The Top 50

  1. Death by Smash Daddy
  2. Jin-Gitaxias by ForwardArrow
  3. Urabrask the Hidden by ForwardArrow
  4. Chaos 0 by LegendofLink
  5. Bowser by BKupa666
  6. Beezwax by MasterWarlord
  7. Mummy Men by Junahu
  8. Darth Vader by n88_2004
  9. Marvin the Martian by Davidreamcatcha
  10. Giant Bat by Junahu
  11. Sayaka Miki by SirKibble
  12. Lucio Fulci by KingK.Rool
  13. Iggy Koopa by MasterWarlord
  14. Cyrus by Smash Daddy
  15. Dr. Facilier by smashbot226
  16. Phantom by Kholdstare
  17. Vorinclex by ForwardArrow
  18. CloudMan.EXE by Nicholas1024
  19. Dark Star by n88_2004
  20. J. Jonah Jameson by MasterWarlord
  21. Box Man by Akiak
  22. Gaston by BKupa666
  23. Grand Doomer by Smash Daddy
  24. Flat Top by KingK.Rool
  25. Rapunzel by kitsuneko345
  26. King Ramses by Kholdstare
  27. Kobold Clan by Zook
  28. Octavia by ProfPeanut
  29. Gangreen Gang by MasterWarlord
  30. The Appetizer by Getocoolaid
  31. Fire Snake by Zook
  32. The Penguin by BladeKnight420
  33. Fright Knight by darth meanie
  34. Le’Quack by MasterWarlord
  35. Grunty by Junahu
  36. Venustoise by BlackFox
  37. Elesh Norn by ForwardArrow
  38. Yuffie by half_silver28
  39. Sweeney Todd by half_silver28
  40. Batman by BladeKnight420
  41. Aisling by ProfPeanut
  42. Vol Opt by ForwardArrow
  43. Kloak by BKupa666
  44. Kyubey by ForwardArrow
  45. Yukon Cornelius by Davidreamcatcha
  46. Po by ProfPeanut
  47. Mr. Dooter by SirKibble
  48. Jack Skellington by ProfPeanut
  49. Medusa by Junahu
  50. Knight Man by Kholdstare


  1. Other than the odorous crotch stink that is Jack Skellington… solid Top Fiddy.

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