  19. Papyrus (MYM18)
  20. Grim Matchstick (MYM20)

Legend of Link


And now for the guy with the most hilarious nickname.

Notable Franchises: Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, Sanic the Hedgehog.

  1. Mr. Minecraft (MYM9)
  2. Pokémon Breeder
  3. Sarkhan Vol
  4. Castform
  5. Klink
  6. Enrico Pucci and Whitesnake  (MYM10)
  7. Commander Shepard
  8. Gallade
  9. Teferi
  10. Sonic & Tails
  11. Chess Man
  12. Yanmega
  13. Farfetch’d(MYM11)
  14. Chaos 0 ♔ placed 4th
  15. Pichu
  16. Elspeth
  17. Cubone
  18. Heroes of the Trine  (MYM12)

Dr. Slavic



Notable Franchises: Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Read or Die, Xenoblade Chronicles, Kill la Kill, Steven Universe, Little Witch Academia

  1. Spider (MYM14)
  2. Imakuni (MYM16)
  3. Magcargo
  4. Yomiko Readman
  5. Genjo Sanzo
  6. Hitmonchan
  7. Clawgrip
  8. Donnel 
  9. Castform
  10. Exeggcute and Exeggutor (MYM17)
  11. Pearl
  12. Regirock
  13. Sharla (MYM18)
  14. Dunban
  15. Melia
  16. Riki
  17. Lapis Luzil
  18. Ira Gamagori (MYM19) ♔ placed 8th
  19. Sucy Manbavaran


Ocon, Crazy Wigglytuff

Notable Franchises: Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, The World Ends With You, Pokemon

  1. Sword Ganondorf (MYM3)
  2. Trident Ganondorf
  3. Toon Link (MYM4)
  4. ?????? (Mario boards?)
  5. Skyler Ocon
  6. Megaman.EXE (MYM5)
  7. Computer Virus
  8. Steven Stone (Metagross)
  9. Vaati (MYM6)
  10. V-13
  11. Metagross
  12. Mario
  13. Paper Mario
  14. Wallmaster (MYM7)
  15. Sho Minamimoto ♔ placed 18th



Notable Franchises: Dr. Strangelove, Legend of Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Donkey Kong

  1. The Goos (MYM5)
  2. Bundt
  3. Medli
  4. Paint Roller
  5. Tingle
  6. Krow
  7. Takamaru (MYM6)
  8. Sukapon
  9. Bubbles
  10. Slowpoke
  11. Paper Mario
  12. Eggplant Wizard
  13. Dead Hand (MYM7)
  14. Lucario Remix
  15. Dr. Strangelove ♔ placed 4th


  • Bubbles is considered the most underpowered moveset of all time.
  • Dr. Strangelove is considered the most overpowered moveset of all time.



Yes, that is actually Plorf’s head IRL.

Notable Franchises: Mega Man, Bionicle, Kirby, Pokemon

  1. Heat Man (MYM5)
  2. Metal Man ♔ placed 9th
  3. Tomahawk Man (MYM6)
  4. Maha Ganeshariff
  5. Vile
  6. Drifblim (MYM7)
  7. Sandshrew
  8. Onix
  9. Solar Man (MYM8)
  10. Kingdra
  11. Deathtanz Mantisk
  12. Van Pookin
  13. Shotzo (MYM9)
  14. Drilldozer (MYM10)
  15. Dark Meta Knight (MYM13)



Notable Franchises: Pokemon, Shrek, Sonic, Skies of Arcadia

  1. ChuChus (MYM14)
  2. Zoboomafoo
  3. Vyse
  4. Whiscash ♔ placed 7th
  5. Jet the Hawk
  6. Sir Daniel Fortesque
  7. Mr. Mime (MYM15)
  8. Dewgong
  9. Braxien (MYM16)
  10. Accelgor
  11. Shrek 
  12. Parasect (MYM17)
  13. Honchkrow (MYM18)


Phatcat, PC, Thrice

King of Trolls indeed

Notable Franchises: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Dragon Ball, Narutard, Pokemon

