MYM 12 Movesets

[[The MYM12 Moveset List]]

  1. The Necromancer by MasterWarlord
  2. Dry Bones by Junahu
  3. Agiri Goshiki by Katapultar
  4. The Coachman by smashbot226
  5. Karkat by majora_787
  6. Scizor by FrozenRoy
  7. Amps by n88_2004 (new link)
  8. Chantique by n88_2004 (new link)
  9. Kang the Conqueror by n88_2004 (new link)
  10. Mona by LordVaati
  11. Zasalamel by MasterWarlord
  12. Night’s End Sorcerer by FrozenRoy
  13. Doc Scratch by ForwardArrow
  14. Hellmaster Fibrizo by Katapultar
  15. Gardevoir by ProfPeanut
  16. MegaMan X6 Gamebox by Waver 
  17. The Black Puddle Queen by Kholdstare
  18. Heroes of the Trine by LegendofLink
  19. Equius Zahhak by PostmortemMessiah
  20. Kanade Tachibana by SirKibble
  21. Naoto Shirogane by WorkingClassHero
  22. Kirby Enemy Team by Junahu
  23. Veran by n88_2004 (new link)
  24. Yutaka Kobayakawa by Katapultar
  25. Sentinel by lordvaati
  26. Angel by n88_2004 (new link)
  27. Kirika Ueno by Katapultar
  28. Tropius by ProfPeanut
  29. The X-Naut by Waver
  30. Poison Ivy by BladeKnight420
  31. Vergil by TWILTHERO and Hyper_Ridley
  32. Elsa Maria by ForwardArrow
  33. Terezi by majora_787
  34. Captain Hook by Davidreamcatcha
  35. Paper Man by n88_2004 (new link)
  36. Medusa Gorgon by Katapultar
  37. Garbage Man by MasterWarlord
  38. Rhyperior by JOE!
  39. Professor Ratigan by BKupa666
  40. Shiftry by agidius
  41. Gray Fullbuster by SirKibble
  42. Master Hand by Nicholas1024
  43. Cacturne by Zook
  44. Zombie Master by FrozenRoy
  45. Smot by Smash Daddy
  46. Grim Poppet by ForwardArrow
  47. Cherry by Katapultar
  48. Billy Hatcher by Junahu
  49. The Once-Ler by Davidreamcatcha
  50. Roxas by Kholdstare
  51. Larxene by Junahu
  52. Marluxia by MarthTrinity
  53. Luxord by Katapultar
  54. Demyx by FrozenRoy
  55. Axel by Kholdstare
  56. Saix by Kholdstare
  57. Zexion by ProfPeanut
  58. Lexaeus by ProfPeanut
  59. Vexen by Kholdstare
  60. Xaldin by ProfPeanut
  61. Xigbar by smashbot226
  62. Xemnas by smashbot226
  63. The Prospector by MasterWarlord
  64. Tempura Wizard by majora_787
  65. Iron Tail by Davidreamcatcha
  66. Yu Narukami by TWILTHERO
  67. Azula by The Warrior of Many Faces
  68. Keroro Platoon by Katapultar
  69. Player99 by JOE!
  70. The Weird Rider by Getocoolaid
  71. Quote by SirKibble
  72. Sakurako Ohmuro and Himawari Furutani by Katapultar
  73. Oogie Boogie by Katapultar
  74. Junker Bot by Lucidthought
  75. Grox Empire by PostmortemMessiah
  76. Elemental Knight Regulus by Koric
  77. Hockey Man by UserShadow7989
  78. Ico & Yorda by Violenceman
  79. Manfred Von Karma by MasterWarlord and Smash Daddy
  80. Jeanne D’Arc by Katapultar
  81. Doomsday by The Warrior of Many Faces
  82. Ampharos by ProfPeanut
  83. Count Bleck by majora_787
  84. Phantoon by majora_787
  85. Sovereign Slayer by majora_787
  86. Shana by half_silver28
  87. Khamsin Nbh’w by SirKibble
  88. Cryogonal by ProfPeanut
  89. Cap’n Bowser by Junahu
  90. Bowser the Brash by Davidreamcatcha
  91. Black Hole Bowser by MasterWarlord
  92. Bowser Sphinx by n88_2004
  93. Wizard Bowser by Smash Daddy
  94. Rattata by FrozenRoy
  95. Y2X by JOE!
  96. Dark Falz by ForwardArrow
  97. Bouldergeist by Getocoolaid
  98. The Beholder by Zook
  99. Star-Lord by smashbot226
  100. Nova by n88_2004 (new link)
  101. Emi Ibarazaki by Katapultar
  102. Lilly Satou & Hanako Ikezawa by half_silver28
  103. Rin Tezuka by smashbot226
  104. Hardin by Conren
  105. Gooper Blooper by BKupa666
  106. Two-Headed King Rex by FrozenRoy
  107. The Fighter by tirkaro
  108. Merric by Conren
  109. The G-Man by Davidreamcatcha
  110. Tiki by Conren
  111. Chakravartin by ForwardArrow
  112. Galvantula by n88_2004 (new link)
  113. Phaedra by majora_787
  114. Basaran by majora_787
  115. Negi Springfield by darth meanie
  116. Red Tornado by Getocoolaid
  117. Etranger by Junahu
  118. Fuka by Junahu
  119. Old Man Geo by Junahu
  120. Calvin And Hobbes by The Warrior of Many Faces
  121. Tubba Blubba by MasterWarlord
  122. Rayman by Bionichute
  123. Ameno-sagiri by Smash Daddy
  124. Darkwing Duck by Violenceman
  125. Jarvis by BKupa666
  126. The Engineer by Davidreamcatcha
  127. Chandelure by ProfPeanut
  128. Winnie the Pooh by ProfPeanut
  129. Alice Margatroid by FrozenRoy
  130. Isamu by n88_2004 (new link)
  131. Bartz by Marth Trinity

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