MYM X Movesets

[[The MYMX Moveset List]]

  1. Spider-Man by Nicholas1024
  2. Ashley by Chaos Swordsman
  3. Sir Weston by BKupa666
  4. Dry Bowser by n88_2004 (new link)
  5. Enrico Pucci and Whitesnake by LegendofLink
  6. Gon by koolerkid
  7. Storm by Tanookie
  8. Viewtiful Joe by Chaos Swordsman
  9. Victini by Junahu
  10. Meowth by lordvaati
  11. Garbodor by Smash Daddy
  12. Marona by Dark Paladin X
  13. Geno by Chaos Swordsman
  14. Belome by Chaos Swordsman
  15. DarkMega by darth meanie
  16. Galaxy Man by Nicholas1024
  17. Genesect by smashbot226
  18. Mike Haggar by smashbot226
  19. Charlotte by Katapultar
  20. Ash by Dark Paladin X
  21. Pierrot by Koric
  22. Doppleganger Arle by Koric
  23. Wario by MasterWarlord
  24. Deadpool by Dark Paladin X
  25. Mr. Freeze by smashbot226
  26. Sho Minamimoto by majora_787
  27. Bad Girl by Getocoolaid
  28. Taokaka by majora_787
  29. Commander Shepard by LegendofLink
  30. Arakune by majora_787
  31. Meta Ridley by vVv Rapture
  32. MODOK by smashbot226
  33. Emidius Amarandos by majora_787
  34. Klobber by BKupa666
  35. Concrete Man by Nicholas1024
  36. Majora by majora_787
  37. Redead by majora_787
  38. Rakansen by Barbasol
  39. Robo-Link MKIII by tirkaro
  40. Trace by majora_787
  41. OVER by Katapultar
  42. Doopliss by majora_787 and getocoolaid
  43. The Fighter by tirkaro
  44. Sam  & Max by Barbasol
  45. Color Sonic by Chaos Swordsman
  46. Venom by n88_2004 (new link)
  47. Vlad Plasmius by darth meanie and MasterWarlord
  48. Gastly by KingK.Rool
  49. Admiral Bobbery by Getocoolaid
  50. Gallade by LegendofLink
  51. E.E.D. Soldier by JOE!
  52. Krillin by Junahu
  53. Dr. N Tropy by Smash Daddy
  54. Baron K. Roolenstein by BKupa666
  55. Satana by n88_2004 (new link)
  56. Haunter by KingK.Rool
  57. Mafia Man by Nicholas1024
  58. Scott Pilgrim by mrtownsend826
  59. King Barbovor by MasterWarlord
  60. The Flying Dutchman by Davidreamcatcha
  61. Princess Bubblegum by mrtownsend826
  62. Wakka by half_silver28
  63. Aidan of Eander by Chris Lionheart
  64. Teferi by LegendofLink
  65. Iron Giant by BlackFox
  66. Slowbro by MarthTrinity
  67. Robo-Patrick by Davidreamcatcha
  68. Mr. Banbollow by Smash Daddy
  69. Thor, God of Thunder by SirKibble
  70. Sonic & Tails by LegendofLink
  71. Yorick The Gravedigger by Hyper_Ridley
  72. Man Ray and The Dirty Bubble by Getocoolaid
  73. Portal Man by Nicholas1024
  74. Pennywise the Dancing Clown by BKupa666
  75. Ghost Rider by Kholdstare
  76. Hakan by smashbot226
  77. Sora by Chaos Swordsman
  78. Dirty Bubble by MasterWarlord
  79. Malzahar by n88_2004 (new link)
  80. Rocket Raccoon by smashbot226
  81. Masahiro Sakurai by BKupa666
  82. Chess Man by LegendofLink
  83. Pyro by smashbot226
  84. Zoroark by smashbot226
  85. Omastar by Agidius
  86. Kabutops by Kholdstare
  87. Hoppip by ForwardArrow
  88. 5 Minute Move Man by Davidreamcatcha
  89. Chen by tirkaro
  90. Gengar by KingK.Rool
  91. Yanmega by LegendofLink
  92. Trainer JOE! by JOE!
  93. Zigzagoon by Junahu
  94. Goomba by n88_2004
  95. Co***rigus by ForwardArrow
  96. Hostile Elder Oak by MarthTrinity
  97. Evil Naruto by StreamOverlord
  98. Sid’s Toys by MasterWarlord
  99. Team Pedestal by phatcat203
  100. Caterpie by Nicholas1024
  101. Mismagius by HollowKnight
  102. N. Oxide by DiamondFox
  103. Maenad by Koric
  104. Gigan by Zook
  105. Roserade by flyinfilipino
  106. Gemini Man by Nicholas1024
  107. Ice Man by Haylstorm
  108. Oichi by tirkaro
  109. Homura Akemi by ForwardArrow
  110. General Grievous by n88_2004 and darth meanie (new link)
  111. Dixie Kong by mentholcase
  112. Marina by Gcubedude
  113. Tetra by ProfPeanut
  114. Wailord by ForwardArrow
  115. Clare by half_silver28
  116. Twilight Sparkle by Davidreamcatcha
  117. Rainbow Dash by MarthTrinity
  118. Applejack by Kholdstare
  119. Pinkie Pie by Davidreamcatcha and Smashbot
  120. Fluttershy by Junahu
  121. Rarity by Kholdstare
  122. Wukong by Hyper_Ridley
  123. Mew by mentholcase
  124. Edgar by BKupa666
  125. Jenna by SirKibble
  126. Lord Cronal by n88_2004 (new link)
  127. Gamzee by ForwardArrow
  128. Hippopotas by n88_2004 and wrkngclsshr
  129. Julius Rock by GibbytheCreator
  130. Two-Face by darth meanie
  131. Drilldozer by Plorf
  132. Mr. Mime by Smash Daddy
  133. Cosmic Spacehead by Smash Daddy
  134. Clayface by MasterWarlord
  135. Conkeldurr by flyinfilipino

