MYM14 Minis

MYM14 Events:clubbing

Look at all them lovely MYM14 movesets, floating around in a vaccuum. It’s time someone pitted them against terrifying foes and hilarious challenges in the form of Event Matches. Can you dream up a brilliant Event Match involving some character from MYM14?

  1. Don’t mess with a Magician by Katapultar
  2. Bomb Squad by BridgesWithTurtles


POKE Ball Mini:pokemoan

A very basic Mini this time. Cobble together something that might come out of a Pokeball (item) when tossed. Brownie points for Pokemon that co-operate with their master.

  1. Galvantula by BridgesWithTurtles
  2. Remoraid by darth meanie
  3. Masquerain by Katapultar
  4. Drifblim by TheKalamarKing
  5. Magikarp by FireEmblemnier
  6. Boldore by God Robert’s Cousin
  7. GoGoat by BridgesWithTurtles


SMASH 4 HYPE MINI:8bitroster

In honor of the newly announced Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Super Smash Bros for 3DS, we want you to Create an assist trophy and/or unique item for one of the three newcomers, Mega Man, Villager, or Wii Fit Trainer! What wonders would you want to see in the next Super Smash Bros games?

  1. Fruits by BridgesWithTurtles

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