MYM Matchups


Make Your Move has a cavalcade of unique and crazy movesets, created by equally crazy MYMers. But what would happen if some of these imaginary movesets were to battle it out against one another?

My friends, that question is what Match-ups are born from. Here you can find a growing compendium of what-if scenarios, enthused analyses of how movesets would interact with one another, who would have the upper hand etc.

MYM14 Matchups

  1. Minami Vs Shadow by Katapultar
  2. Vespiquen Vs Pinsir by BridgesWithTurtles
  3. Anthill Mob Vs ChuChus by Getocoolaid
  4. Croagunk Vs Mace Windu by Dr Slavic
  5. Ultron Vs Falz by Katapultar
  6. Spiderman Vs Spider by BridgesWithTurtles

What do you think?

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