MYMX Minis

9th-14th May 2011
MYmini #1: PSN Raaaaage
“If you’re in the dark about this; the Playstation Network was hacked into, and a good chunk of private user information was stolen. And this, ludicrous breech of trust is the focus of our first MYmini!
How? Easy. Make us an Assist Trophy about a thief, an Assist Trophy about the act of thieving, or an Assist Trophy that encourages stealing from others! So long as it’s an Assist Trophy, and it’s at least tenuously connected to the idea of “theft”, you’re good to go!”

  1. Pentagon Theif by Darkslash
  2. Cheatyface by KoJ
  3. Mulch Diggums by Kholdstare
  4. Kay Faraday by Getocoolaid
  5. The Grinch by Davidreamcatcha
  6. Kasumi Goto by darthmeanie
  7. TAC by gcubedude
  8. Yuffie Kisaragi by half_silver28
  9. Swiper by katapultar
  10. Hamburgler by MarthTrinity
  11. Popple & Rookie by MasterWarlord
  12. Raine/Aika by Junahu

15th-21st May 2011
MYmini #2: Pig Power in the House!
“This week is brought to you by THIS delightful little rap. Our MYmini for week #2 is all about respect for our animal brothers in the hood. What we want to see this week, is cool, creative, and most importantly, animal themed ideas for Brawl Event Matches. You remember what events are, right? Those matches with wierd and wonderful twists to them, like having to KO a trio of Warios with the Dragoon, or keeping an egg safe as Yoshi? But, you can think of better ideas than those, right?”

  1. Heffalumps and Woozles by MarthTrinity
  2. Bigfoot by n88_2004
  3. Dog eat Dog? by Kitsuneko345
  4. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? by darthmeanie
  5. Pictures! Pictures of Spiderman! by MasterWarlord
  6. Duck Hunt by Chaos Swordsman
  7. <3~Surprise!~<3 by MarthTrinity
  8. Adios MAFIA! by Davidreamcatcha
  9. Test of Sight/Hamsterz! Dood! by Junahu
  10. Dog eat Dog by katapultar
  11. Cow Tipping Jack by half_silver28

22nd-28th May 2011
MYmini #3: Rapture!
“Did you hear? Yesterday was the Rapture. So, for everyone left behind, let’s make the most of it, with a mini!
Your aim this week is to design a cool boss for all our Brawlers to fight, but the twist is that this mini needs to be at least tenuously connected to something theological. It could be a real religion (keep things tasteful though) a made up one, or it could even just be about the idea of theology as a whole. You don’t even neccessarily need the boss itself to be religious. For example, perhaps you’re fighting alongside Hercules to calm a raging Gyarados…”

  1. Elmer Fudd by Davidreamcatcha
  2. Gozer the Gozerian by MarthTrinity
  3. Iris Sepperin by Junahu
  4. Walpurgis Night by Katapultar

29th-4th June 2011
MYmini #4: Dark Hippo
“Where there’s a Phatcat, there is inevitably a Thrice.
Especially in video games, the unimaginative trope of just inventing an alter ego as a foil to the hero is all too easy for those budding lazy game designers. A good example of such a design being the latest DM set, DarkMega, by Capcom. Inspired by that premise, this week the mini is to simply create an extra involving a darker alter ego – that can be an assist trophy, stage, boss, event, any extra you can think of. This character could be Dark Link, Shadow Mario, Blood Falcon… or even someone you invented yourself! The only rule is it has to be of an already existing character.”

  1. Dark M.Trinity by Marthtrinity
  2. Venom by n88_2004
  3. Akuro by smashbot226
  4. Material.S by darthmeanie
  5. Dark Ronald McDonald by katapultar
  6. Vigilant by Junahu
  7. Anti form by Kholdstare

5th-11th June 2011
MYmini #5: Developer’s Dissapointing Display
“It’s time for E3, that wonderful little farce where the games industry tries to convince everyone that it isn’t about to keel over and die just yet. This year will probably be no different. But, all the same, it has flashy lights and pretty trailers, and it also just so happens to be the subject of this week’s mini!
So, keep a beedy eye on that game expo, because, this week we want you to design a funky item showcasing something you saw at E3. It could be something from a game shown at E3, something related to a new console debuting at E3, or it could even be some hilarious gaffe made by a Nintendo/sony/Microsoft representative at E3.”

