Reviews and Articles

Our little Stadium has an extensive list of reviews, articles and other collective brickabrack. And it would be quite daunting to sift through them all without a helpful little index page, like this one…

If you have the patience to sit through over 333 articles, or if you just want to stroll through memory lane, then grab yourself a pot of tea, get comfy, and get browsing.




Yes, We do occasionally post articles that help newcomers understand our wacky little contest. Even veteren members would do well to brush up on the basics once in while.

::Top10’s (and other rankings)::

Our resident opinion factory, MasterWarlord, produces these entertaining ranked lists, featuring elite (and not so elite) movesets, to condition us out of our free will.

::Movesets of the Past::

There’s a vast wealth of wierd and wonderful movesets out there, just waiting to be rediscovered.

::Moveset Graveyard::

The movesets that didn’t quite make it, RISE FROM THEIR GRAVES, thanks to Witchcraft MarthTrinity

::Weekly Recap::

Our longest running weekly feature. MarthTrinity Recaps the goings on for every single week. If you’re any kind of person, you’ll definitely want to follow this, to keep abreast of the latest happenings.

:: Kupa’s Weekly Retrospective::

BKupa looks back on movesets posted exactly one year ago today

::MYM Survivor/Survivor2/Fall of MYM::

Watch (or read) popular MYM characters struggle to survive in these epic, twitchy, stories

::MYMer Reviews::

MYM is a contest of two halves. While ‘movesets’ is one of them, these articles are set about studying the other half, the MYMers themselves.

::MYMer Interviews::

Notable MYMers are probed for their deepest, darkest secrets, thanks to Wizzerd.

::Other Articles::

Sometimes we get an article that’s so crazy, we can’t even catagorise it.

::Moveset Reviews::

We may no longer provide reviewing services for your latest and greatest movesets, but there are still plenty of reviews from yesteryear to peruse.


Everyone likes a sarcastic quip at other people’s expense, now and them, and we’re no different. Ok, we’re a LITTLE different, but our moms think we’re special..

::Old Announcements::

Important flash bulletins! Of course, these ones are extremely out of date by now, but you can still read them, for nostalgia purposes

That’s quite a lot of articles, huh?



  1. Nice work, Junahu. (Y)

  2. Good lord, Junahu. Someone needs to increase your salary; whatever you’re being paid isn’t enough.

  3. Thanks bunches MT

  4. (clap)

    I find it cool how the authors who are no longer part of the site still get acknowledged in the blog post.

  5. Aha, awesome, Junahu.

  6. How did I miss this?

    I still love Chatting with iGod – “I have lost many a good warrior in the battle for detail and extras” is the highlight, because it reminds me that at least I won ONE battle against Warlord – and your classing the Toon Gator roundtable review under Humour is humourous in and of itself. (Y)

  7. Week 30 and 34 of the Recap were actually written by me, and I believe that week 32 was a joint effort by GW and Khold. Not to complain or anything, I just wanted this to be as accurate as possible.

  8. Sorry, I meant 33, not 34.

  9. I think it might be a good idea to organize the reviews according to which MYM they were for.

    Warlord’s review of Edward Elric is the first MYM5 review. MT’s review of Tryclide is the first for MYM6. Wizzerd’s review of Wallmaster is for the first of MYM7.


  10. Creditted Agidius, GW and Khold on their respective articles. And seperated out the reviews according to MYM.

    ¬_¬ We just weren’t on the ball at all in MYM7, huh?

  11. I love how there were only 15 fewer reviews in MYM4 as there were in the next three contests combined.

  12. Oh, we were MACHINES in MYM 4. Just review robots.

    I suppose the whole concept was shiny and new and comments were short enough for us to churn them out without losing too much time (or willpower).

  13. And… updated. We’re getting seriously close to 400 articles. Maybe 5 more.

  14. Say, when did we delete the Review Queue? That area had some of the last text actually written by Mendez himself… hmm…

    At least there’s still that last paragraph on the front page.

  15. 440 Published Articles. Crazy world

  16. My god, Junahu, what have ye wrought?

  17. I-I’m not sure…

  18. Y’know what would be nice? If you guys would just update the MYMer Interviews to include mine…(wary)

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