MYM XI Movesets

[[The MYMXI Moveset List]]

  1. King K. Rool by BKupa666
  2. QWOP by Kholdstare
  3. Vol Opt by ForwardArrow
  4. Uboa by Sir_Slash
  5. Rapunzel by kitsuneko345
  6. Boom Boom by n88_2004 (new link)
  7. Marvin the Martian by Davidreamcatcha
  8. Venustoise by BlackFox
  9. Swalot by Smash Daddy
  10. Linebeck by Junahu
  11. Mask DeMasque by Junahu
  12. Ashley by Chaos Swordsman
  13. Party Pete by Clownbot
  14. Gangreen Gang by MasterWarlord
  15. Dark Star by n88_2004 (new link)
  16. Rumble by kris121
  17. Kobold Clan by Zook
  18. Kyubey by ForwardArrow
  19. Majora’s Sceptile by majora_787
  20. King Ramses by Kholdstare
  21. Freaky Fred by Davidreamcatcha
  22. Le’Quack by MasterWarlord
  23. Grunty by Junahu
  24. Farfetch’d by LegendofLink
  25. Rulue by Koric
  26. Moon Child by Sir_Slash
  27. Batman by BladeKnight420
  28. Knight Man by Kholdstare
  29. Escavalier by Kholdstare
  30. Phantom by Kholdstare
  31. Kimiko by flyinfilipino
  32. Len Kagamine by Sir Slash
  33. Kanden by n88_2004 (new link)
  34. Fefnir by Nicholas1024
  35. Harpuia by Nicholas1024
  36. Phantom by Nicholas1024
  37. Leviathan by Nicholas1024 and majora_787
  38. Maxwell by n88_2004
  39. Deviljho by majora_787
  40. Shelmet by Clownbot
  41. Bass.EXE by phatcat203
  42. Octavia by ProfPeanut
  43. Malcolm by Koric
  44. Zombie by Kholdstare
  45. The Penguin by BladeKnight420
  46. Jinouga by majora_787
  47. Box Man by Akiak
  48. Sweeney Todd by half_silver28
  49. Grovyle by phatcat203
  50. Pachirisu by Getocoolaid
  51. Firebrand by Hyper_Ridley
  52. Fright Knight by darth meanie
  53. Copycat by Junahu
  54. Hammerhead by MasterWarlord
  55. Dr. Facilier by smashbot226
  56. Giant Bat by Junahu
  57. Medusa by Junahu
  58. Mummy Men by Junahu
  59. The Creature by Junahu
  60. Death by Smash Daddy
  61. Granfaloon by Junahu
  62. Mouse Man by KingK.Rool
  63. 88 Teeth by n88_2004
  64. J. Jonah Jameson by MasterWarlord
  65. Pussycat Puss by Davidreamcatcha
  66. Double Header by BKupa666
  67. Wolf Man by KingK.Rool
  68. Flat Top by KingK.Rool
  69. Jack Skellington by ProfPeanut
  70. Count Chocula by Davidreamcatcha
  71. Fruit Brute by Clownbot
  72. Fruit Yummy Mummy by ForwardArrow
  73. Jukebox Jaw by Kholdstare
  74. DOR-15 by kitsuneko345
  75. Gatsaf by ForwardArrow
  76. Lucio Fulci by KingK.Rool
  77. Piggybank by Junahu
  78. New Destroyman by majora_787
  79. Chaos 0 by LegendofLink
  80. Garrick by majora_787
  81. Fire Snake by Zook
  82. Princess Kraehe by Davidreamcatcha
  83. Sayaka Miki by SirKibble
  84. Kyoko Sakura by ForwardArrow
  85. Iggy Koopa by MasterWarlord
  86. Bowser by BKupa666
  87. Reznor by MarthTrinity
  88. Mello by majora_787
  89. Pokemon Trainer Mark by flyinfilipino
  90. Marian by Koric
  91. Ayano Minegishi by Katapultar
  92. Teru Mikami by Kholdstare
  93. Beezwax by MasterWarlord
  94. CloudMan.EXE by Nicholas1024
  95. Jeff Madrox by n88_2004 (new link)
  96. Battleheart by smashbot226
  97. Pichu by LegendofLink
  98. Dr. House by Davidreamcatcha
  99. Gaston by BKupa666
  100. Medicham by phatcat203
  101. Sonic The Remix by JOE!
  102. Skarner by Hyper_Ridley
  103. Dedede Remix by MasterWarlord
  104. Cutie Mark Crusaders by SirKibble
  105. Elspeth by LegendofLink
  106. Yukon Cornelius by Davidreamcatcha
  107. Lord Ghirahim by Holder of the Heel
  108. Invidia by SirKibble
  109. Okami Amaterasu by Holder of the Heel
  110. Elesh Norn by ForwardArrow
  111. Jin-Gitaxias by ForwardArrow
  112. Sheoldred by ForwardArrow
  113. Urabrask the Hidden by ForwardArrow
  114. Vorinclex by ForwardArrow
  115. Crawdaunt by MasterWarlord
  116. Slaking by ForwardArrow
  117. Glaceon by n88_2004 (new link)
  118. Buizel by darth meanie
  119. Mr. Minecraft by ottobot
  120. Dragonite by Junahu
  121. Captain Olimar Remix by Davidreamcatcha
  122. Po by ProfPeanut
  123. Cubone by LegendofLink
  124. Pyoro by Junahu
  125. The Grinch by Davidreamcatcha
  126. Burgermeister Meisterburger by BKupa666
  127. Margaret Moonlight by Getocoolaid
  128. Darth Vader by n88_2004 (new link)
  129. Whispy Woods by SirKibble
  130. Mr. Dooter by SirKibble
  131. Goriath by MasterWarlord
  132. Grand Doomer by Smash Daddy
  133. Metal General by majora_787
  134. Landia by Kholdstare
  135. Magolor by SirKibble
  136. Galacta Knight by majora_787
  137. The Appetizer by Getocoolaid
  138. Chun by Katapultar
  139. Yukari Takara by Katapultar
  140. Aisling by ProfPeanut
  141. Raspberyl by crash826
  142. Kenji and Hisao by darth meanie
  143. Minnie the Minx by Junahu
  144. Draco Centauros by Koric
  145. Zecora by smashbot226
  146. Yuffie by half_silver28
  147. Kloak by BKupa666
  148. Cyrus by Smash Daddy
  149. Tul-Bak-Ra by n88_2004 (new link)

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