MYM9 Minis

12th-18th Dec 2010
MYmini #1: Christmas Stage
“Tis’ the season folks! For your first MYmini, we want -YOU- to design a festive Brawl stage! Basically, if it has to do with Christmas, it’s fair game!”

  1. Griswold House by BKupa666
  2. Festive Floats by Junahu
  3. Mall Santa’s Workshop by MarthTrinity
  4. Escape Rapist Santa by SmashDaddy
  5. Christmas Town (Present Factory) by TWILTHERO
  6. Straight No Chaser by kitsuneko345
  7. Somber Town by MasterWarlord
  8. Springfield Tire Fire by n88_2004
  9. The Most Horrible Xmas Ever by Marioman19
  10. The Great Escape by Katapultar
  11. Roving Danger Field by Thrice
  12. The Hidden Basement by Darkslash
  13. Halloween Town by Kris121

19th-25th Dec 2010
MYmini #2: Christmas Extra
We want you to make a Christmas Extra for us. And when we say Extra. . .we’re talking stuff like Assist Trophies, regular Trophies, Bosses, Event Matches, Stickers, SSE Levels, Game Modes, Items. . .whatever really!

  1. Holiday Cousins by TheKingOfAllCosmos
  2. The Winter Warlock by BKupa666
  3. Delibird by Clownbot
  4. Bad Santa by darth meanie
  5. Kind Dedede by MasterWarlord
  6. Merry Christmas, SmashVille! by Junahu
  7. Presents by Kris121
  8. Heat Miser by n88_2004

26th-New Year’s Day 2010
MYmini #3: 2010 Lookback
“So! 2010 is coming to a close very soon and lots of crazy stuff happened this year. We want you to make an extra (any extra) related to something that happened in 2010. Nice and simple, right?”

  1. Deepwater Horizon by MarthTrinity
  2. Epic Beard Man by Kholdstare
  3. Tik Tak Tribe by Hyper_Ridley
  4. Volcanic Ash by Junahu
  5. Matthew Patel by TWILTHERO
  6. Baby Seal/Hype Dog by half_silver28
  7. Dream Machine by Neherazade
  8. 3D Brawl by darth meanie
  9. MYM App by SteveJobs
  10. Owl Person by n88_2004

2nd-8th Jan 2011
MYmini #4: Extra Extra
“We want to see what new extras -YOU- can come up with! Something like the “fiends” concept but made up by you! That’s your only rule. This new extra can be for anything so long as it’s a new Extra”

  1. Brawl 4 Dead by Kholdstare
  2. Minions by Gcubedude
  3. Crate Enemies by Junahu
  4. Team Search and Destroy by getocoolaid
  5. Edge of Heroes by MasterWarlord
  6. Achievements by Kris121
  7. Fatalities by MarthTrinity
  8. Rush by Darkslash
  9. Pokemon Mode by Kitsuneko345

9th-15th Jan 2011
MYmini #5: Extra Extra Extra
“We want you to make an extra for an extra that someone made last week. This means you could make some Minions, Fatalities, an Edge of Heroes faction, Crate Enemies…anything of that sort!”

  1. Ronald McDonald Extras by Katapultar
  2. Fire Emblem Pokemon by gcubedude
  3. Raven Fatality by half_silver28
  4. Banette Fatality by Katapultar
  5. Sloth Fatality by MasterWarlord
  6. XP-Tan Extras by Junahu
  7. Koala Kong Minion by MasterWarlord
  8. Mu-12 Minion by Thrice
  9. Ronald Mcdonald Minions by Katapultar
  10. M.Trinity Extras by MarthTrinity
  11. Lady Minion by TWILTHERO

16th-22nd Jan 2011
MYmini #6: Final Boss
“Basically…what we want you to do here…is change the SSE. I want to know who or what you would like as the final boss encounter in Brawl’s adventure mode.”

  1. Ameno Sagiri by TWILTHERO
  2. Nightmare by MarthTrinity
  3. Mewtwo by MasterWarlord
  4. Ganondorf by Katapultar
  5. Nine-Ball by Darkslash

23rd-29th Jan 2011
MYmini #7: Final Cut, Final Smash
“Roy, Dr. Mario, Young Link, Pichu, Mewtwo, Dixie Kong, Toon Zelda, Toon Sheik and Plusle/Minun. Pick one of these characters who didn’t quite make the final cut and put them to rest by giving them a totally kickass Final Smash.”

  1. Plusle/Minun by Junahu
  2. Roy by gcubedude
  3. Dr Mario by Marioman19
  4. Plusle/Minun by i8pie
  5. Dr Mario by SmashDaddy
  6. Mewtwo by katapultar
  7. Toon Sheik by Marth Trinity
  8. Mewtwo by JOE!

31st-6th Feb 2011
MYmini #8: Gotta Catch ’em all
“Simple MYmini this week boys and girls! This time we want you to make a Pokeball Pokemon. It could be any Pokemon you want from any generation you want.”