  1. Piccolo (MYM4)
  2. Kyoya Hibari
  3. Haru Glory
  4. Kakashi Hatake
  5. Hagiri Kaname (MYM5)
  6. Childre (MYM8)
  7. Erufuun (Whimsicott) (MYM9)
  8. Unlimited Hazama
  9. Electric Gamma ♔ placed 34th
  10. Team Pedestal (MYM10)
  11. Bass.EXE (MYM11)
  12. Grovyle
  13. Medicham

Chief Mendez


Notable Franchises: Castlevania, Meta Gear, Mega Man, Mach Rider, Pokemon, Ace Attorney

  1. Gray Fox (MYM3)
  2. Phoenix Wright
  3. Simon Belmont
  4. Dracula ♛
  5. Bill Rizer & Lance Bean
  6. Naota Nandaba
  7. Sora
  8. Mega Man (MYM4)
  9. Mach Rider
  10. Cat Clancer
  11. Deoxys
  12. Gordo


Notable Franchises: Fire Emblem, Pokemon

  1. Hardin (MYM12)
  2. Merric
  3. Tiki
  4. Magnemite (MYM13)
  5. Lord Magnemite (MYM14)
  6. Vespiquen ♔ placed 9th
  7. Guts Man
  8. Anna (MYM15)
  9. Chew (MYM16)
  10. Lip (MYM17)
  11. Andy (MYM19)





Notable Franchises: Undertale, Pokemon, Steven Universe

  1. Marx (MYM16)
  2. Lance
  3. Nano Shinonome
  4. Yoshi 2.0
  5. Steven Universe (MYM17)
  6. Amethyst
  7. Peridot
  8. Undyne 
  9. Mad Dummy (MYM18)
  10. Togekiss
  11. Turtonator (MYM19) ♔ placed 18th

Professor Lexicovermis 


Notable Franchises: Cuphead, Shovel Knight, OCs (will rename this Aspect Ratio when more of those sets get made)

  1. Shovel Knight (MYM19)
  2. Plague Knight
  3. Father Canine
  4. Sonic Mania Eggman (MYM20)
  5. Hilda Berg
  6. Minimalist Jay
  7. Baroness von Bon Bon
  8. Peacock
  9. Anaxa, the Aspect of Space ♔ placed 22nd
  10. Cala Maria


Notable Franchises: Xenoblade Chronicles, Azure Strike Gunvolt, Devil May Cry, Fire Emblem

  1. Elma (MYM18)
  2. Elma
  3. Gunvolt
  4. Celica (MYM19)
  5. Copen (MYM20)
  6. Dante
  7. Copen v2 ♔ placed 46th
  8. Dante v2 



Notable Franchises: Bionicle, Mighty No.9

  1. Mega Beedrill (MYM16)
  2. Toa Tahu (MYM17)
  3. Toa Pohatu (MYM18)
  4. Milla Basset
  5. Ray (MYM19) ♔ placed 40th
  6. Scourge the Hedgehog (MYM20)
  7. Rumor


Notable Franchises: One Piece Fire Emblem, Punch Out!

  1. Duke Oliver (MYM5)
  2. Oliver (MYM6)
  3. Bear Hugger
  4. Ghor
  5. Mr. 2 Bon Kurie
  6. Perona
  7. Kalifa



He may be the new kid on the block, but this little bro’s made quite the @#%$ing name for himself with his recent Conker’s Bad Fur Day movement. Gotta love a guy who establishes himself with an uncommon franchise right from the get-go. From 20 sets into MYM19, he’s looking to be quite the Mario fan too.

Notable Franchises: Conker’s Bad Fur Day

  1. Classic Bowser (MYM18)
  2. Conker the Squirrel
  3. The Great Mighty Poo
  4. The Experiment and Little Girl
  5. Panther King
  6. Professor von Kripplespac
  7. Wario (MYM19)



Apparently I am supposed to say “THERE YA GO SUNDANCE” now.

Sundance was a guy who was really popular in the chat, and people found him funny for some reason. But that was a long, long time ago, back in MYM5. I’m pretty sure that Warlord and Smady know a lot more, given they’re  pretty much the only ones from his time who are still around.

