MYM12 Minis

MYM12 Week #1

Self Assist Sue

[10th Feb-17th Feb]

Due to a freak accident involving Gamma rays, you are now an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Brothers. What happens next? What do you do? What do you look like? How will you mess with the match?

  1. Sirkibble
  2. Junahu Part 1/ Junahu part 2
  3. smashbot226
  4. KingK.Rool
  5. Davidreamcatcha
  6. FrozenRoy
  7. MasterWarlord
  8. SmashDaddy
  9. Darthmeanie
  10. MarthTrinity
  11. Katapultar
  12. Kholdstare
  13. Hyper_Ridley
  14. ProfPeanut
  15. Bkupa666
  17. Getocoolaid
  18. ForwardArrow

MYmini Week #2


[18th Feb-24th Feb]

This week Items are required. But, not just any items. These items have to be “co-operative” items, in which two players are needed to operate the item symultaneously. Exactly how you go about making such an item is entirely up to you… make MYM proud with items requiring teamwork!

  1. Tony & Joe by Davidreamcatcha
  2. Strife Ball by Junahu
  3. Elastic Ring by MarthTrinity
  4. Team Swords by SirKibble
  5. Intersection by kitsuneko345
  6. De-Volitionator by ProfPeanut
  7. Hot Bob-omb by MasterWarlord
  8. Potara Earrings by KingK.Rool
  9. The Groosenator by Groose
  10. Vulcan Cannon by SmashDaddy
  11. Sacrifice by FrozenRoy

MYmini Week #3

They just Didn’t care…

[25th Feb-2nd Mar]

…oh! er… um.. No! You didn’t catch me at a bad time. I was just making up  getting this week’s MYmini for you guys, honest! So.. um, make it about… uhhhhhhh. Event Matches! Yeah! Make an Event Match. But it has to be about……. uhhhh….. [TVtropes]! Search that place for a trope with a cool name, and make an Event Match out of it!

  1. Heroic Second Wind/Heroic Sacrifice by FrozenRoy
  2. Calling your Attacks by Kholdstare
  3. Go Karting with Bowser by MasterWarlord
  4. Batman Gambit by Davidreamcatcha
  5. Johnny Yong Bosch by TWILTHERO
  6. The Computer Shall Taunt you/I Can’t Reach it/Only Idiots may Pass/Waste of Time Story by Junahu
  7. Continuing is Painful by Sonic the Baron
  8. Everything’s Better with Penguins by SirKibble
  9. MacGuffin by Katapultar
  10. Monumental Theft by Smashbot226
  11. The Ugly Barnacle by kitsuneko345
  12. Gotta Catch them All by ProfPeanut
  13. Face Heel Turn/Friendly Neighbourhood Vampire by n88_2004
  14. Mouse World by KingK.Rool

MYmini Week #4

Improbable Boss Time

[3rd Mar-10th Mar]

Cosmic forces have aligned, and now the 4th moveset you’ve ever made has become a Boss. Wowzers! Nothing good can come of this. If a straight forward boss is too bland for you, you can also make a “3v1 Boss Moveset” out of that character. Incidentally, if you don’t have 4 or more movesets then… go make more movesets (or use your most recent one… whatever)

  1. Biospark by SirKibble
  2. Deformed Blonde by Katapultar
  3. Po by ProfPeanut
  4. Voldo by MasterWarlord

MYmini Week #5

Big Easy Catchup (MYMX Edition)

[11th Mar-17th Mar]

We’re playing catchup this week! Go [Here], find a cool sounding MYmini topic, and then make an entry for it. The caveat is that it must be a MYmini you did NOT enter when it originally ran.

  1. Claw Machine by MasterWarlord
  2. Firebar 3v1 Boss by n88_2004
  3. Lord Shen by ProfPeanut
  4. Bomber 3v1 Boss by ForwardArrow
  5. Customer Service by Davidreamcatcha
  6. KingTAC by SmashDaddy
  7. Oppressor Vs Oppressed by Junahu

MYmini Week #6

Limited Step Remicks

[18th Mar-24th Mar]

What nonsense is this? We’ve been invaded by Brawl Movesets from an alternate dimension! While almost identical to our own Brawl movesets, these ones have exactly 2 attacks that are different. Which moves have been altered, and what to?

  1. Samus Remix by MasterWarlord
  2. Ganondorf Remix by Hyper_Ridley
  3. Solid Snake Remix by Kholdstare
  4. Mr Game&Watch Remix by Katapultar
  5. Toon Link Remix by Junahu
  6. Luigi/Mario Remix by darth meanie
  7. Kirby Remix by SirKibble
  8. Sonic Remix by Davidreamcatcha
  9. Jigglypuff Remix by Kitsuneko345
  10. Donkey Kong Remix by ProfPeanut
  11. Ganondorf Remix by SmashDaddy

MYmini Week #7

Extra Extra [Ver 2.0]

[25th Mar-31st Mar]

Now this is a bit of a blast from the past. Back in MYM9, we all envisioned crazy new types of extra for Brawl, and now in MYM12, we’re doing it again! Invent us some kind of brand new extra. A new mode, a new catagory of item, a new… something.

