MYM Pokedex

This is the MYM Pokedex, the only place that links to every Pokemon MYM has ever made movesets for. As an ongoing goal for MYM, we aim to make movesets for each and every Pokemon.

As they say, “gotta catch em all”

244/718 Pokemon done!


Don’t mind me, I’m on my way to Top50

The Original list, as first seen waaaay back in MYM6, is HERE



  1. […] version of the Pokemon Master has been depreciated in favour of This one. Please do not update this page with new […]

  2. Needs moar Haunter and Torkoal.

  3. So what’s up with Lapras and Ditto sharing the same link?

  4. bollocks

    I’ll go update and such

  5. The Pokedex needs updating (WARU)

  6. Done

  7. Jalorda’s missing (wary)

  8. blarrrrg. Updated. ¬_¬ damn people, making Pokesets.

  9. *is looking*

  10. Needs updating. Get back in the kitchen, Junahu.

  11. seriously, stop making Pokesets. This is insane

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