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The MYM16 Story Mode

Note: This story mode actually has an ending, but many parts close to the end are not filled out. I had this draft saved on the Bunker since the end of MYM16, and wrote it based around the common assumption that Father Cornello was going to win the contest. Warlord informed me that he had read it, so I decided to post it for the world to see despite the fact that it’s a bit late what with MYM16 having long passed. Despite not being fully complete, I had ideas for what to include in the parts that weren’t wrote up, and will include some of them in-between.

This story mode takes place in a world made up of 90% water and 10% land. Why, you ask? Because MYM16 is water-themed. Why is it water-themed? Probably because MYM got into One Piece this contest. Or because of Blastoise’s Rain Dance. ACID RAIN.

~ PART 1 ~




EL JEFE, SHERIFF TOOTHPICK and THE GRIZZ find themselves on the luxury cruiser from the end of Phantom Blood after having popped out of a generic time portal, Grizz holding a sack containing the unconscious body of CHOU-CHOU INFINITE and throwing it overboard because their mission was to go back in time and dump the Undisputed God’s body in the ocean for some reason. Don’t ask me how they got her in the sack.

After doing their job, the thieving trio take advantage of the moment to sneak through the cruiser in hopes of finding treasure, because there must obviously be treasures on a vessel designed to ferry rich people. And what do you know – there’s a room filled with treasure right over there! In a gold-coated filled with mountains of cash, Toothpick helps himself to a small gold statue of SHINOBU that magically multiplies into 7 copies when rubbed, while Grizz holds up a painting of ASTAMON before stupidly dunking it over his head to end up in the same position as in his picture in his Warlord Ranking picture (seriously go check it srs). Maybe he was checking to see if the portrait was durable enough to go Top 50? The two have lots of fun in the room, but unfortunately their fun is ruined when RICH UNCLE PENNYBAGS enters the room and demands that they pay tax for being on his property. You see, Pennybags happens to own the ship given he is retardedly rich, but that doesn’t scare Jefe as he threatens the old timer with his swords. A frightened Pennybags goes to defend himself with a silver LORE statue at his feet, but he incompetently trips over his own money and witnesses the statue be sliced by Jefe’s swords as it flies towards him, forcing him to beg for his life as he promises to give Jefe all the treasure in the room in exchange for him not dieing, but Jefe instead demands that he be given all of Pennybags’s properties so he can sell them to the highest bidders given that is an actual character trait of his if you’ve forgotten. Pennybags gets a contract out and attempts to hand it over to Jefe, but a random zombies busts through the door and catches everyone off guard, giving Pennybags the -chance- to flee like a sissy.

Why did I introduce a random zombie into the story all of a sudden? Because of WANG CHAN! That might sound like a dirty name, but he’s actually a zombie who serves the sexy epic head-only Dio Brando who had to amputate himself from his old body because it belonged to a terrible moveset in MYM16 divided by 2, and now he needs a new, sexy body with more moveset potential than you can shake a Vector at. Dio is confronted by the Le Paradox underlings and is somewhat surprised that they managed to get through all his zombies that used to be passengers, but believes that they have potential to become rather decent underlings for him. Jefe attacks Dio out of anger for him being partially responsible for interrupting his deal-of-a-lifetime with Pennybags, but is met with a laser to the knee and that scares the crap out of the trio, forcing them to submit and take in Dio’s unholy blood via his creepy extending head veins or whatever. This turns the 3 Bio sets into Dio’s loyal underlings, and gives them their awkward random magic elemental powers that they use in their boss fight and thus their moveset because JoJo zombies can manipulate their bodies, duh. Afterwards, THE BLACK KNIGHT randomly appears from a time portal to check up on the trio, but is confused as to why he/she/it/potato is in the hangar because the time portal automatically appeared where Jefe was just like a broken MYM attack, only to suddenly be decapitated by Jefe and kicked to the side.

After all that drama, Dio states that he has sensed a quality body hanging outside the ship and orders his new minions to go get it for him, that body actually being Chou-Chou’s but they won’t get it because it’s drifted too far away and Dio did that just to get rid of them for the time being. Dio then announces his intentions to use the city they’re arriving at as a stronghold for his zombie army so he can slowly take over the world…