  1. Playstation Network by smashbot226
  2. Fan by kitsuneko
  3. Lego Guns by Junahu

12th-18th June 2011
MYmini #6: Super Sakurai Bros. 4
“During last week’s E3, Smash Brothers 4 was announced, joy of all joys. The confirmed information we have on it is that it’s coming out on two platforms, meaning that one version will inevitably drag down the other, that Gamecube controllers are not supported, and that our beloved Masahiro Sakurai who handled the previous games in the series so well is back in control. It’s shaping up to be a great game indeed.
This week’s mini requires you to make an event match, but the characters you are allowed to include in the event match are restricted to a handful of the likeliest SSB4 newcomer candidates and all of the characters in Brawl. At least one newcomer must be present in your event match.”

  1. Blast o Matic by Davidreamcatcha
  2. I support Tingle for Brawl by Katapultar
  3. Trouble in Paradise by Bkupa666
  4. It’s not very effective by smashbot226
  5. Sinking Feeling by MarthTrinity
  6. Return to the Beautiful Dark by Junahu
  7. Mewtwo Strikes Back by Getocoolaid
  8. Damsel in Distress by MasterWarlord
  9. Mach Rider Rides Again by Tirkaro
  10. Size Matters Not by Hyper_Ridley
  11. Everything Must Go! by smashbot226
  12. Journey to Talys by kitsuneko345

19th-25th June 2011
MYmini #7: Oh Canada, watchu gonna do with it?
“So, from all the way in the foreign land of Canada, rioting broke out because the Canucks lost at Hockey. In honor of this truly civilised event, this week’s MYmini is about riots! Yaysyrup!
This week we want to see you make either an Assist Trophy, a Minion or a Fiend, related to the wonderful world of rioting. It doesn’t strictly HAVE to be just Rioting, by-the-way, you’re free to make your entry about Protesting in general, or even Historical revolutions. Just give us some hot, public vs government/sanity action and we’ll be happy.”

  1. Joker Minions by Davidreamcatcha
  2. Riot Infected by Kholdstare
  3. Riot Officer by MT
  4. Hanshin Tigers by katapultar

26th-2nd July 2011
MYmini #8: Pixarlated
“Due to Cars 2 coming out, we have a decent excuse for this week’s mini – anything Pixar related. No limitations on what type of extra it has to be, just that it has to be themed around something Pixar’s done. Hardly seems like a time to do this mini in my opinion, what with how Cars 1 was the second worst Pixar move behind only Wall-E, but whatever.”

  1. Emperor Zurg by Davidreamcatcha
  2. Auto by Katapultar
  3. Woody by Junahu
  4. Large Dopey Bird by n88_2004
  5. Geri’s Brawl by Legendoflink
  6. Submerged Submarine by Bkupa666

3rd-9th July 2011
MYmini #9: The Moveset Graveyard Rummage Sale
“In honor of M.Trinity’s Moveset Graveyard, it’s time to dust off all your old moveset ideas that you couldn’t quite get off the ground. This week, just post a moveset consisting of 4 Special attacks. That is all; just 4 specials. No need for regular attacks, or grabs, or even a final smash. Let’s just focus on the part of the moveset that actually matters eh?”