Notable Franchises: Sakurai… and I guess Dragon Ball does kind of stand out

  1. Buzz Lightyear (MYM3)
  2. The Delicious One
  3. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
  4. Kid Goku (MYM4)
  5. Sakurai ♔ placed 25th (MYM5)
  6. Empoleon (MYM8)



Can’t help but associate this guy with all things supernatural when his first 3 movesets were for: a demon lord, a wraith and a vampire hunter. Gotta love the synergy there. Keep it up.

Notable Franchises: Hellsing, Mystery Skulls

  1. Overlord Laharl (MYM18)
  2. Lewis
  3. Van Helsing
  4. Dr. Eggman
  5. Jasper



No ordinary fucking cat

Notable Franchises: Fire Emblem, Alica’s OC universe

  1. Roy (MYM16)
  2. Lucina
  3. Chrom
  4. Alica Vassin (MYM17)
  5. Akullotsoa


Wrk, Working Class Hero

Notable Franchises: Shin Megami Tensei, Pokemon

  1. Gengar (MYM8)
  2. Amane
  3. Jack Frost (MYM9)
  4. Hippopotas (MYM10)
  5. Naoto Shirogane (MYM12)


All You Need album cover

Notable Franchises: Touhou

  1. Horikawa Raiko (MYM17) ♔ placed 41st
  2. Fried Ricer
  3. Kijin Seija
  4. Sekibanki



Notable Franchises: One Piece

  1. Jinbe (MYM14)
  2. Bad Girl
  3. Ares ♔ placed 28th
  4. Kuroobi (MYM16)



Regal Status (ToS)

Notable Franchises: Pokemon (specifically, Mythical Pokemon)

  1. Victini (MYM16)
  2. Daisy (MYM17)
  3. Diancie (MYM18)
  4. Magearna (MYM19) ♔ placed 7th

Chris Sifniotis


Notable Franchises: Commander Keen

  1. Commander Keen (MYM15)
  2. Commander Keen (MYM19)
  3. Sailor Moon



Mindgames, son.

Notable Franchises: Make Your Move

  1. Furret (MYM1)
  2. Fawriel ♔ placed 5th
  3. Ike



Notable Franchises: One One Piece Moveset

  1. Monkey D. Luffy (MYM7)




  1. Really nice list here Katapultar. I like the pictures that go along with everyone, as well as the little descriptions and crowns. The description you have for Warlord is quite nice too, wish a couple more MYM people got stuff like that, but obviously you don’t have to do that unless you want too. Made me realize if I post 6 sets next contest, I can tie Rool in set count, and if I post 8 I beat him and HR, barring a weird miraculous comeback from one of them. That’s as good a motivation as any to be post realize if I post 6 sets next contest, I can tie Rool in set count, and if I post 8 I beat him and HR, barring a weird miraculous comeback from one of them. That’s as good a motivation as any to be post sets.

  2. I have to echo what FA said, this is a great article to see how many sets everyone has had over time. Remember that I want a new avatar, the current one is okay, but very old and not too relevant. I also would love to see more “bios” for other MYMers.

  3. Glad to hear you both like it! This started out as a fun thing because I have a slight obsession with numbers and placements, and enjoy imagining the kind of universes MYM’ers would craft with the movesets they make. Also the Silver list doesn’t link to sets, and now we have a list that actually tells you all the sets a certain MYM’er made. It’s interesting to hear that others weren’t aware that say, Kupa had 72 sets up until they saw this list, and it certainly makes the list worthwhile to have written up if it inspires setwork from others, unexpectedly – especially from you, FA.

    Just gonna say here in this post that Smady’s picture is updated, and now Junahu and FA have bios. That’s a good hour or 2 of my life gone. If anyone else wants their picture changed, don’t hesitate to ask.

    And now I’m suddenly thinking of “galleries” featuring pictures of all a MYM’ers characters in one place, but that would take too much time when the bios are already a pretty big undertaking. Will prioritize the current leaders and then active members, and perhaps other dead members I have something in mind for.

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