Meanwhile, our hero Chou-Chou finally wakes and finds herself on Liberty Island from Pokemon Black and White, the reason for that being VICTINI put simply. There is a crowd hanging around the entrance to the mansion, and a curious Chou-Chou pushes her way through to the basement to find a random Victini plush sitting on a chair at the center of a small room where the real Victini should be. Yes, it was all a trap! A trap set by MS. DECIBEL, as Chou-Chou finds out. The elephant in the house appears behind our goddess and laughs pompously, the same crowd at the entrance swarming around and being revealed to be under her control as the only way out is barred shut by reinforced steel. Decibel attempts to control Chou-Chou using her sound, only to find it falling on pointy deaf ears no matter how hard she tries and only ends up annoying the oblivious goddess, she simply being too awesome and powerful to be affected by such pathetic mind control. Decibel is not worried however, and simply has trainers among the crowd send out several BRAXIEN and the real Victini that was captured earlier as it uses Victory Star to power-up its allies, but even that’s not enough to prevent them from being stomped flat in mere seconds. When that fails, Decibel finally resorts to having the crowd attack Chou-Chou as she has been told that the goddess would not harm an innocent civilian, but this doesn’t bother Chou-Chou as she simply leaps towards the elephant and sends her rolling straight through the reinforced barricade with a mere random flipkick. Everyone is freed from the mind control, and one person even thanks Chou-Chou by giving her a TM that contains DUCK HUNT DOG – not a Pokemon move mind you, but rather a -moveset- for the original Duck Hunt that was supposed to be in Smash 4!

Yes, this particular TM is rather coveted – so coveted, in fact, that a blimp of paradoxcial proportions has descended and several gas mask-wearing goons that resemble The Pyro have descended to surround Chou-Chou, dark skies above to indicate oncoming disaster. Their leader, Le Paradox, puts up a large monitor to speak to Chou-Chou:

“A job well done if I do say so myself. Now, give me that disc you’re holding so that I may finally play the real Duck Hunt.”

“No way! This is mine!”

“Hmmm yes, you were always stubborn like that. Little wonder I had to -force- you go back in time for me.”

“Wait, you mean -you- sent -me- back in time? Even Ryuto could come up with a better joke than that.”

“Oh, it was quite simple really – I simply watched you like a hawk til you slept like a baby out in the open, and then had a few thugs I hired carefully place you in a sack. Time-traveling would normally be impossible even in my era, but you just so happened to provide me with more than enough energy to pull it off, to the point where I could transport entire vehicles and even buildings if I wanted to as I have done with my blimp.”

“Come to think of it, I -do- remember running ahead of the others and falling asleep among a field of pretty flowers.”

“You might think I threw you back in time so I could dispose of you, which I partially why I did it, yes, but the real reason for it you see is that I calculated that you acquire the Duck Hunt Dog TM for me, which is where we are at right now. I must have that TM so I can erase the filth on my Wii U 2 and replace it with the true duck-abusing-dog that was truly meant to be! Enough with this dog being friends with the duck and Wild Gunman crap! I’m sick of having the dog kick cans of duff beer and having it blow up in my face because the enemy was too close for comfort!”

“Your point being?”

“I’m going to kill you and then chillax on my sofa playing games 10 hours a day.”

“Fine then, bring it on!”

Sly4 Le Paradox


You start off having to fight against 10 of Le Paradox’s pathetic gas-shooting goons as he taunts you from the monitor on his blimp, but after defeating them Chou-Chou will leap high up into the blimp to confront Le Paradox himself, who defends himself with some rather pathetic swordplay, farts that form a gas cloud which poison you and infinitely-respawning minions that appear 2 at a time. After knocking Le Paradox offscreen, he’ll jump down and attack you in his multi-armed mech for a more traditional boss fight resembling a mix of Petey and Galleom, but obviously very easy given this is the first boss fight and that you’re playing as sheer badassery. Le Paradox functions like a regular character when hit by Moe Kill, and while it is entirely possible to one-shot the mech with Moe Kill this takes a while and can be interrupted by minions, a failure resulting in you having to fight a powered-up mech which is really not that big of a deal. Enemy projectiles and minions only take 1 frame to Moe Kill, making it entirely possible to farm a massive peon ball to one-shot the boss no matter which phase you’re on if you can get over 100. This takes a while, but doing so allows you to replay the fight anytime in Boss Battles or play it like a regular stage with Le Paradox as a wimpy stage boss.

Le Paradox, his mech and all his goons are sent flying into space, but Chou-Chou’s apparent lack of restraint has caused the blimp to sustain too much damage and go crash into the ocean. Chou-Chou is alright, of course, and bids the island and its people farewell as she uses the wrecked blimp as a giant makeshift boat to cross the oceans in search of adventure…and perhaps a way to return to her time, if she really -is- stuck in the past.


BELLATRIX LESTRANGE is seen flying a generic tower from some kind of fantasy story, where ALTIS and RYUTO happen to be heading towards by foot not too far off. The two were apparently chasing after Chou-Chou back when she ran ahead to sleep in the flowerbed, but suddenly found themselves in the middle of a dark wasteland with nothing but a tower as a landmark to guide them. The two finally reach the tower and make it to the top, where they see HOWL defending himself against the previously-seen Bellatrix using uncharacteristically powerful kicks that blow her away. Bellatrix demands the key to Pandemonium from Howl, but Howl refuses to hand it over as opening the gates to Pandemonium will cause several adventurers to rush in and be killed by all the horrible demons within just to get their hands on the countless valuable treasures from within, and they need those adventurers alive so they can uphold order in the world. Altis, hearing about the treasure part, goes up to a large gray key beneath a big sign saying ‘KEY TO PANDEMONIUM’ and snatches it up, then calls out to Bellatrix and asks whether she has the right keys, tossing them over to Bellatrix upon they being approved. The two then form an alliance and fly off to a small desolate island where the keys can be inserted to open the gate, leaving Howl devastated as he slumps to his knees and muses over the terror that will be opened up. Ryuto asks where the island is and is given directions from Howl, then asks whether he will come along too but Howl lies about being too pacifistic to fight despite he previously using physical violence that contradicts this claim. Ryuto rolls his eyes as if to say ‘yeah right’, and is forced to go out by himself and hope that Altis doesn’t do anything stupid. But she probably will.

