(Each week’s winner is highlighted in Red)

MYM11: Week #1

Hipster Boss.

[10th October – 15th October]
We want to see some cool Boss Battles this week. More specifically, we want strange, obscure and unlikely bosses from you. If we’ve heard of your boss, then it isn’t nearly obscure enough. So go dig up that game/movie/comic/book that only you’ve heard of, and create one crazy boss battle for it!

  1. Joe Head Joe by MarthTrinity
  2. Crom Cruach by ProfPeanut
  3. Ghost Castle Boss by SirKibble
  4. Pharaoh by Junahu

MYM11: Week #2

MYM Classic.

[16th October – 22nd October]
MYM1, this is the one MYM I think NONE of us have experienced first hand. You can find a list of the movesets [HERE], and you’ll need it for this week’s MYmini. What we want out of you this time, is to pick a moveset from MYM1, and design a set of four new specials for it (I.E. replace the special attacks of these generic movesets, with crazy specials of your very own). Can you do it? Can YOU breathe life into these deprived movesets?

  1. Konata Izumi by Katapultar
  2. Every Loop from Sonic Ever by Junahu
  3. Yahtzee [zero punctuation] by ProfPeanut
  4. Phaaze by ForwardArrow
  5. Whismur by MarthTrinity

MYM11: Week #3

Temporal minihole.

[23rd October – 29th October]
My apologies for the late start to the new mini. Saaaaaaaay. How about we make a MYmini about TIME? We want to see ITEMS this week, and they should have something to do with TIME. Either Timetravel, time-keeping, scheduling, or even some crazy item from the past. Well, what are you waiting for? A Halloween Mini? That’s next week! This week is about Time!  So quit wasting mine and go make an item about it!

  1. Dagger of Time by Kris121
  2. Smash Bros 64 Cartridge by Smashbot226
  3. Devolution Gun by MarthTrinity
  4. Time Expansion Helmet by mrtownsend826

MYM11: Week #4a

This is Halloween.

[30th October – 6th November]
Time for Halloweenie times. Let’s celebrate it for a whole week why not? Just post any extra related to Halloween; items, assist trophies, stages, events, SSE levels, bosses, stickers, trophies, fiends, cosplays, minions, fatalities, familiars, crate enemies, CTF stages. Anything goes!

  1. The Orca by Getocoolaid
  2. Giant Pumpkin by ForwardArrow
  3. Snake Eyes by Davidreamcatcha
  4. Picklepuss by Davidreamcatcha
  5. Neon Noodle by KingK.Rool
  6. Rubberhead by n88_2004

MYM11: Week #4b

Halloween Movesets.

[31st October – 5th November]
Because we have so many Halloween themed sets rolling in, I think it should have it’s own little contest. Post a moveset between Halloween, and Guy Fawkes Night and lets see which one tickled everyone’s fancy the most!

  1. Firebrand by Hyper_Ridley
  2. Fright Knight by darth meanie
  3. Copycat by Junahu
  4. Hammerhead by MasterWarlord
  5. Dr. Facilier by smashbot226
  6. Giant Bat by Junahu
  7. Medusa by Junahu
  8. Mummy Men by Junahu
  9. The Creature by Junahu
  10. Death by Smash Daddy
  11. Mouse Man by KingK.Rool
  12. 88 Teeth by n88_2004
  13. J. Jonah Jameson by MasterWarlord
  14. Pussycat Puss by Davidreamcatcha
  15. Double Header by BKupa666
  16. Wolf Man by KingK.Rool
  17. Flat Top by KingK.Rool
  18. Jack Skellington by ProfPeanut
  19. Count Chocula by Davidreamcatcha
  20. Fruit Brute by Clownbot
  21. Fruit Yummy Mummy by ForwardArrow
  22. Jukebox Jaw by Kholdstare
  23. DOR-15 by kitsuneko345
  24. Gatstaf by ForwardArrow
  25. Lucio Fulci by KingK.Rool
  26. Piggybank by Junahu
  27. New Destroyman by majora_787
  28. Chaos 0 by LegendofLink
  29. Garrick by majora_787
  30. Fire Snake by Zook

MYM11: Week #5

Generic comment week.

[31st October – 12th November]
Alright, we’ve had our fun and engorged ourselves on far too many tasty movesets to count. Now it’s time to hit the books and comment ‘em. As you can tell from the dates of this MYmini, it’s retroactive, so any comments made from Halloween, up until the 12th of November, count.

  1. Nicholas1024 [1, 2, 3]
  2. ForwardArrow [1, 2, 3]
  3. Smashbot226 [1, 2, 3, 4]
  4. Katapultar [1, 2, 3, 4]
  5. Darth Meanie [1, 2]
  6. Akaik [1, 2, 3]
  7. MasterWarlord [1, 2, 3, 4]
  8. Davidreamcatcha [1, 2]
  9. LegendofLink [1, 2, 3, 4]
  10. KingK.Rool [1, 2]
  11. half_silver28 [1]
  12. Zook [1, 2]
  13. majora_787 [1]
  14. SirKibble [1, 2]
  15. Phatcat203 [1]
  16. flyinfilipino [1]
  17. Hyper Ridley [1]
  18. Bkupa666 [1]


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  2. Ahem… It’s Ghost Castle Boss, not Ghost Castle.

    k thx bai 😀

  3. […] interesting in seeing the entries for week 2′s MYmini, you can find a nice old list of them [HERE]. You can also see which of them was subjectively the “best” (in my opinion anyway) […]

  4. […] in seeing the entries for week 4′s Halloween MYmini, you can find a nice old list of them [HERE]. You can also see which of them was subjectively the “best” (in my opinion […]

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