mym 1 movesets

!!Moveset List!!

  1. Taga by Eaode
  2. Kurai Scaten-Oscuro by Darkurai
  3. Waldo by TidalSpiral
  4. Eddie by Z.Hoot
  5. Phaaze by Darkurai
  6. Angry Video Game Nerd by The Nerd
  7. King Leonidas by MysticKenji
  8. Ben Ten by paralasalud
  9. Every Loop de Loop from Sonic by blackadder
  10. Velma by Sabrewulf238
  11. Flying Dutchman by :034:
  12. Aves by Copperpot
  13. Comrade Canada by ComradeCanada
  14. Sora by peeup
  15. Bill Braski by El_Duderino
  16. Dwight Schrute by nobletoast
  17. Tori Amos by PrettyGoodYear
  18. Sailor Moon by Megadio26
  19. Gir by Dragonblood21
  20. Mary Poppins by Darkfur
  21. Captain Crunch by SuperSmashBrother
  22. Malandros Nyclo by Darkfur
  23. Peter Griffin by UberBob
  24. Light by omega_ridley_X
  25. Dean by Ovan XIII
  26. Ronja Rövardotter by RWB
  27. The Joker (Viewtiful Joe) by The Nerd
  28. Pippi Longstocking by RWB
  29. The Salesman by Insurance Salesman
  30. Christer Lindarw by RWB
  31. Suzumira Haruhi by Drascin
  32. Tommy Pickles by Sabrewulf238
  33. Willis Brooke by tirkaro
  34. Furret by Fawriel
  35. The Phantom of the Opera by Darkfur
  36. The Warners by ArchemedesVI
  37. Elza the Pumpkin Witch by Sabrewulf238
  38. Princess Elza by Sabrewulf238
  39. Tale Team by RWB
  40. Sailor Mercury by Megidio26
  41. Dave Chapelle by adaptor17
  42. Al Gore by frankisvital
  43. Somasu Naitto by Somasu
  44. Flygon by MysticKenji
  45. Kelsi Neilson by cena_wolf
  46. Winn by The Government
  47. Fawriel by Fawriel
  48. Jedi Master Yoda by The Nerd
  49. Howl by Paralasalud
  50. Roronoa Zoro by MetaLord
  51. Sailor Venus by Megidio26
  52. Anthony Kiedas by :034:
  53. Friedrich Nietzsche by MetaLord
  54. The GreatClayMonkey by GreatClayMonkey
  55. Yagami Light by MetaLord
  56. Birdo by Tanea
  57. Ludwig Van Beethoven by MetaLord
  58. Spyro by GreatClay Monkey
  59. Chatu Ranga by RWB
  60. Sam Fisher by BananaNut
  61. Homestar Runner by GreatClayMonkey
  62. Uchiha Sasuke by MysticKenji
  63. Naruto by GreatClayMonkey
  64. Colonel Roy Mustang by MetaLord
  65. Steve Ballmer by Krell
  66. Lord Odysseus by The Nerd
  67. Chiyo and Osaka by Megadio26
  68. Scrooge McDuck by RWB
  69. Don Quixote de la Mancha & Sancho Panza by MetaLord
  70. Eye-Scream by PolarisJunkie
  71. Strong Bad by Patchi
  72. The Nog by omega_ridley_X
  73. Vladimir Ledin by Titan05
  74. Socrates by TheOfficialSonicFanboy
  75. Hiro by omega_ridley_X
  76. Woody Wood Pecker by Chilindrino
  77. Genghis Khan by Insurance Salesman
  78. Whismur by J_Puff
  79. Socrates by MetaLord
  80. Edin Notin by SamusLord
  81. Kenji by MysticKenji
  82. The Cyberjunkie by El_Duderino
  83. Cena by cena_wolf
  84. Edward Elric by killbeast301
  85. Astro Boy by courte
  86. Viki by Kips
  87. Hitler by Commander Blitzkrieg
  88. Rythe by The Nerd
  89. Temali by RWB
  90. Fusajiro Yamauchi by Darkfur
  91. Conan Edogawa by RWB
  92. Anita by RWB
  93. Heiji by RWB
  94. Warxe by WarxePB
  95. Waddle Dee by OddCrow
  96. Feraligatr by :034:
  97. Keramon by The Nerd
  98. Cthulhu by El_Duderino
  99. Samus by courte
  100. Bobobo-bobo-bobo by GreatClayMonkey
  101. Bass.EXE by samusrules93
  102. Bob Hoskin’s Mario by El_Duderino
  103. Chaos by samusrules93
  104. Mikelo Chrors by The Nerd
  105. Tyranitar by Tyrannotaur
  106. Izumi Konota by RWB
  107. Cromag by Copperpot
  108. Homer Simpson by Rhubarbo
  109. Crash Bandicoot by Apdat
  110. Bill Cosby & Squirtle by Cheezball
  111. Fuego by RWB
  112. Buzz Lightyear by Oh Gibdo
  113. Hyacinth Bucket by Evilgidgit
  114. Ace Lightning by Evilgidgit
  115. Motoko Kusanagi by Mediator
  116. Firefox by vVv ChiboSempai
  117. MegamanX by Norm
  118. Anonymous by Kirby M.D
  119. Prince of all Cosmos by fums63
  120. Polaris by PolarisJunkie
  121. Vooze by Sabrewulf238
  122. Kero-Chan by Evilgidgit
  123. Pork Man by RWB
  124. Mr Mario Paint by Oh Gibdo
  125. Hatsune Miku by Patchi 
  126. Celebi & Mew by GreatClayMonkey
  127. Yutabooz by fums63
  128. Metapod & Kakuna by PolarisJunkie
  129. Aku by MysticKenji
  130. Alien Guy by fums63
  131. Dude by fums63
  132. Retsigam by MetaLord
  133. Yahtzee by Kirby M.D.
  134. S0crat3s by S0crat3s
  135. CD-i Link by cdilink
  136. Les Stroud by WingedKnight
  137. Mask Link by Sir Bedevere
  138. Buddy by El_Duderino
  139. Etheream by OddCrow
  140. The Cursor by Sir Bedevere
  141. Landmaster by MysticKenji
  142. Sindel by Sindel
  143. Zero Suit Snake by Super Drybones
  144. Cally by omega_ridley_X
  145. Luggage by El_Duderino
  146. Farthing Fox by RWB
  147. Crash Bandicoot by Moon/Sun
  148. Chell by Sir Bedevere
  149. Billy Hatcher by Sir Bedevere
  150. Jungledyret Hugo by RWB
  151. Ike by Fawriel

