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Our humble community, called MYM for short, thrives on the tantalising promise of the “what if..”

Primarily, we take one of the world’s most inclusive and amazing fighting games, Super Smash Bros, and we envision what it would be like if our favourite characters (Nintendo or otherwise!) were a part of that magic. Since this is an exercise in imagination rather than practicality, there are no limits, anyone and anything is fair game for MYM. In this community passion is king, and the more your creativity runs amok, the better. Designing Movesets is a fun, deep and rewarding past-time, and we cannot wait to see what you cook up.

Of course, since we all love design, and we all love games, the Plaza isn’t all about Super Smash Bros. Just.. almost all of it.

There are many places the see here at the Plaza, but I’ll try to keep things short and sweet; The Tutorials are a good place to get yourself up to speed with what we do. But if you’d prefer a more personal welcome, the MYM Skype Group is usually bustling with your fellow visionaries and friendly staffers who are only too happy to help out. Send a friend request to ps2muse and he’ll be happy to add you to the group.

I’ll leave you to explore the rest of this expansive atheneum, and its many Articles, on your own


Right below, you can take a gander at the “latest” news and happenings from all around MYM.

The MYM’er Encyclopedia

Want to know more about your favorite movesetters? Or just want to be linked to nearly all the movesets MYM has to offer? This is where you go, my friend. You’ll have hours of fun as you’re exposed to various memes and masterpieces.

Katapultar’s Moveset Guide for Newcomers

After much confusion as to where to send newcomers for advice and linking articles that are years old, Katapultar has seen fit to make a new article to help better define the guidelines. OUTDATED.

The Ice Box: Top Down Design and Make Your Move

FrozenRoy’s series of articles exploring the complicated world of designing things. This month he begins with the fundamental question of which end to start designing from; top or bottom?

The Illbleed Slaughter – Part 2

Warlord has written a chapter 2 of a story mode for the first time in 6 years rather than starting a new one. Was the year long wait between parts worth it? Part 3 is also out for good measure!

A Big Retrospective of ForwardArrow’s career

Posted in two halves due to sheer length, this article has FA tear into many of his movesets and talk quite extensively about his position in MYM history at the time of each moveset.