  1. Holiday Changes by webcoroma
  2. Trap Battle by Junahu
  3. Basket Brawl by Katapultar
  4. Royal Rumble by mrtownsend826
  5. Are you a Lucker? by ForwardArrow
  6. Board the Platforms by ProfPeanut
  7. Vs Mode Boss Battles by MasterWarlord
  8. Pokemon Trainer by SmashDaddy
  9. Card Battle by Kholdstare
  10. Bonus Mode Remicks by FrozenRoy

MYmini Week #8

Easter/April Fools

[1st Apr-7th Apr]

Fun fact; Palm Sunday has landed right on April Fool’s day. This doesn’t happen very often (or at all), and I’ve been caught with my proverbial pants down since I don’t have a mini prepared for that event. Anyway, this week ya’ll have a choice of mini to do.

  1. An extra (any extra) about April Fool’s, pranking etc.
  2. An item, enemy or stage for some sort of candy/confectionery product [there you go, Sundance]
  1. Screamer Items by mrtownsend826
  2. Cadbury Creme Egg by ForwardArrow
  3. Peeps by SirKibble
  4. Everlasting Gobstopper by Davidreamcatcha
  5. Senzu Bean by SmashDaddy
  6. Trick Pistol by Kholdstare
  7. Chocolate Cornet by Katapultar
  8. The Third Day by MasterWarlord
  9. Party Bag by Junahu
  10. Chocolate Bacon by FrozenRoy
  11. Toon Bubblegum by ProfPeanut

MYmini Week #9

The Cosplay Guerrillas

[8th Apr-14th Apr]

Do you know what a cosplay is (in the context of MYM)? It’s a set of 4 specials for a character, with no other attacks. These bite-sized moveset treats are the focus of this week’s MYmini, which was very kindly suggested by SirKibble. You can make a Cosplay for any character at all… BUT! But, it cannot be for a character from any series or source you’ve already made a moveset or cosplay from. So if you made Sonic Remix, for example, you can’t show up toting a Tails cosplay, ok?

  1. Okita Sogo by Katapultar
  2. Albert Wesker by TWILTHERO
  3. Grumpy Old Troll by Davidreamcatcha
  4. Sunburn by Hyper_Ridley
  5. Goblin Techies by ProfPeanut
  6. Ghost of the Infirmary by Junahu
  7. Jayne Cobb by n88_2004
  8. Roman Bellic by MasterWarlord
  9. Glissa the Traitor by SirKibble
  10. Tommy Wiseau by Smashbot
  11. Early Cuyler by Kholdstare
  12. Astamon by FrozenRoy
  13. Barry Burton by SmashDaddy
  14. Meat Wagon by ForwardArrow

MYmini Week #10

I’m so Jet-lagged I’m using Kholdstare’s suggestion

[16th Apr-22nd Apr]

I am 100% serious. Here’s the MYmini;

“I have an idea for a MYMini: rewriting physics. Either:

  • Make an item, stage, event match, ect. that deals with changing the physics of SSBB or introducing a new addition to the physics engine
  • Rewrite SSBB’s entire physics to how you would want them

Or something to that effect. I want to see minis that deal with the laws of physics of Brawl :D”

  1. Outer Wall Stage by SirKibble
  2. Slope Physics by MasterWarlord
  3. Ghost Physics by Katapultar
  4. Stairs by SmashDaddy
  5. Planetoids by Kholdstare
  6. Momentum Physics by ForwardArrow
  7. Motion Sensor Utilisation by ProfPeanut
  8. Retruax Physics by Junahu
  9. Gravity Lever by FrozenRoy

MYmini Week #11

Rool’s worst nightmare

[23rd Apr-28th Apr]

Your movesets need extras. You must make two (or more) extras for any one of your own movesets this week. Alternate costumes, SSE roles, Event matches, Assist Trophies, Stages… etc etc. Go nuts.

{Taunts,Win poses, loss poses and other animations collectively count as one extra}

  1. Battle Frontier Gate Battle/Jynx by DarthMeanie
  2. Agiri’s Extras lol by Katapultar
  3. Quote’s Extras by SirKibble
  4. Iron Tail’s Lair/Madame Esmerelda byDavidreamcatcha
  5. Wyald/Tower of Conviction by MasterWarlord
  6. Night’s End Sorcerer Extras by FrozenRoy
  7. Homura’s Extras by ForwardArrow
  8. Mr Mime Extras by SmashDaddy

MYmini Week #12

Living vicariously through match-ups

[29th Apr-5th May]

A fairly easy task this week; choose (at least) 3 movesets from MYM12, and then write about how they would fare against one another in a fight. I.E. write three matchups.