Other Movesets posted in MYMX;

  1. Golbez by Spadefox
  2. Waluigi by Spadefox
  3. Dr Ivo Eggman Robotnik by Spadefox


  1. First!



  3. Eh, whats up, Doc?


  5. 3 weeks and we’ve caught up to our last first week

  6. Well, 4 weeks

  7. The comment section is unusually barren this MYM

  8. Well, what did you expect? Pumpkin juice?!

  9. This moveset list is no longer in dire need of Marvel characters who have dealings with the devil and manipulate fire.

  10. So, 56 movesets (counting Mafia Man, which hasn’t been added yet), and it’s already July… We need to pick up the pace.

  11. No we don’t.

  12. People will make movesets when the veterans don’t feel like it’s a crime for them to post anything less than 11/10 quality.

  13. Well I guess when vets do that it at least gives the nons more confidence; while frontrunners are inevitable to the competition and glorious to look at for all, the lesser ones give people the mindframe that they can do something great.

  14. Its not Pichu, it’s Thor, God of Thunder & Castform

  15. Jesus Christ, who put Pennywise on the list -that- fast?

  16. Me. :3

  17. Dude, you gotta stop updating those sets


  18. Trainer Joe should totally count as 6 different movesets


  20. It’s the perfect crime!

  21. And with that, MYM10 slips quietly past the 100 mark

  22. And with THAT, we have our most active MYM since I joined

  23. (cool)

  24. (goo)

  25. (goo)

  26. Stop that nonsense before I call the authorities.

  27. Way to kill my boner, MT (D)

  28. it’s been a half hour


  29. (NO)

  30. Doggonit n88.

  31. (goo)

  32. typo on #111, missing the “n” =]

    …oh, and one more thing…


  33. 125 sets and counting.
    We could reach 130.

  34. Sooooo…is Conkeldur going to be MYM11’s first set?

  35. [added Conkeldurr to elligible sets]

    Don’t fucking test me here, Conkeldurr was posted at the exact same damn time as the cut off point. Making him inellibible based on that is the stupidest thing ever.

  36. We actually beat MYM5 and MYM7. Still 24 sets off from MYM6, but we can beat that one next contest.

  37. @ Junahu: … Are you okay, Junny? You seem pissed.

  38. Inellibible? He’s so mad he’s gibbering! D=

  39. -_- I guess my previous comment makes little sense out of context. Conkeldurr was originally not considered elligible, due to being posted on the exact same minute MYMX came to a close.

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