  1. Stephan Colbert by Davidreamcatcha
  2. Uncle Sam by Masterwarlord
  3. Captain America by n88_2004
  4. Osama Bin Laden by Kholdstare
  5. Ixodes Hexagonus by MarthTrinity
  6. Rucka Rucka Ali by Bkupa666
  7. Robo-Link0 (Not a Robot) by Junahu
  8. Alistar by Hyper_Ridley
  9. Manray & the Dirty Bubble by Getocoolaid
  10. Mantine by kitsuneko345
  11. King Krusha K.Rool by Davidreamcatcha

10th-16th July 2011
MYmini #10: Made in Wario
“I’m sure, other than the fact the stage is grossly unsuitable for any type of Brawl, and that it farts on any possibility of being a competitive stage, the MAIN thing that sucks about the Warioware stage in Brawl, is its paltry selection of microgames. But still, it was a rather nice idea…
Your job this week then, is to improve the Warioware stage. How? That’s up to you. Perhaps you want to give the stage a few more microgames to chew on. Maybe you want to change the rewards you get for winning a microgame, or give the players penalties for failing. Or perhaps the entire way the stage works needs a rethink
Go out there and craft a Warioware stage that doesn’t suck balls!”

  1. Made in Shuzo by Katapultar
  2. WarioWare Inc Waaaah ha ha ha! by Junahu
  3. Garlic Heaven by Davidreamcatcha

17th-23rd July 2011
MYmini #11: Comment! dood!
“Welp, it’s time to scrape the very bottom of the barrel folks. This week, we want you to comment on stuff. Y’know, give feedback on all those new movesets that are cropping up like cabbages? It’s something we all have to bite the bullet on eventually. So we may as well have a little contest about it while we’re there.”

  1. Master Warlord Comments ([1], [2], [3], [4], [5])
  2. Hyper Ridley Comments ([1], [2])
  3. Junahu Comments ([1])
  4. Nicholas1024 Comments ([1], [2])
  5. flyinfilipino Comments ([1])
  6. Katapultar Comments ([1])
  7. Bkupa Comments ([1])
  8. half_silver28 Comments ([1])
  9. Getocoolaid Comments ([1])
  10. Smash Daddy Comments ([1])

24th-30th July 2011
MYmini #12: Clobba dat dere Kirbeh!
“You guys all know Kirby, right? No need to explain that he is a platforming hero who eats people and steals their powers. Word down the grapevine is that SirKibble (one of our most esteemed MYMers who has recently returned after 2 years absence) likes Kirby So let’s get straight to business; make an extra based on something from the Kirby series. “

  1. Galacta Knight by flyinfilipino
  2. Fatty Whale by MarthTrinity

31st-6th August 2011
MYmini #13: Like a BOSS!
“Ever read a moveset and thought it’d be good for 3v1 combat as a boss, but it lacked a mode for it at the end? Welp, this is your chance to put in what the original author should’ve in the first place. Your task is to create a list of changes that happens when a character is pitted against three other characters on a team together for whatever moveset you choose in order to balance that character for 3v1 combat. Obviously, a good deal of the challenge here is in simply picking the right moveset to transition to the 3v1 arena – a random Shellder boss isn’t going to be too successful.”

  1. Tohru Adachi by Katapultar
  2. Wario Boss Set by Davidreamcatcha
  3. Ronald Mcdonald by Katapultar
  4. Spadefox Make Your Move 6 Boss Edition by Hyper_Ridley
  5. Final M.Trinity by MarthTrinity
  6. Flying Dutchman Boss Mode by MasterWarlord
  7. XP-Tan Professional by Junahu

7th-13th August 2011
MYmini #14: We’ve GOT to have.. moneeeeeey
“News down the grapevine is that the economy is a shambles. So, let’s have a MYmini about money! Why not eh?
The rules are simple enough, any extra at all will do. However, the extra must be designed with Brawl’s Coin matches in mind. We want extras that breathe new life to this poor sad-sack mode”

  1. WilyKit & WilyKat by mrtownsend826
  2. Moneybag by MarthTrinity
  3. Mr Krabs by Davidreamcatcha
  4. Partner Capsules by smashbot226
  5. Lucky Horseshoe by Kholdstare
  6. Detective Dick Gumshoe by Kitsuneko345
  7. Onion Ring by half_silver28
  8. Bandit by SirKibble

