Movesets with Extras

Here you will find a list of which MYM13 movesets have extras in them (and specifically which extras they have)

  1. Cold Enchanter by FrozenRoy [Matchups]
  2. Garble by Hyper_Ridley [Item Attacks, Matchups, Stage, Animations, Assist Trophy, Codec Sequence]
  3. Princess Bubblegum by Davidreamcatcha [Taunts]
  4. Soundwave Superior by Bionichute [Animations, Logo, Kirby Hat, Alternate Colors]
  5. Larfleeze by The Warrior of Many Faces [Animations, Logo, Alternate Colors, Kirby Hat, Codec Sequence, Trophy]
  6. The Thief by Violenceman [Taunts, Logo, Alternate Costume, Stage]
  7. Ashens by MasterWarlord and Davidreamcatcha [Matchups, Animations, Logo, Minion, Fiend, Item, Fatality]
  8. Mike Dawson by Junahu [Animations]
  9. Madolche Majoleine by Katapultar [Animations, Stage]
  10. Young Xehanort by Katapultar [Animations]
  11. Randy Johnson by FrozenRoy [Animations]
  12. Ace Trainer JOE by JOE!
    1. Alakazam [Taunts]
    2. Feraligatr [Taunts]
    3. Breloom [Taunts]
    4. Porygon Z [Taunts]
    5. Bisharp [Taunts]
    6. Armantle [Taunts]
  13. Willy Wonka by BKupa666 [Animations]
  14. Stromboli by Davidreamcatcha and MasterWarlord [Animations, Logo]
  15. Bigfoot by Bionichute [Animations]
  16. Gatsaf Shepherd by FrozenRoy [Animations]
  17. Luke Atmey by Katapultar [Animations, Assist Trophy]
  18. ? ? ? by Plorf [Boss, Stage, Animations, Alternate Colors]
  19. Koala Kong by MasterWarlord [Boss, Matchups]
  20. Trixie by The Warrior of Many Face [Alternate Colors, Animations, Codec Sequence, Trophy, Logo]
  21. Strong Bad by Davidreamcatcha [Animations, Logo]
  22. Tabitha Orleans by Katapultar [Animations, Assist Trophy]
  23. Clumsy Assassin by Junahu [Animations]
  24. The Pyro by Davidreamcatcha [Animations]
  25. The Flim-Flam Brothers by Getocoolaid [Animations, Alternate Colors]
  26. Gigalith by The Warrior of Many Faces [Animations, Alternate Colors, Codec Sequence, Trophy]
  27. Uka Uka by Big Mac [Boss]
  28. Ryota Ijima by Katapultar [Animations]
  29. Grimlock by HyperRidley [Animations, Codec Sequence, Matchup]
  30. Derpy Hooves by The Warrior of Many Faces [Animations, Alternate Colors, Codec Sequence, Trophy, Stage, Matchups]
  31. Lord Voldemort by BKupa666 [Animations]
  32. Neo Cortex by Davidreamcatcha [Animations, Voices]
  33. George Washington by peeup [Animations, Kirby Hat, Logo]
  34. The Joker by Davidreamcatcha [Animations, CTF Mode changes]
  35. King Sombra by HyperRidley [Taunts, All-Star Clear Picture]

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