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Image by Altermentality from DeviantArt

Armydillo is one of King K.Rool’s minions and one of the bosses in Donkey Kong 64.  He appears as the boss of Jungle Japes, and then gets a rematch in the Crystal Caves, both times fighting DK himself.  His armored shell not only provides him with excellent protection from most attacks, but as you can see in his picture, hosts an arsenal of weaponry to destroy any primate who gets in his way.  Unfortunately, he has the same weakness as many CPU-controlled antagonists in video games: Revealing his weakpoint for no reason other than arrogance.  Maybe he’s learned his lesson in time for Smash Bros?


I’ve always been fond of this guy. He rides the line between silly lackey and badass threatening boss, managing to get in some clean hits whenever I face him.  I actually replayed DK64 last year and yep, I still skillfully juke myself right in front of a TNT barrel as his projectiles collide with it.  Maybe there’s a reason he willingly exposes himself to laugh at me…appearing in world 1 also means I’m guaranteed to see this guy in the 99/100 attempts at playing DK64 that I quit out of boredom.  Thank goodness for the secret boss replaying mode so I get to play his 2nd encounter!




Ground Speed: Low

Traction: Great

Ground Jump: Surprisingly decent despite being a big heavy armadillo

Midair Jump: 1 pitiful jump, but if you hold the jump button he can hover like Peach using thrusters from his sides for up to 1.75 seconds; the hover ends if Army attacks


Air Control: Mediocre by default, but it increases slightly when hovering

Fall Speed: Above Average

Size: 1.3x crouching Bowser; the cannon on his back does not have a hurtbox when it’s out; his shell takes .9x damage and hitting Army directly deals 1.1x damage.

Weight: Itty bitty more than Bowser




Neutral Special: Big Kahuna Missile

Armydillo launches the big green missile of sunshine and rainbows you saw in the opening image.  There’s above average lag to firing the missile on both ends, and it travels kinda slowly, but it locks-on to the nearest enemy, complete with an aiming reticule appearing on them!*  Contact deals 13% with literally explosive knockback that KOs horizontally at 90%.  The lock-on functionality is a bit quirky; it travels in a straight line towards the locked-on target’s current position, then if it passes the spot without a hit, it will pause for a moment and make a new lock-on.  Theoretically, you could have the thing chain lock-on whiffs across Palutena’s temple and blast someone on the other side of the stage.  It lasts for 7 seconds or until it makes contact with either an enemy or solid ground.  Only 1 of these can be in play at a time, with another use causing the current one to immediately detonate.  One word of caution: while the missile can’t lock-on to Army, it CAN harm him if it detonates in range of him.

*Kremling saying “Get out!” in a threatening voice not included


Side Special: Gas Cannon

Army uses his side cannons to release a cloud of green gas the size of DK (how fitting) that slowly travels forwards for 8 seconds.  It deals .5% every second an enemy is inside of it (no knockback or hitstun at all), and only 1 gas cloud may be in play at a time, with the new one replacing the old.  Any fire or explosion hitbox that touches the gas detonates it, dealing bob-omb-levels of damage and knockback!  Army himself can be damaged by his own gassy explosions (That’s gotta hurt!).  On the bright side, Army won’t take knockback from his own attacks’ explosions if they only make contact with his shell.  The gas is created rather quickly, but there’s a bit of lag on the end, so don’t try making it in front of a Bowser with super spicy curry…in fact, don’t make the gas at all if there’s super spicy curry involved.  As one last note, the gas won’t actually interact with any projectile reflectors/absorbers/negators/ect.


Up Special: DK64 Boss Shockwave™

Armydillo summons his side thrusters as fire pours from them, giving him a nice vertical boost that is affected by momentum like Dedede’s Up-Special. He has anti-grab armor for a moment at the start of the move, but can’t harm enemies while he rises.  Heck, he can’t even harm enemies while he falls.  What he CAN do, however, is unleash a green shockwave when he lands that travels along the ground in a sort of pulsing fashion, traveling Kirby’s width each pulse, and making one pulse each second.  It travels to both sides of Army and lasts for 5 pulses (or until it reaches the end of the platform), dealing 8% and slight set vertical knockback.  There’s almost no lag at all upon lag, so Army can immediately start doing other things while his shockwave is traveling, such as make another shockwave.


