The Top 50

  1. Jarad by ForwardArrow
  2. Lizard by ForwardArrow
  3. Ace Trainer JOE by JOE!
  4. Cashman by Smash Daddy
  5. Michael Reynolds by Smash Daddy
  6. Koala Kong by MasterWarlord
  7. Deathborn by Big Mac
  8. Mike Dawson by Junahu
  9. Skull Kid by FrozenRoy
  10. The Soldier by Smash Daddy
  11. Bubbleman.EXE by Nicholas1024
  12. Sakuya Izayoi by Emergency & Junahu
  13. Trent by Big Mac
  14. Luke Atmey by Katapultar
  15. H.N. Elly by ForwardArrow
  16. Dark Meta Knight by Plorf
  17. Putata by Katapultar
  18. SAWTOOTH and SQUAREWAVE by majora_787
  19. Pharaoh Man by Agidius
  20. Zodick the Hedgehog by Big Mac
  21. The Sniper by Big Mac
  22. Rose Lalonde by Agidius
  23. Zak Gramarye by Big Mac
  24. Lord Voldemort by BKupa666
  25. Nyx Assassin by ProfPeanut
  26. Uka Uka by Big Mac
  27. Patchouli Knowledge by FrozenRoy
  28. Clayton by MasterWarlord
  29. Queen Worm by Big Mac & Smash Daddy
  30. Sauron by smashbot226
  31. Princess Bubblegum by Davidreamcatcha
  32. Asura by FrozenRoy
  33. Tigger by BKupa666
  34. Cold Enchanter by FrozenRoy
  35. The Thief by Violenceman
  36. Kammy Koopa by Getocoolaid
  37. Demoman by ProfPeanut
  38. Madolche Majoleine by Katapultar
  39. Gwyndolin by tirkaro
  40. BeastMan.EXE by FrozenRoy
  41. Randy Johnson by FrozenRoy
  42. The Headless Horseman by FrozenRoy
  43. GLaDOS by Getocoolaid
  44. Stromboli by Davidreamcatcha & MasterWarlord
  45. Lyndis by ManlySpirit
  46. The Joker by Davidreamcatcha
  47. Larfleeze by Warrior of Many Faces
  48. Killerman by ForwardArrow
  49. Gatstaf Shepherd by FrozenRoy
  50. Willy Wonka by BKupa666

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