MYM 9 Movesets

[[The MYM9 Moveset List]]

  1. Bowser Jr. by BKupa666
  2. Micaiah by gcubedude
  3. Thanos by cutter
  4. Dante by TWILTHERO
  5. Mawile by crash826
  6. Nattorei by darth_meanie
  7. John Marston by Pikmin3000
  8. Goruugu by n88_2004 (new link)
  9. Godzilla by Crewx
  10. Gray Knight by Pizzamasta
  11. Muk by Smash Daddy
  12. Arle Nadja by Koric
  13. Tetris by Getocoolaid
  14. Dark Samus by Nicholas1024
  15. Aradia by crash826
  16. The Prince by TheKingOfAllCosmos
  17. Electivire by darth_meanie
  18. Diglett by Junahu
  19. Megaman.EXE by Nicholas1024
  20. Ulgamoth by Katapultar
  21. Mr. Minecraft by LegendofLink
  22. Erufuun by Thrice
  23. Victreebel by MasterWarlord
  24. Aianto by n88_2004 (new link)
  25. Zephyr by ChrisLionheart
  26. Sanaki by gcubedude
  27. Harvey Moisewitsch Volodarskii by getocoolaid
  28. Nrvnqsr Chaos by darth meanie
  29. Pokémon Breeder by LegendofLink
  30. Ludwig von Kupa by Shy Guy 86
  31. Auron by Smash Daddy
  32. Toxicroak by JOE! and darth meanie
  33. Gigaiath by Kholdstare
  34. Kiryu MG III by Crewx
  35. Kaptain K. Rool by BKupa666
  36. Fat Zombie by MasterWarlord
  37. Wiz & Kupa 2 by Smash Daddy
  38. Ronald McDonald by Katapultar
  39. M.Trinity by MarthTrinity
  40. Unlimited Hazama by Thrice
  41. Tutankoopa by KingK.Rool
  42. Ganondorf Dragmire by tirkaro
  43. Necky by BKupa666
  44. Sarkhan Vol by LegendofLink
  45. Jack Frost by wrkngclsshr
  46. Pyro Jack by Smash Daddy
  47. Jack The Ripper by Smash Daddy
  48. Penny Gadget / Inspector Gadget by Junahu
  49. Jalorda by Hyper_Ridley
  50. Blaze the Cat by Junahu
  51. Miroku by half_silver28
  52. N. Brio by MasterWarlord
  53. Sothe by Gcubedude
  54. Shotzo by Plorf
  55. Yamato by Koric
  56. Blooper by n88_2004 (new link)
  57. Windows XP Tan by Junahu
  58. Gelatinous Cube by Zook
  59. Fawful by Nicholas1024
  60. Airman by Junahu
  61. MissingNo. by Pikmin3000
  62. The Joker Remix by Getocoolaid
  63. Mephiles the Dark by Katapultar
  64. Castform by LegendofLink
  65. The Scout by Kholdstare
  66. Hideaki Kobayakawa by ieyasu tokugawa
  67. Steelix by Katapultar
  68. King Boo by BKupa666
  69. Spiritomb by n88_2004 (new link)
  70. Fantomex by n88_2004 (new link)
  71. Chain Chomp by n88_2004 (new link)
  72. Beeheyem by Katapultar
  73. Tyranitar by Tenodera
  74. Pong by Nicholas1024
  75. Luviagelita Edelfelt by darth meanie
  76. Keith by n88_2004
  77. Cody by Gcubedude
  78. Klink by LegendofLink
  79. Landlos by MasterWarlord
  80. Jellicant by darth meanie
  81. Crustle by darth meanie
  82. Emolga by Junahu
  83. Baibanira by Kholdstare
  84. Dormammu by n88_2004 (new link)
  85. Schezo Wegey by Koric
  86. Flame Hyenard by Nicholas1024
  87. Raw Shock by peeup
  88. Crimson Cowl by n88_2004 (new link)
  89. The Soldier by Nicholas1024
  90. Vegeta by Smash Daddy
  91. Nappa by MasterWarlord
  92. Keldeo by Katapultar
  93. Rita Mordio by half_silver28
  94. Obi-Wan Kenobi by Nicholas1024
  95. Bizarro by darth meanie
  96. Electric Gamma by phatcat203
  97. Amaterasu by TWILTHERO
  98. Dr. Strange by n88_2004 (new link)
  99. The Medic by Kholdstare
  100. Shuma-Gorath by MarthTrinity
  101. Burter by MasterWarlord
  102. Recoome by Smash Daddy
  103. Captain Ginyu by MasterWarlord
  104. Jeice by Smash Daddy
  105. Guldo by MasterWarlord
  106. Blaze by Junahu
  107. Mona and Lisa by Junahu


  1. I take pride in being a lazy ass. (y)

  2. I take pride in the fact that this comment will never be edited unless someone thinks it would be funny. (Y)

  3. I take pride in having a Pride avatar. (Y)

  4. It seems the MYM9 thread’s been locked. Good going guys (D)

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