Special Minis

Special MYminis are, as you’d expect, Special. These are much longer than the usual “make an item, design a stage” style affairs. They typically involve much larger projects, such as creating a moveset with a certain purpose or to fit a certain theme.

Here you’ll find all the Special MYminis MYM has ever had.

MYmini #Ʊ

Golden Years

[Start-End of MYM13]

The essence of this MYmini is simple enough; take one of your older movesets, and refurbish it into something sparkly and snazzy. Give your moveset a fresh coat of paint, a new leash on life, and a second chance. Rewrite, tweak and re-present an old moveset to the masses.

Now, I must stress the difference between refurbishing, and remixing/remaking, which is something else entirely. When refurbishing, while you can make changes to the core of the moveset itself, the point is to make sure the moveset plays the same way the original moveset was intending to. Changes should be low-key, or in keeping with the moveset’s original spirit and style.

The moveset you choose to refurbish must be at least 1 and 1/2 years old (or, if you have no sets that old, you must use your earliest set). If you have no movesets at all, yet still want to try this, you may freely choose a moveset from MYM4 to refurbish.

  1. The Flying Dutchman by Davidreamcatcha
  2. Wilhelmina Carmel by SirKibble
  3. Tetra by ProfPeanut
  4. Arche Klein by Junahu
  5. Feraligatr by JOE!
  6. Banballow by Smash Daddy


MYmini ɸ


Project Pokemon Trainer

[Start of MYM – End of MYM15]
Pokemon movesets (pokesets) have always been a core aspect of MakeYourMove, with literally hundreds of the little blighters being given movesets. Almost everyone who is anyone knows Pokemon, and almost every MYMer has tried their hand at making a Pokeset at some point.

Occasionally forgotten is their bigger brother; the Pokemon Trainer movesets. Trainers usually tie more than one pokemon moveset together, much like how Brawl’s Pokemon Trainer uses Squirtle/Ivysaur/Charizard, with the player switching between them on the fly. Many exceptions exist, with some Pokemon Trainers joining the fight themselves, but all Pokemon Trainer movesets share the common theme of ‘Teamwork’

That brings us to this MYM’s “Special MYmini”; create a Pokemon Trainer moveset. The only hard rule is that the trainer needs to use at least one pokemon in fights, otherwise they’re not really a Pokemon Trainer, right?

Every Pokemon Trainer moveset we already have has been included retroactively in this MYmini, so you’ll be in good company. If you’re still not sure what kind of moveset you’re supposed to make in order to be part of this MYmini, go ahead and read up on some of our past Trainer movesets.

  1. Team Rocket by dancingfrogman
  2. Wes by Smashbro29
  3. Prof. Rowan by The Trophy Master
  4. May by SirKibble
  5. Steven Stone by MarthTrinity, MasterWarlord, Chris Lionheart, Sirkibble, Hyper_Ridley and SkylerOcon
  6. Rival Trainer by JOE!
  7. Trainer Gold by TWILTHERO
  8. Hunter J by Katapultar
  9. Parasol Lady Madeline by Meadow
  10. Versatile Pokemon Trainer by Katapultar
  11. Team Rocket Grunt by KingK.Rool
  12. Trainer Red by TWILTHERO
  13. Pokemon Breeder by LegendofLink
  14. Rocket Executive Hugo by MasterWarlord
  15. Trainer JOE! by JOE!
  16. Copycat by Junahu
  17. Pokemon Trainer Mark by flyinfilipino
  18. Ace Trainer JOE by JOE!
  19. Clayton by MasterWarlord


MYmini Ʃ

Project SSB4 Boards

[Start of MYM13 – End of MYM14]

Unless your head has been buried in the sand recently, you’ll know about how Super Smash Bros 4 has been announced for the WiiU and 3DS. There are some very interesting discussions going on in the SmashBoards boards, especially the Character Discussion Board [here]. Longtime veteran Smash Daddy has suggested we try tailor making movesets to post in those boards. Now, this isn’t as simple as just making what you want and dazzling them with loads of words. The key is that you’ll be designing a moveset explicitly for this audience (people who regularly visit the Character Discussion Board), so there are all kinds of considerations you’ll have to think about. It should probably be cleanly presented, short, welcoming, pragmatic, and at least slightly feasible as a real moveset in Smash Bros. You can check out MasterWarlord’s Midbus moveset [here] as a good example of a moveset tailor made for a less patient audience.

Ace Trainer JOE by JOE!


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