MYM 8 Movesets

[The MYM8 Moveset List]

  1. Burst Man by Koppakirby
  2. Nurse Joy by Junahu
  3. Joshuaby TWILTHERO
  4. Scarmiglioneby UserShadow7989
  5. Jason Voorhees by Katapultar
  6. Komodo Brosby MasterWarlord
  7. Hariyama by darth meanie
  8. Dark Samusby n88_2004
  9. Strike Manby MarthTrinity
  10. Regal Bryant by Junahu
  11. Spartan Warrior by JOE!
  12. Solar Man by Plorf
  13. Axel Gear by Hyper_Ridley
  14. Bob-Omb by n88_2004
  15. Forretress by JOE!
  16. Wiz and Kupa by Smash Daddy
  17. Kingdra by Plorf
  18. Miles Edgeworth by TWILTHERO
  19. Weezing by Smash Daddy
  20. Dark Bowser by MasterWarlord
  21. Jack Spicer by flyinfilipino
  22. The Secret Apprentice by darth_meanie
  23. Pokey by n88_2004 (new link)
  24. Empoleon by TheSundanceKid and agidius
  25. The Sniper by 32º Centigrade
  26. Octillery by JOE!
  27. B.B. Hood by cutter
  28. Salamence by JOE! and Hyper_Ridley
  29. Arcanine by goldwyvern
  30. Dionysus by BKupa666
  31. Dunsparce by Koppakirby
  32. Krystal by Nihongo-ookami
  33. Knuckles by Nihongo-ookami
  34. Colonel Sanders by john!
  35. Sarisa by Katapultar
  36. Gengar by wrkngclsshr
  37. Hannibal Bean by MasterWarlord
  38. The Item Tree by Junahu
  39. Red by TWILTHERO
  40. Sho Minamimoto by Kojow-Jebi
  41. Exeggutor by MasterWarlord
  42. Dio Brando by Katapultar
  43. Paris and London Traves by MYM’r
  44. Glameow by MYM’r
  45. Helios by Hyper_Ridley
  46. Ventus by TWILTHERO
  47. Black Cat by n88_2004
  48. Omi by flyinfilipino
  49. Magmortar by darth_meanie
  50. Jace Beleren by cutter
  51. Q by MarthTrinity
  52. Kamek by n88_2004 (new link)
  53. Childre by Thrice
  54. Gruntilda Winkybunion by DiamondFox
  55. Ken Masters by TWILTHERO
  56. Haunter by n88_2004 (new link)
  57. The Joker by Getocoolaid
  58. Hitagi Senjougahara by half_silver28
  59. Suzu by Katapultar
  60. Rocket Executive Hugo by MasterWarlord
  61. Jecht by Katapultar
  62. Cacturne by Usershadow7989
  63. Dimitri by MYM’r
  64. Napalm Man by agidius
  65. Skeleton by Axx o Nn
  66. Amane by wrkngclsshr
  67. Yuzu by TWILTHERO
  68. Strago Magusby HeoandReo
  69. Kilgore Trout by HeoandReo
  70. Sophie Hatter by HeoandReo
  71. Strong Bad by HeoandReo
  72. RTS Army by Getocoolaid
  73. Mii by goldwyvern
  74. Mr. Luggs by BKupa666
  75. Antonidas by MasterWarlord
  76. Mr. Potato Head by BKupa666
  77. Rex by BKupa666
  78. Hamm by BKupa666
  79. Slinky by BKupa666
  80. Lakitu by Kholdstare
  81. Concrete Man by Kholdstare
  82. Toad by Getocoolaid
  83. Torkoal by n88_2004
  84. Prinny / Etna by Junahu
  85. Megaman 10 Protoman by Junahu
  86. Archer by darth_meanie
  87. Gamageroge by MasterWarlord
  88. Spyro the Dragon by Crewx
  89. Blastoise by Getocoolaid
  90. Ryoko Kano by HeoandReo
  91. Sazandora by Hyper_Ridley
  92. General Scales by Crewx
  93. Nero by TWILTHERO
  94. Mr. Mime by flyinfilipino
  95. Typhlosion by Crewx
  96. Deathtanz Mantisk by Plorf
  97. Urgot by ChrisLionheart
  98. Van Pookin by Plorf
  99. Firebar by n88_2004
  100. Infected by Kholdstare
  101. Tatari by darth meanie
  102. Raimundo Pedrosa by flyinfilipino and TWILTHERO
  103. Sir Arthur by MarthTrinity


  1. Knuckles lacks a picture (smirk).

  2. I guess that doesn’t matter. Besides, I don’t think there is anyone here who doesn’t know what Knuckles looks like.

  3. Just read item tree’s final smash…


  4. Why isn’t Sho up there? He’s a perfectly legitamite moveset

  5. I finally got my moveset up

  6. Let’s see. . .

    Should have #44/45 with my next set. If it takes me too much longer than that, I’m just being lazy.

  7. Just got my Glameow moveset up sorry n88 I’m #44 I hope to get my #45 done tonight but probably won’t

  8. Quite alright. Not like I was calling dibs on it or anything. Just trying to guess when I’d finish up. But it looks like I’ve got some more work to do, regrettably.

