MYM 14 Movesets

ll-The MYM14 Moveset List-ll

  1. Croagunk by FrozenRoy
  2. Tomoe Mami by darth meanie
  3. Mace Windu by FrozenRoy
  4. SwallowMan.EXE by FrozenRoy
  5. Megumi Kitaniji by FrozenRoy
  6. Jinbe by TheKalmarKing
  7. Gruesome Twosome by Big Mac
  8. Selene by n88_2004
  9. Koopa Troopa by n88_2004
  10. Ultron by n88_2004
  11. Lord Magnemite by Conren
  12. Shadow the Hedgehog by Getocoolaid
  13. Hammer Bro by FalKoopa
  14. Axel by LycorisalKnight
  15. Ant Hill Mob by Big Mac
  16. Bubble Witch Marin by UserShadow7879
  17. Megaman Starforce by Thekewlusername
  18. Minami Iwasaki by Katapultar
  19. ChuChus by BridgesWithTurtles
  20. Ho-oh by JOE! 
  21. Zoboomafoo  by BridgesWithTurtles
  22. Blaziken by Thekewlusername
  23. Bad Girl by TheKalmarKing
  24. Koffing by Smash Daddy
  25. Gyarados by DiamondFox
  26. Merlina by tirkaro
  27. SSB Luigi by FrozenRoy
  28. Dark Falz by ForwardArrow
  29. Volknerr by Getocoolaid
  30. Spider-Man by JOE! and n88_2004
  31. Sho Minamimoto by FrozenRoy
  32. Nitros Oxide by valve3
  33. Lethe by FireEmblemnier
  34. Little Nemo by peeup
  35. Riesz by Koric
  36. Vespiquen by Conren
  37. The Six Samurai – Kamon by FrozenRoy
  38. Spider by Dr. Slavic 
  39. Vyse by BridgesWithTurtles
  40. Salvatore the Magnificent by Katapultar
  41. Pinsir by JOE!
  42. Armored Ventus Nightmare by FrozenRoy
  43. Slayer by Lemonwater
  44. Sol Badguy by Lemonwater
  45. TAC by Junahu
  46. General Zod by APC99
  47. Elec Man by APC99
  48. King Boo by JOE! and Smash Daddy
  49. Blizzard Man by Getocoolaid
  50. Quick Man by APC99
  51. King by Z1GMA
  52. Pac-Man by Pacman9
  53. Tingle by FalKoopa
  54. Ring Man by Z1GMA
  55. Magnet Man by APC99
  56. Kudgel by MasterWarlord
  57. Guts Man by Conren
  58. Dive Man by Z1GMA
  59. Ring Man by Koppakirby
  60. Heracross by TewnLeenk
  61. Vanellope Von Schweetz by Keybladeguy
  62. Sonic 06 Eggman by Junahu
  63. Whiscash by BridgesWithTurtles
  64. Solider by StaffofSmashing
  65. Ares by TheKalmarKing
  66. Dipper and Mabel Pines by APC99
  67. Rain by Z1GMA
  68. Scrooge McDuck by TewnLeenk
  69. Blood Falcon by Z1GMA
  70. Nintendogs by StaffofSmashing, Keybladeguy and APC99
  71. Cody Travers by CrossoverMan
  72. Pichu by StaffofSmashing
  73. Strider Hiryu by TWILTHERO
  74. Jet the Hawk by BridgesWithTurtles
  75. Omega Ridley by Hyper_Ridley
  76. Dust Man by Junahu
  77. Water Dragon by Junahu
  78. Bone Golem by Junahu
  79. Carmilla by Junahu
  80. Richter Belmont by Junahu
  81. Nidorino by Junahu
  82. Khold’s Harem by Kholdstare
  83. TWILT’s Harem by TWILTHERO
  84. Junahu’s Harem by Junahu
  85. Tirk’s Husbands by tirkaro
  86. Kusumi-no-Okami by Junahu
  87. Trainer Rosa by TWILTHERO
  88. Son Pikong by TWILTHERO
  89. Steve by Chris Sifniotis
  90. The Producer by UserShadow7879
  91. Saber Alter by darth meanie 
  92. Reisen Undongein Inaba by FrozenRoy
  93. Sir Daniel Fortesque by BridgesWithTurtles
  94. Remilia Scarlet by FrozenRoy
  95. Dr. Robotnik (and the Mean Bean Machine) by davidreamcatcha
  96. Nisa by Katapultar
  97. Lobo by darth meanie
  98. Rotom Frost by Junahu 
  99. Jigglypuff Remix by darth meanie 
  100. Waluigi by Smash Daddy 
  101. Rahm Kota by Frozenroy
  102. Necrolyte by smashbot226
  103. Avalugg by ForwardArrow
  104. Magic Knight by Katapultar 
  105. Gluttony by MasterWarlord


  1. Spider-Man is listed here (and on the Top 50 page) as “Spider Man.” Any chance I could get a nitpick fix?

    • No problem

      Bizarre glitch for a second, apologies to anyone who saw that.

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