MYM 13 Minis

MYmini #1

You must construct additional extras

[21st August-3rd September]

We’ve had plenty of fun, quirky and awesome sets these last two weeks (we also had Mike Dawson). And for this MYmini, we’re going to be good  neighbours and give these sets more extras. It can be any extra(s) you wish, assist trophy/stage/animations/etc, but they have to be extras for (related to) one of the MYM13 movesets posted prior to 21st August. Also, no coughing up extras for your own movesets, that’d just be too easy.

  1. The Italian Dragon (Stromboli) by Hyper_Ridley
  2. Vick’s Vaporub (Aquaman) by The SundanceKid
  3. Power Platform (Kammy Koopa) by Davidreamcatcha
  4. A Quid (Ashens) by Junahu

MYmini #2

Duck Season

[5th September-18th September]

’tis a MYmini in honor of the newly revived Disney Rumble, an alternate universe Smash Bros game that doesn’t exist and involves Disney characters. The MYmini for the next couple of weeks  is to create an Assist Trophy based off of an animated character. Alternatively, instead of an Assist Trophy, create an Event Match based on the plot of a cartoon.

  1. Black Jacque Shellac by MasterWarlord
  2. Perry the Platypus by Davidreamcatcha

MYmini #3

If It Sounds Like a Duck…

[30th September-18th October]

If you don’t know who this man is, you’ve lost your video game privileges, as that is none other than the legendary Charles Martinet, voice actor for Mario himself! Love ‘em or hate ‘em, voice actors are a critical part of any animated media that wants their characters to have a, well, voice, and their skills (or lack thereof) can have a profound effect on the effectiveness of a character.

For this special HR edition of MYMinis, I want you to think of your favorite VA, or find the one for your favorite character. Then, I want you to make either an event match or a matchup involving movesets of characters done by that VA. You’re free to include other characters if you want (such as if your VA of choice only has 1 moveset) but the VA’s characters must be the focus of the entry.

  1. Tara Strong  (Twillight Sparkle) by KholdStare
  2. Jonathan Adams (Dormammu, Kang) by n88_2004
  3. Vincent Price (Ratigan, Iron Tail, Jafar) by Daivdreamcatcha
  4. Ayako Kawasumi (Jeanne D’Arc, Saber) by Katapultar

MYmini #4

Who’s That Pokemon?

Been a while since we’ve had one of these, right? With the release of JOE!’s fakemon moveset, I instruct all of you to make a cosplay or Pokeball summon for a fake Pokemon. It doesn’t have to be created by you, it could be one of JOE!’s or one of the ones lying around the internet. Be sure to include a picture for reference.
  1. Raspberyl by Junahu
  2. Batman Peeps by Big Mac

MYmini #5

Halloween: The Revenge

[Sun 4th Nov – Sat 10th Nov]

Halloween has already slipped through our clammy hands, yet there is still hope. Along with the special day set aside for posting spooky movesets (10th Nov), there’s also this MYmini too. It’s as open ended as a MYmini can be; create any kind of Halloween/Scary extra. Be it a helpful Assist trophy, a ghoulish Stage, a creepy Event, or even a Fiendish… Fiend, just give us anything at all related to things that go bump in the night.

  1. Strange House by Katapultar

Other Minis

  1. Silent Hill by Kholdstare

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