Other Articles

::Other Articles::

Sometimes we get a article that’s so crazy, we can’t even catagorise it. Red Asterisks (*) denote articles that may be ‘rants’.
  1. Smady’s Catch up ~ From Neku to Pennywise authored by Smash Daddy
  2. Aedi: MakeOurMove authored by Junahu Splash
  3. MYM5 Polls authored by MasterWarlord
  4. Pokemon Master authored by MarthTrinity Written by MarthTrinity and Junahu Splash
  5. MYM2.0: The Moveset List authored by Junahu Splash Written by Agidius and Junahu Splash
  6. Pokemon MYM version authored by MasterWarlord
  7. Important Message for all Concered authored by Junahu Splash* Written by Ocon and Junahu Splash
  8. Smash Daddy’s Red Button authored by SmashDaddy*
  9. The Great Depression authored by MasterWarlord*
  10. MYM: A History by Agidius authored by MarthTrinity Written by Agidius*
  11. RE: Warlord’s Top13s – Top 13 Worst MYMers authored by SmashDaddy
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