Past MYminis

MYminis are all about the little things in Brawl that people all too frequently forget about; EXTRAS! Stages, AssistTrophies, SSE levels. The themed mini contests known as MYminis test your ability to make these wonderful extras.
Here you’ll find a handy archive of every mini contest and submission we’ve had thus far.
If you’re looking for our currently running MYminis, then simply click [here] and start browsing.
There are 3 types of MYmini currently;
  • Week long MYminis are just that, little challenges that last exactly one week. You’ll find old weeklies organised by the MYM contest they occurred in. So, MYM9 MYminis are the minis that happened in MYM9, etc.
  • Special MYminis follow a similar concept, but last far longer, and are typically about creating something much bigger, like a full moveset. Special MYminis are ongoing, and have only tentative deadlines, so feel free to take your time if you want to challenge these minis
  • Challenge MYminis take serious investment. They are weekly MYminis that are all related and string together to eventually create something much more than a standard Extra. Challenge MYminis are similar to Special MYminis, but they have multiple deadlines too, in order to keep MYMers on task and guide them through the process.

MYM13 MYminis

MYM12 MYminis


MYMX MYminis

MYM9 MYminis

Special MYminis

Challenge MYminis

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