Down Special: TNT Pad

Army reveals a metal hand from his shell and places a circular pad on the ground 1/5 of Battlefield in front of himself.  Moments later, a red-colored TNT barrel appears on it!  It works mostly like any explosive barrel, but it has a tiny bit more durability from non-fiery attacks.  The pad lasts for 10 seconds, with a new barrel spawning 1.5 seconds after one is removed from it.  This move continues the tradition of “new uses replacing old uses”, with the note that any TNT barrels on the stage are not replaced with their pad.  Technically, enemies can try to take the TNT barrels right as they appear in an attempt to use them against you.  Of course, anyone who’s played DK64 as a kid knows what happens if you try this when Army’s still firing…




Jab: Using your head

For this 2-part jab, Armydillo swings his head back and forth.  Each swing deals 3.5% and the second hit deals knockback, KOing at 200%.  Fairly basic fast weak move, but Army apparently takes yoga classes from Wii Fit Trainer, as he is able to channel another part of his body for another hitbox; in this case his tail!  His tail has more range, deals 4% each hit, and it even KOs slightly earlier at 190%.  Of course, in a heated 1v1 duel you’re not going to turn around just to perform a slightly better jab, but this can be used to great effect as a crowd control move, or in 1v1s as a roll deterrent.


Forward Tilt: Not Quite Dogfighting

Armydillo lifts his feet off the ground and boosts forwards using his thrusters.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t fly very far, but he does deal 11% to anyone he collides with.  This has short startup lag and moderate end lag, and deals moderate set horizontal knockback.  Another basic melee attack, but hey, even projectile bombardment characters need a few in fighting games!


Up Tilt: Snare Trap

Armydillo activates his thrusters to boost upwards a short distance, dealing 5% and slight set vertical knockback to anyone in his way.  As he does this, a large bear-trap emerges from his back, and when he reaches the apex of his “hop” the device snaps shut.  This deals 7% and vertical knockback that KOs at 110%.  As an anti-air, this has deceptively great range because of the boost at the start, but don’t try to use it as a pop-up against grounded foes; Army’s head and tail don’t affect enemies.  Most importantly, the combination of going airborne and this device means Armydillo is perfectly adept at capturing both bears and birds!


Down Tilt: Cover Fire

Army’s “crouch” has him tuck his head inside his shell as a plate lowers over it.  He can shuffle back and forth as a “crawl” while in this stance, but the main use of it is if you’re right on top of your gas and it’s about to detonate, preferably from Army’s DTilt.


The DTilt itself is his DK64 Boss Fireball®!  He fires 2 fireballs in quick succession from his side cannons, traveling at a moderate speed and dealing 8% each with diagonal knockback that KOs at 150%.  They won’t combo into each other, but you can hit 2 enemies with one use, or if the first is reflected it’ll just be negated by the second!  There’s a bit of end lag on the move, but it’s no worse than most other projectiles.


Dash Attack: Spin Crash

Armydillo curls up into a ball and rolls forwards nearly as far as a Battlefield platform.  This has surprisingly little startup lag for a big metal armadillo, and it deals 12% while KOing at 100%.  On the downside, it has horrendous end lag on whiff, making him an easy target if his enemy spot-dodges the attack right as it ends.


For Armydillo’s next trick, he’s going to take a page from his non-boss cousins in the first DKC game.  When the move makes contact with an enemy, hit or shielded, Army bounces backwards a short distance on a low trajectory while uncurling.  He can cancel the bounce into any aerial standard attack.  Normally armadillos curl up as a defensive maneuver, but in this case the best defense is more offense!




Forward Smash: Blast-O-Matic Lite

Armydillo reveals a weapon from his back that is similar to a tesla coil.  The weapon can be angled 45 degrees up or down and upon release it fires a lighting-like beam that doesn’t stop until it hits something.  It deals 12-25% and KOs at 100-75%.  There isn’t a lot of startup lag, but a lot of end lag, and the beam’s firing point will cause it sail right over most grounded characters.  On the bright side, upon impact the beam turns into a burst twice the size of Kirby, dealing half the damage of the beam but with the same knockback.  If you’re trying to hit somebody on the ground with this move, treat it like a rocket launcher in an FPS: aim at the ground nearby to catch them with the splash damage!


Up Smash: Artillery Fire

Armydillo releases his back cannon, pointed straight up, before rapidly unleashing 3-8 big fireballs into the stratosphere.  The amount of projectiles depends on charge time.  These deal 11% and KO at 135%.  The fun part begins 1.25 second after the fireballs leave the screen. They then begin crashing back down, dealing the same damage and knockback as before.  Their exact locations for landing are random, but it’s within ½ of Battlefield in front of their firing point, or 1/5 Battlefield behind it.  One fireball drops every .5 seconds.  The fireballs will go through drop-through platforms when fired, but upon coming down they’ll dissipate on contact with any surface.  There’s actually not much lag for this move apart from the time it takes to charge and fire all the projectiles, giving Army ample time to take advantage of the opponent’s reaction to them.  Yes, he is allowed to make another batch while the first one is falling, but the random factor keeps this from being reliable enough to spam.