Late Submissions

  1. Lupis by quazar games
  2. Travis Touchdown by Lelouch Vi Britannia
  3. Brian by HyperFalcon
  4. Davy Jones by Commander Blitzkrieg
  5. Thanos by LgndKnight
  6. Darkrai by MysticKenji
  7. Dimedag Darrel by Sentinel
  8. FLUDD by Sun-Wukong
  9. Twink by Sabrewulf238

Random Fawriel quotes;

And I can’t imagine that it’s fun to just keep polishing up your existing moveset for a pat on the back. ~ Fawriel tries to step down from his position of ‘all powerful moveset judge’.

You can never be too proud. Well, until you have a meeting with hubris. Then you can start being less proud. ~ Fawriel’s life in a nutshell

In fact, your movesets are actually FUN to read. And that’s got to be worth something ~ Fawriel makes the point that fun things are fun.

It’s a perfect example of the dilemma I face when rating your characters; the moveset is complete and there are a few original ideas in there, but it all makes no sense because you don’t explain who the character is or where he got those powers, you don’t explain how some of the more outlandish attacks work, you don’t give adequate descriptions to any attacks really~ Fawriel unwittingly unleashes the “Moar detail” arguement that would plague movesets for years to come

You can’t throw awesome movesets at me and then just like… you know! ~Fawriel expresses bemusement that people post movesets without any information on who the character is, or even what their name is.

I’m starting to understand what politicians feel like. ~ Fawriel

And yes, I said 50. ~ Fawriel announces that there will be a Top50, rather than a Top35

I’ll use this as a reminder to you guys that Super Vote reviews have to be at least three whole lines long ~ Fawriel’s system of only counting Super Votes if the voter justifies it with a review

Though admittedly my standards are kind of fickle. Which is why it’s good that everything’s decided by voting now. ~ Fawriel admits to not being perfect

But, thanks for reminding me of Yuki. I need to go repeatedly prod tirkaro with a pointy object to get him to provide images of him and Willis Brooke ~ Fawriel goes to repeatedly prod tirkaro

Please don’t kill me.
I have a kitten shield.~ Fawriel protects himself from the people who care that he didn’t make a Top50 CS screen

Other Quote(s)

It was nice to see someone submit a moveset for _________, he/she/it was one of my favorite characters, and you did him/her/it justice…The moveset on ________ was particularly creative, but you could’ve done better on _________’s…They were all fairly well-done, and I’m sure I couldn’t have done as good a job… ~ Socrates makes an advertising Ad-Lib, showing just how cut/paste commentry can be.

Read harder.~Darkurai replies to a complaint about his moveset

heres quatripains pic ~ quatripain posts a painful looking Microsoft Paint edit of Starfy

What the Hell is going on in this thread? ~ A very apt question


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