  1. Katapultar Matchups
  2. SirKibble Matchups
  3. The Warrior of Many Faces Matchups
  4. Junahu Matchups
  5. ForwardArrow Matchups
  6. Smash Daddy Matchups
  7. MasterWarlord Matchups

MYmini Week #13

Haute Couture

[6th May-12th May]

Now this is a mini for those guys who like posting screen stretching images in the thread. Design an Alternate Costume/Color for one of your own movesets, and another for someone else’s moveset. Then create an Event involving those two characters wearing those two costumes. For the Alt costumes, you can use images, drawings, terrible photoshops, or simply describe what the costume would look like.

  1. The Battle of the sexies by Junahu
  2. DELETE! the Thief by SirKibble
  3. Grudge Match? by SmashDaddy
  4. BaseBrawl by Katapultar
  5. The shooting of Treyvon Martin by Kholdstare
  6. Spider Pigs by MasterWarlord
  7. You want boulders, I’ll give ya boulders! by Davidreamcatcha
  8. Pizza Turf Wars by FrozenRoy
  9. Cow Wrangling by ForwardArrow
  10. The Librarians by ProfPeanut

MYmini Week #14

The continuing Adventures of [Your set here]

[13th May-19th May]

The goal this week, is to devise some small SSE (or other Story Mode) role that encompasses at least 2 MYM movesets (1 of which must be your own moveset), and guest stars at least one Brawl character (Mario, Link etc). It can be as focused on story or gameplay as you like.

  1. Dutchman SSE Role by Davidreamcatcha
  2. Wiz and Kupa Story Mode by SmashDaddy
  3. The Wierd Rider’s SSE Role by Getocoolaid
  4. Make Your Move 12 Story Mode [Part 1] [Part 2] by Katapultar
  5. K.Rool Klump & Krusha SSE Role by MasterWarlord
  6. The Harbor by ProfPeanut

MYmini Week #16

Junahu is making you write an Essay. The Fiend!!

[27th May-2nd Jun]

After a nice week off (did you enjoy that?) the MYminis are back! .. sort of. This week doesn’t quite involve making extras, but rather writing an article instead. Either on the Bunker [Here], or within the main thread if you need to, post one article of at least 800 words. It can be about MYM, MYMers or Movesets or Movements.. but it doesn’t have to be. So long as you think people will enjoy reading it, your article can be about anything.

  1. First Impression by Katapultar
  2. Coolaid’s Corner: Why I MYM Parts 1,2/5 by Getocoolaid
  3. Movesets of the Past [#8] by Junahu
  4. MW Top 20s: Best Individual Moves [10-1] by MasterWarlord
  5. Mega Recap [Part 1] by Davidreamcatcha
  6. Death of an MYMer by Smash Daddy
  7. Time Warp Review: Pennywise by darthmeanie
  8. FrozenRoy’s Black Box byFrozenRoy
  9. In-Game Distance Measurement by ProfPeanut
  10. The Five Ancient Pillars of Movesetry by SirKibble

MYmini Week #17

Diamond Jubilee

[3rd Jun-9th Jun]

Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating 60 years on the throne, and so is this MYmini! The theme this week, is simply ‘Royalty’. Kings, Queens, Princes, Crowns. So long as the mini you make is even tangentially related to Monarchy, anything goes.

  1. King Bowser by SmashDaddy
  2. Wine Cellar by MasterWarlord
  3. Two Headed King Rex by FrozenRoy
  4. King of Opera by ProfPeanut
  5. Scarlet Rain by SirKibble
  6. Kween K.rystal by DiamondFox

MYmini Penultimate Week

Amalgamation Nation

[18th Jun-25th Jun]
Surely you’re all familiar with Amalgam comics, the joint Marvel/DC venture that brought you such lovable characters as Dark Claw (Wolverine+Batman), Bizarnage (Bizarro+Carnage), and Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel+Captain Marvel). Your mission this week, should you choose to accept it, is simply to write an assist trophy, event match, boss, fiend or other extra that somehow incorporates a mish-mash of two characters from separate universes. Or maybe even a whole host of amalgamations! Because even though Bowser and Ganondorf are both awesome, we all know that Bowserdorf would be even cooler. Keep in mind that the characters you combine must come from different sources, and you don’t necessarily need a picture of your invented character if you can manage to describe them, which shouldn’t be too hard, if you can provide pictures of both component characters.

Tired of creating extras? There just so happens to be a second option for this mini, which is a bit different from the usual fare, if it requires a bit more thought and work to really do well. Rather than creating a new character with an extra to accompany it, your goal is to combine two existing movesets into one character, picking your favorite moves from each set and mapping them onto the normal input layout to form one new moveset made from entirely recycled material. (You may need to add a few notes on how certain things interact, and basic mechanics and statistics. But hey, it’ll be fun, I promise!)


Extra Minis

  1. Santa Claus by Davidreamcatcha
  2. Michael Reynolds by webcoroma

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