Down Smash: Bramble-Wire Fence

Army’s back hatch opens once more as a little spiky seed flies out of it in an arc, landing a short distance in front of Army.  There’s little lag to the seed launch, and t deals 5% and flinching knockback, but there’s no way you think I’d let that be a smash attack, do you?


If the seed manages to land in the ground, 1 second later it will sprout into a wall of bramble vines, causing all DKC2 players to soil themselves.  It’s as tall as Mario and extends into the Z-axis, dealing 10% and slight set horizontal knockback to all enemies who make contact with it.  Charging the move allows the brambles to last longer, from 5-8 seconds, with the bramble fading from green to brown as it expires.  Only 1 bramble fence can be in play at a time, with new ones immediately destroying old ones.


If any fire hitbox touches the brambles, they’ll turn into burning embers, dealing 2% each second someone stands within them and lasting for 5 seconds.  These can coexist with a living bramble wall.  So now Armydillo can have a bramble wall, a wall of flames, a gas cloud, a homing missile, a TNT barrel, a shockwave, 2 fireballs, and fireball rain on the stage at once.  It’s almost like this guy’s a…one-dillo army.




Neutral Aerial: Revved Up

Army curls into a ball and spins around in midair for .55 seconds.  This deals a single hit of 10% and KOs at 125%, with quick startup lag and moderate end lag.  If he lands on the ground during the move, he kicks into high gear and zooms across the ground, functioning at this point like his dash attack.  He even gets the bounce-back mechanic!  Why yes, he CAN perform another NAir after bouncing and roll again, why do you ask?


Speaking of his rollin’ and bouncin’, he has a sort of super-armor during his rolls (the attacks, not the invincible dodges that are spammed to death in For Glory).  If he is hit with an attack during them, he will take the damage, but rather than be dealt true knockback, it instead triggers his bounce!  Going into his ball-mode had to provide some type of protection from attacks after all!


Forward Aerial: Uncovered Fire

Armydillo shoots a single fireball like the one from his DTilt.  That’s literally all the move does.  It gives him a projectile option in the air that doesn’t require getting rid of a missile or gas cloud.  I guess it’s worth noting that he doesn’t cover his head with the front plate like in his crouch/DTilt.  I am totally not going on and on in order to make this move seem more complex to people who are just skimming the moveset, no siree!


Back Aerial: Boost Bash

Army covers his head with his frontal plate while releasing his side thrusters.  With a big burst of flames aimed backwards, he boosts forwards ¾ of a Battlefield platform, like a more ridiculous version of ROB’s Bair.  The thrusters deal 11% with purely horizontal knockback that KOs at 95%.  Anyone in front of Army take 10% and are KO’d at 105%.  It’s a move with good KO potential and range, but it has sluggish lag on both ends of the attack.  If Army lands after boosting he won’t experience much landing lag, but the attack won’t follow through if he lands beforehand.


Up Aerial: Wrecking Crew

A chain extends from Army’s back hatch, extending .5x as far as Samus’s ZAir at a 60 degree angle.  It deals 9% and slight set vertical knockback.  It’s released pretty quickly and can even be used as a tether recovery.  If the chain reaches the underside of a platform, it will attach itself to said platform as Army curls up, swinging himself forwards.   At this point, the chain itself no longer deals damage, but colliding with Army results in 13% and being KO’d at 95%!


Once he’s swung 90 degrees from his starting position, Army will detach from the platform, launching himself forwards, with the same mighty hitbox as before.  He’ll continue to remain curled up until he hits the ground, at which point, he’ll start his rolling mechanic you’ve now read about twice already.  You can also cancel the move into his midair jump if you haven’t used it, causing him to uncurl so you can cancel the move into other aerials, such as his neutral aerial so you can just roll along the ground anyway.


Down Aerial: Covering the Ground with Fire

Armydillo fires a single fireball towards the ground at a 50 degree angle.  It has all the uses you’d expect from a downwards fiery projectile in Army’s moveset.