14th-20th August 2011
MYmini #15: To Serve man… It’s a cookbook!
“Time for a blast from the past! Chef Kawasaki is the winning moveset from all the way back in MYM4 (you can find it [Here]). As you may notice, as you scroll towards the very bottom, there is a list of “recipes”, which form the basis of Kawasaki’s playstyle. But, like Kawasaki’s pantry, the list is looking a little bare. How about we all chip in, and fill in the blank entries with our own crazy recipes?
And that’s all; create a simple, short recipe to help Chef Kawasaki finish his cookbook
If you’re feeling super nice, you can make up to 3 recipes for your entry this week”

  1. Spicy fixins’, Vegetable Soup by Getocoolaid
  2. Stuffed Eggplant, Carrot CornCake, Tomato/Onion Tart by Junahu
  3. Pepper + Eggplant Wizzerd + Orange by Katapultar
  4. Spicy Potato Eggplant Soup by ForwardArrow

21st-27th August 2011
MYmini #16: No Items/Fox Only/Final Destination!:
“While this mini could theoretically have something to do with Final Destination, it can have something to do with any stage you so please. Upon selecting your stage (Existing stages only, though you can use a stage from a previous MYM entry in addition to those from the game), you must assort a handful of button inputs for a player to use to control the stage – they cannot win, with their goal simply being to cause chaos for the normal Brawlers and most probably to be jerks. You can only manipulate the existing hazards of the stage or create entirely new ones if you prefer, or somewhat of a mixture, depending on how determined you are to keep the flavor of the original stage in-tact.”

  1. 75m by MarthTrinity

28th-3rd September 2011
MYmini #17: The Silliest MYmini Ever
“We want Rage Comics about MYM!”

  1. Suddenly, Ponies by Kholdstare
  2. Ultimate Vs Chatcom 3 by tirkaro
  3. And that’s how Dutchman was made by SmashDaddy
  4. Rool to the rescoo! by MarthTrinity
  5. HollowKnight joins the Brawl by HollowKnight
  6. Leeches are good for the blood by BKupa666
  7. I’m not going to make a Comic by Davidreamcatcha
  8. Plorf’s new moveset by TheSundanceKid
  9. SSBU by tirkaro

3rd-10th September 2011
MYmini #18: MYMers Immortalised!
“Hey, we’re almost done with MYMX! Crazy huh? Let’s immortalise some of our esteemed MYMing peers by creating a Cosplay Moveset for them. In case you don’t remember what those are, Cosplay is simply a fancy term for a Moveset that has nothing other than Specials. So go ahead and whip up 4 Specials for your favourite (or not so favourite) MYMer.”

  1. KingK.Rool by ForwardArrow
  2. Chief Mendez by HollowKnight
  3. Cloyster by Tirkaro
  4. MasterWarlord by ForwardArrow

3rd-10th September 2011
MYmini #18: You’ve activated my Trap Card!
“For this mini, all you are obligated to do is make a fake Pokemon card for something MYM related, be it an MYMer or a moveset or anything else you can come up with. Much like the last mini it is largely “judged” based off humor.”

  1. Phatcat by MasterWarlord
  2. Junahu/Rool/MasterWarlord/MT/Emergency/Hippo Cards by Junahu
  3. Roomba by MarthTrinity
  4. HyperRidley by HyperRidley
  5. Sirkibble by Sirkibble
  6. flyinfilipino by flyinfilipino
  7. kitsuneko by kitsuneko

Extra Minis

  1. Aperture Science Laboratories by Chaos Swordsman
  2. Alexandra Roivas by lordvaati
  3. Garlic Heaven by Davidreamcatcha
  4. Derry, Maine by Davidreamcatcha
  5. Teufort Training Facility by Davidreamcatcha

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