  1. Torterra by Kholdstare
  2. Spoink by Clownbot
  3. Ninjask/Sunkern by Zook
  4. Kyurem by Katapultar
  5. Zoroark by Darth Meanie
  6. Jelly Donut by Junahu
  7. Pachirisu by flyinfilipino
  8. Zuruzukin/Nageki and Dageki/Baibanira/Mebukijika/Haderia by Marth Trinity
  9. Minccino by phatcat203
  10. Aron by n88 2004
  11. Shibirudon by Monkey D.AWESOME
  12. Magikarp by MasterWarlord
  13. Snorunt by SmashDaddy
  14. Wailord by half_silver28
  15. Espeon by phatcat203
  16. Excadrill by gcubedude
  17. Zubat by kitsuneko345
  18. Misdreavous by Koric

7th-13th Feb 2011
MYmini #9: Pokemon Stadium 53648
“For this week, we want you to make a stage for Brawl inspired by Pokemon.”

  1. Meowth’s Delusional Fantasy World by Darth Meanie
  2. Safari Zone by Kholdstare
  3. Glitch City by MasterWarlord
  4. Ancient Castle by Katapultar
  5. The Distortion World by MarthTrinity
  6. Hoenn Sea Route by Koric

14th-20th Feb 2011
MYmini #10: It’s Mahvel Baybee!
“Just make an extra revolving around Marvel and/or Capcom. Simple as that really.”

  1. Scaffold Scuffle by Daviddreamcatcha
  2. Gutsman’s Ass by Kholdstare
  3. Ada Wong/William Birkin/G-Adult by Junahu
  4. Cohdopian Embassy by kitsuneko345

21st-27th Feb 2011
MYmini #11: The Sound of Music
An idea provided by our very own TheSundanceKid, for this MYmini, we want you you to make an extra based on a song name

  1. The Mystical Potatohead Groove Thing by n88_2004
  2. Pony by half_silver28
  3. Guile theme by Darth Meanie
  4. Dragula by Katapultar
  5. Smooth Criminal by Getocoolaid
  6. Ashmyany Church by Junahu
  7. Sebastian by MarthTrinity
  8. Ke$ha/Willow Smith/Katy Perry/Lady Gaga by flyinfilipino
  9. Hippo in the City by Darth Meanie
  10. The Monster Mash by Davidreamcatcha
  11. Animal I have Become by Monkey D.AWESOME
  12. Scatman by Hyper Ridley
  13. Caramelldansen by Kholdstare

28th-6th Mar 2011
MYmini #12: The Tube
“this time we’re focusing on TV! Yes TV, if you’re like me, you don’t watch it much anymore…but there’s usually that one show that you never like to miss. Basically, we want you to pick out one of your favorite TV shows (or maybe a show you hate, yay for parody!) and make us an extra based on it! “

  1. Scrooge Mcduck/Scanty & Kneesocks/Pingu by Junahu
  2. Music Meister/Johnny Bravo/Phil Mcgraw/Bikini Bottom by Davidreamcatcha
  3. Hakushon Daimao by tirkaro
  4. A Chair by half_silver28
  5. The Chairman by MarthTrinity
  6. The Crimson Chin by n88_2004

7th-13th Mar 2011
MYmini #13: Pick Meme
“An idea originally suggested by TheSundanceKid a while back and suggested again today by Phatcat, hows about you make an extra for your favorite meme, MYM-based or otherwise? Considering we’re all very familar with the internet here in MYM, this shouldn’t be particularly hard at all to come up with a meme to use. Just pick your favorite one and have fun with it!”

  1. Mikuru/NiceBoat/Morshu/Mega Milk/Roomba/Clefable/Goo Chain/Waru/Warlordion by Junahu
  2. Weegee by MasterWarlord
  3. Smoked Cheese – Churuya san by Katapultar
  4. Demopan by Davidreamcatcha
  5. lolchillinz by kholdstare

14th-20th Mar 2011
MYmini #14: MYM9 Extra
“Your MYmini this week is to make up an extra (again, any extra, real or otherwise) for a moveset this MYM! The only rule for this MYmini is that the moveset you make the extra for cannot be a moveset that you made yourself!”

  1. Creeper by kholdstare
  2. Fertility Shrine by Katapultar
  3. Luca Concert by Junahu
  4. Golden Arches by Junahu
  5. Mann Manor by Davidreamcatcha
  6. Item #2 by kholdstare
  7. Reginold by MarthTrinity
  8. The man who arranges the blocks by Davidreamcatcha
  9. Weepinator by MarthTrinity
  10. Boolossus by Davidreamcatcha
  11. The Pyro by DiamondFox

21st-27th Mar 2011
MYmini #15: Make an extra for a MYMer!
“Just as it sounds, turn your favourite (or not) MYMer into an extra!”

  1. Emergency by n88_2004
  2. Crazy Wigglytuff by darth meanie
  3. KingK.Rool by Junahu
  4. kirbywizard by Katapultar
  5. half_silver28 by kholdstare
  6. Plorf by MarthTrinity

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