Grab: Big O’ Suction Supreme

Army’s grab involves his back cannon, but instead of shooting out some oversized projectile, it starts sucking in air while Army tucks his head into his frontal plate.  The air vacuum itself isn’t the actual grab hitbox, it’s simply a powerful wind effect.  It’s actually possible to fling yourself over Army’s cannon if you give yourself some extra vertical momentum.  This can sometimes result in Army’s grab failing to actually grab, but normally the enemy is pulled in before they can react.  Just don’t try grabbing an airborne foe who is in the middle of a long-lasting attack, as it will probably hit Army out of his grab.  The suction effect stops once Army grabs a foe.


Pummel: Firing Squad

Army shoots a single fireball forwards from his side cannon, dealing 5% and light knockback to whoever it hits.  You might be thinking that this can’t actually hit the grabbed character, and you’d be right!  One use for this move is if you see an enemy nearing a gas cloud, so you can blow them up before throwing your initial grab victim.


Forward Throw: Fire at Will!

Army shoots his victim out of the cannon as far as one Battlefield platform, and then blasts them with a fireball.  This deals 9% and KOs at 155%.  This DOES count as a fire hitbox, so if they end up in your gas before the fireball connects…


Back Throw: About Face!

Army does a little hop while turning around.  This doesn’t release the enemy, letting him perform all of his other throws afterwards, but the enemy can escape during this throw to prevent stalling.  I wonder how many of my movesets have a BThrow like this?  Granted, this is probably the character a throw like this makes perfect sense for…


Up Throw: Ready…Aim…

Armydillo tilts his cannon upwards at a 10 degree angle and fires his enemy, dealing 11% and KOing at 120%.  Anyone the thrown enemy hits after being launched will take the same damage and knockback.  You can hold up on the control stick to aim at a steeper angle, up to 70 degrees, with Army automatically firing his opponent upon reaching that angle.  This won’t affect the damage or knockback, but greater control over positioning can be pretty useful to a character with a bunch of lingering projectiles on the screen, or to help you hit other enemies.  As a bonus, there’s a laser sight while the throw is in effect to help you see where your enemy will be headed when you fire!

Despite all the references to the word “fire”, this doesn’t actually count as a fire attack.  Sorry!


Down Throw: On a Roll

Army hops up and shoots his enemy into the ground before curling up and rolling over his target.  This deals 13% and leaves the enemy in a prone position.  If he collides with anyone else, his bounce-back mechanic triggers.  This is Army’s best throw for raw damage dealing, and it’s great for dealing with multiple opponents at once.




Armydillo’s main claim to fame is the ridiculous KO set-ups he is capable of, with several powerful projectiles that interact for explosive results.  While his gas cloud is weak on its own, what it can potentially lead to is enough to zone enemies away from its current location; perfect for throttling their movement so the Big Kahuna Missile can hit!  The TNT barrels have all the fun stuff you can do with regular barrels, but with TNT.  Army’s fireballs are more standard-issue projectiles to supplement the big(ger) ones, but because they are FIREballs they can trigger all the KABOOM moments, so use them at will!


When the enemy is sufficiently locked down under a barrage of Kremling weaponry, it’s time to close in for some rolling pressure!  Army’s rolling mechanic, and the ways his aerials interact with it, create follow-up heaven for him.  FAir and DAir allow for Army to safely bounce away, while NAir and UAir allow him to keep it going until he lands a hit or decides to stop.  Just don’t get too predictable with how you utilize it, as the enemy is one spot-dodge away from turning your roll into a moment of vulnerability.  Speaking of UAir, Army needs platforms to follow it up, so try to pin your enemy underneath one, ok?  USmash is pretty good for this, as enemies will want to take cover under platforms to avoid the fireballs raining down on them.


Army’s main weakness is dealing with enemies who turn the tables on him and pressure him.  He doesn’t have a lot of fast moves in a pinch, so he’s forced to rely on jab, FTilt, and up-special for some slight defense.  Things get worse if he’s sent off-stage, as he can’t reliably defend himself while hovering and he can’t harm enemies with his up-special until he’s already recovered.  Like in DK64, Army needs to do what he can to stop enemies from piercing his defenses, and the best way for him to do that is to annihilate them before they get the chance.


Most importantly…make sure you win.  I don’t like failures.  Do you know what happens to failures?



In a FFA battle Armydillo will be getting a lot of KOs just by having his projectiles incidentally blow up in the middle of crowds.  This is when using BAir as a roll follow-up comes in handy, as you can stop yourself from bouncing into another enemy’s attack.  Have fun rolling TNT barrels into everyone!



You might not want to pair Armydillo with other fire-based characters, as they might trigger explosions on each other instead of the enemy team.  Army’s rolling attacks are a lot scarier now that he has someone to cover for him if he whiffs.  Villager is a fun teammate for Armydillo, since pocketing Big Kahuna Rocket allows Army to deploy another!