  9. We’ve officially reached 50 movesets guys.(H)

  10. Halfway point.

  11. Zomg, I finally post another moveset 😀

  12. Things have picked up a bit. After the first few weeks, were on pace to not get 50 movesets until late August. =O

  13. someone please fucking update the list

  14. Alternatively, the list could be updated without procreating.

  15. ^

  16. Why is Chuck Norris on the list?

    He only has 1 move, and it’s a jokeset. >_>

  17. ^

  18. Id like Mii removed from the moveset list as it was jokeset, and since Tiki and Chuck Norris arent on the list it shouldnt be.

  19. But Dr. Tiki IS on the list. (smirk2)

  20. That means you can vote for him

  21. I don’t think that’s what it means…

  22. It means you SHOULD vote for him. (WARY)

  23. Now I wonder why Scooby Kong is on the list.

  24. Because we’re dying to hit 100 and every joke set helps, I presume.

  25. In that case…

  26. Needs more updated list.

  27. In terms of moveset numbers, Ghost, Antonidas, Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, Rex, Slinky, Lakuti, Concrete Man, Toad, Torkoal, and Etna – this should bring it up to 88 movesets. Yay, the competition is actually coming to a close. Just 12 more sets to go, just need somebody to update the list.

  28. And now there’s also Protoman – 89. Though in my opinion, we should also put this guy in – Bellamy – 90 sure he’s a boss moveset, but it’s better than nothing.

    And if you’re desperate enough, which you are, take these: – 94. Really, I think it’s totally unfair that they are reject from the list despite not having too much. You don’t need to hide them from the world.

    It’s also unfair that Garchomp is not on the list: – 95

    There. 95 sets already. 5 more to go.

  29. Guess I could help w/ that.
    Depends, how much longer will the contest be going? I’ve got one more I’d like to post before it ends so as not to wait for MYM9(assuming there is one) to start

  30. And I counted 89

  31. yep still waitin on that there update

  32. Spyro, Blastoise, Ryoko Kana, and Sazandora now equal up to 95 sets.

  33. Close, just 5 moar

  34. 4 moar

  35. 3

  36. 1

  37. Gentlemen, we’ve made it to one hundred.
    *Internet High-Fives all MYMer’s*

  38. Hi5

  39. Unless of course, you don’t count Ghost, which is more a mode than it is a moveset.

    But even then, you can count the Komodo Bros as two, so whatever. Close enough.

  40. Gentleman, we’ve kinda sorta made it to one hundred
    *once again internet high fives everyone*

  41. Seriously, I’m starting to get a little pissed off about boss sets not making the list. You guys are (or were) desperate enough to put joke sets in, but said that boss sets “were just extras.” If they’re extras, that’s fine. But if a guy posts them as a stand-alone set, and you guys put jokes on here, then boss sets should be accepted.

  42. @MDA

    Not all joke sets make the list. Only those which had some effort put into them usually do (Scooby Kong probably shouldn’t be on there, now that you bring this up)

    But, more to the point, a boss set would probably make the list if it was a bit more fleshed out than yours. As I recall, Bellamy, while somewhat interesting, had no info pertaining to who it was fought by/SSE Role/stage, etc. and only two attacks.

    While that background info rarely appears for characters, it’s quite important for bosses, and leaving it out makes understanding the boss a bit more difficult. If the boss is fought on a constantly shifting stage by Ganondorf, with one stock, it’s going to be significantly harder than if it was fought by say, Falco on FD with six stocks. Perhaps if you fleshed Bellamy out a bit more in terms of his story role, and gave him a bigger repertoire of attacks, he could appear on the list.

    As a side note, if you’re just upset that your name’s not going to be up there, then I don’t know what to tell you. I would certainly love for you to step up the activity a bit more, as Luffy looked like he was going to be a good start to an MYMing career, especially after you were actually active in the first few days (weeks?) of MYM8, commenting and posting frequently. I would love to see more from you.

  43. I think that boss movesets should be placed on the list above – labelled as BOSS, regardless of how much detail is put into it. It’s probably why few people actually make boss movesets at all.

    Guess that what Anon means by backstory is either the backstory of the actual character (boss) itself, or some kind of story which leads up to the boss fight, and which characters fight him. But to me it was common sense that you’d use Luffy against Bellamy in a normal walk-off area in the same light as Rayquaza or Porky. I’d tend to think that everybody would interpret the fight taking place on a walk-off area unless otherwise stated.

    If boss movesets got placed on their own list with enough detail, it’d be something fun to start in MYM9.

  44. ~le fin

  45. If we were to record boss movesets, they’d really need their own list. Then again, considering that they’re never made outside of Story Modes, the only person ever to appear on the list would be Monkey.

    Boss Movesets are ineligible for voting, just like any other extra, and thus have no place on the main list.

  46. MYM9 set list = GRE8TEST THING EVAH 😀

  47. We need a new comment bar for this. ;_;

  48. Oh man. I almost forgot that I got Sir Arthur in at the very last second…good times…good times…

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