Mega Man

If at first you don’t succeed…

Help Dr Wily take over the world, by constructing Mega Man movesets. He won’t be satisfied until there is one moveset for every single Robot ever made!

Now behold his mighty army and tremble!

Classic Series


Mega man 7

Mega man X Series

Mega man Z/ZX Series

Mega man Legends Series

Mega man Battle Network/Starforce Series



The Unmade Robot Masters [LINK[
Updated as of MYM20. All credit to ProfessorLexicovermis, and UserShadow7989 for the MML/EXE section!



  1. Two words.

    Deathtanz Mantisk.
    Oh and also Maha Ganesheriff.

    Excellent work though, I’d been meaning to suggest this.

    Huh, I guess that was actually twenty-seven words. Wary.

  2. Thanks. I genuinely don’t know half the names of Mega Man villains, only the ones that end in “man”, or “EXE”. I’m probably missing a few more somewhere

  3. This is a very good idea. I approve.

  4. I’ve done quite a few of these, haha.

  5. “He won’t be satisfied until there is one moveset for every single Robot ever made!”

    Galaxy Man (and prolly a few others) already has -two- movesets. Wily will never be happy, it seems.

  6. My Proto Man is a cheater. I mixed Classic and Battle Network. πŸ˜›

  7. We have two Concrete Mans as well.

  8. I never realized just how many MM movesets I’ve made until seeing them all on the same page lol.

  9. Also, I think OCs like Chess Man should be given their own section, like “Megaman MYM” or somesuch.

  10. MYgaman.

  11. Maybe when we have more than just one of them. Don’t want to alienate Chess Man quite yet

  12. Portal man

  13. Portal Man isn’t actually a robot master, Geto, he’s an OC from the Portal series.

    However, there’s Box Man now.

  14. Ha! This time I updated it without any prompting!

  15. Childre link is missing.

  16. fffffffuuuuuu

  17. I forgot we had this page (tipsy)

  18. Pages like this are great solely for factoids like how Spadefox made a NumberMan.EXE set.

    Add DrillMan.EXE

  19. this is getting out of hand, at this rate we’ll have more EXEs than originals

  20. Too bad, CircusMan.EXE time!

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