Capture the Flag

Like most slow tank-like zoners, Armydillo will be spending his CtF matches defending the flag.  He has plenty of time to get all his stuff set-up, and high knockback AoE attacks are perfect for dealing with would-be attackers!  Roll bouncing loses a bit of value, though, as it’s difficult to chase someone you keep bouncing away from, so you’ll need to rely on teammates to recover a stolen flag.




Custom Neutral 1: Big Kahuna Rocket

The missile takes 2 full seconds to lock-on to a new target, but when it does find someone it boosts towards them 3.5x as fast as the default version.


Custom Neutral 2: K.Lumsy Missile

This missile won’t change targets once it locks onto one, but it turns in wide arcs.  This makes it likely to smash itself into something, or someone, else.


Custom Side 1: Conductive Gas Cannon

This gas cloud is colored blue and detonates with electricity rather than fire.  Army’s FSmash is his own way of triggering the effect, but be wary of Pikachu or Zero Suit Samus!


Custom Side 2: Double Gas Cannon

The gas cloud is twice as large, and travels twice as fast, but dissipates twice as quickly. It will technically travel the same distance as the default special, just in a shorter time frame.  It’s more difficult to evade the larger gas cloud, but Army has to put new ones on-screen more often.


Custom Up 1: Reverse Custom Special

Armydillo doesn’t travel as high into the air, but now as he rises he deals 12% and star KOs at 105%, and when he falls he deals 13% with a spike.  Most Smash 4 custom recoveries are just “more distance but no hitbox”, but in Army’s case it’s “Less distance, ALL THE HITBOXES!”


Custom Up 2: Super Booster

Army travels twice as high, with much greater horizontal control to boot.  Throughout the move, he can cancel into any aerial.  The catch?  No more trademarked shockwave upon landing.


Custom Down 1: Thunder Barrel Pad

The barrels summoned by this pad are colored blue and trigger a paralyzer effect for 10% when they detonate.  They are instantly detonated by electric attacks.  Stun traps are fun, and you can pair this with Custom Side 1 for a “thunder mage” Armydillo build!


Custom Down 2: TNT Launcher

Rather than summon a pad, Army releases a TNT barrel from his back cannon that hits the ground rolling a few feet in front of him.  This has moderate startup lag but above average end lag.




Up Taunt: (Laughs)

Side Taunt: Army looks to both sides. This can be canceled into his up taunt.

Down Taunt: Army fires some confetti out of his side cannons.


Win Pose 1: Armydillo quite literally rolls into the camera, causing it to crack as he sarcastically says “Oops.”

Win Pose2: (Laughs some more)

Win Pose 3: “Who’s the failure now?” says Armydillo with a crazed look in his eyes.  Rumor has it that he does this one more often when he wins against another DK antagonist.




Armydillo begins to laugh, for he will now show you his final form!  His front plate lowers and his legs retract into his shell, replaced with tank treads, and all 3 of his cannons come out to play! You can press the Standard Attack button to shoot fireballs at twice the rate as his DTilt, or you can press the Special Attack button to fire his neutral special rockets, with 2 of them allowed on stage at once.  His fireball cannons can be angle up and down, and he can hover for twice as long as his treads turn into jets.  He naturally has impenetrable super armor for the 12 second duration of this powered-up state, and if you do feel like shielding it will reflect projectiles.  Destroy those Kongs at once!




When MYM5 was coming up, I thought it would be cool to do a moveset for one of my favorite Donkey Kong bosses.  K.Rool was already destined to be done by someone in every MYM, so I decided on the awesome guy you’ve been reading about.  Long story short: every MYM I would think of ideas for him, try to implement them, then I’d forget about him or give up.  At one point, Armydillo’s shell was going to have its own HP while Army did a stance-change between his cannons and his thrusters with 2.5 movesets and DEAR GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING!


Then a thought occurred to me.  “Hey HR, remember those normal armadillos in the first Country game who bounce back after rolling?”  So I turned that into a move, and then decided to expand upon it with the aerial-cancel, so now I had a framework to design his aerials.  That gave him more of a playstyle beyond “spam projectiles, blow up gas”, so now when I DID add another ranged attack, it felt like it contributed something.  The TNT Barrel in particular is a move I’m fond of.  It gives his enemies a chance to reenact his boss fights, but it’s still helpful to him as bait or another fiery explosion of death.


It’s taken way too long for this prophecy to be fulfilled, but Armydillo finally gets a chance to make his move!  I can’t wait for MYM50, when I post Mad Jack!


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