The Top 50

  1. Gengar  by KingK.Rool
  2. Pennywise the Dancing Clown by BKupa666
  3. Dr. N. Tropy by Smash Daddy
  4. Baron K. Roolenstein by BKupa666
  5. Krillin by Junahu
  6. The Flying Dutchman by Davidreamcatcha
  7. Sid’s Toys by MasterWarlord
  8. Slowbro by MarthTrinity
  9. Omastar by Agidius
  10. Kabutops by Kholdstare
  11. Mr. Banbollow by Smash Daddy
  12. King Barbovor by MasterWarlord
  13. DarkMega by darth meanie
  14. Rainbow Dash by MarthTrinity
  15. Fluttershy by Junahu
  16. Galaxy Man by Nicholas1024
  17. Edgar by BKupa666
  18. Clayface by MasterWarlord
  19. Trainer JOE! by JOE!
  20. General Grevious by n88_2004 & darth meanie
  21. Garbodor by Smash Daddy
  22. Homura by ForwardArrow
  23. E.E.D. Soldier by JOE!
  24. Vlad Plasmius by darth meanie & MasterWarlord
  25. Hoppip by ForwardArrow
  26. Mr. Mime by Smash Daddy & Nicholas1024
  27. Gallade by LegendofLink
  28. Teferi by LegendofLink
  29. Haunter by KingK.Rool
  30. Wakka by half_silver28
  31. Wario by MasterWarlord
  32. Lord Cronal by n88_2004
  33. Cosmic Spacehead by Smash Daddy
  34. Portal Man by Nicholas1024
  35. Team Pedestal by Phatcat203
  36. Spider-Man by Nicholas1024
  37. MODOK by smashbot226
  38. Gastly by KingK.Rool
  39. Malzahar by n88_2004
  40. Chess Man by LegendofLink
  41. Ghost Rider by Kholdstare
  42. Marina Liteyears by Gcubedude
  43. Color Sonic by Chaos Swordsman
  44. Mismagius by HollowKnight
  45. Wukong by Hyper_Ridley
  46. Klobber by BKupa666
  47. Twilight Sparkle by Davidreamcatcha
  48. Gamzee by ForwardArrow
  49. Aidan by Chris Lionheart
  50. Robo-Link MKIII by Tirkaro


  1. Needs more comments

  2. Because you’re such a fan of top 50 bitchery

  3. Because there are no such things as positive comments (CRS)

  4. I like that Gamzee placed when absolutely nobody except Smady read it.

    And I like that this version doesn’t have Fluttershy in bloody fourth place. Dear god why.

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