Meanwhile, Altis and Bellatrix have arrived on the island. Bellatrix inserts the key into the center of the island to make the Gate of Pandemonium appear, which fires a sickly green beam of light up into the air to turn the surrounding skies green to warn everyone that Pandemonium is now open for business. Altis doesn’t think anyone will come straight away, but is proven wrong when a boat spontaneously arrives and drops off several random warriors, including BANJO AND KAZOOIE, SCORPION and KAMEN RIDER DOUBLE. Altis takes advantage of the situation to pose as a gatekeeper to charge everyone $10 to get in or $1,000 if they want to get revived should they die, and everyone believes Altis due to her angel wings much to Bellatrix’s shock. We then have a sneak peek inside Pandemonium where a hundred or so warriors are traveling together, some going off on their own to hoard the treasure for themselves, but most of them are killed off like flies by the Pandemonium Lords LOM LOBON, GLOORX VLOQ, CEREBOV and MNOLEG. The Lords are far too powerful for the warriors to defeat, so they are forced to run away until they can find a portal that will lead them out of the nightmare they got themselves into. As warriors struggle, Altis is busy counting her hard-earned cash with a devilish smile on her face, and Bellatrix plots something evil to herself…

We then go out to sea to see BAHAMUT being thrown around by the rough waves and on the verge of drowning. You see, Bahamut was actually on the cruiser relaxing outside when it was infected by Dio’s zombies, but she was knocked off the boat and temporarily lost conscious after being hit by a projectile thrown at her by a stray zombie when she attempted to fight back using her magic. Bahamut is about to despair as she is overwhelmed by her elemental weakness, but the waves suddenly calm as she is approached by a ghost ship with NEKU and KUNKKA, THE ADMIRAL on board. Kunkka uses his water-bending powers to have the ocean lift Bahamut onto his ship and save her life, but after coughing out some water Bahamut freaks out over the fact that she’s on a ghost ship and wonders whether she’s dead. Kunkka assures her that nobody on the ship is dead except for Neku, and that Ryuto was the one who saw her drowning because yes Ryuto is on the boat because he hitched a ride on it to follow Altis to Pandemonium Island. Bahamut gets tsundere and claims that she could have just flown across the water to safety, causing Ryuto to claim that Bahamut reminds him of “his master” and this sparks a generic conversation between the two involving masters and servants which Bahamut can relate to because she has cat servants but never mind about that. As this is happening, Kunkka takes out his BABY BOWSER amiibo and starts taking to it like a baby, because he has a silly side due to his silly ranking pictures. The anti-social Neku can do nothing but watch from afar.

Meanwhile, Chou-Chou has taken an interesting in the light given off by the Gates of Pandemonium and is headed there on her makeshift boat. Her boat is collapsing due to the fact that it’s not designed to be a boat however, but luckily she runs into Kunkka’s ship and meets up with his group, where she claims the Admiral’s ship as her own but never physically takes over so he doesn’t really care. Chou-Chou declares that they are all going to “where the green light is”, which just so happened to be where Kunkka was headed as he was in the middle of dropping Neku off to the island because he is participating in a game where he must go through Pandemonium and win within 7 days or else he’ll be erased. Oooh, grim stuff. Bahamut is the only one who had no intention of headed to Pandemonium in the first place, but she is forced to tag along anyway and hey maybe it’ll be fun.

The group eventually arrive on Pandemonium Island and regroup with Altis, who reveals that she was just waiting for Chou-Chou to come along because she knows she has no chance of going through Pandemonium herself without the goddess’s help. Chou-Chou didn’t know that there was a gate to a dungeon on the island, but she dives in without hesitating because it looks like fun, prompting Altis, Ryuto, Bahamut and Neku to all follow suit. Kunkka stays behind to look after his ship.


FI, GROOSE and RAVIO are in an underground temple, because you see Groose is the hero in this story and as such he is wielding Fi in her Master Sword form, his little buddy Ravio watching from the sidelines. What is going on, you ask? Well, Groose just so happens to be going through some hero trials because he just found out he was the hero not long ago, but he is perfectly confident that he’ll pass them all because he is manly. The first trial is a battle against a magically-generated copy of THE WAR MAGE, the second trial is another battle against a copy of EPHRAIM while the third and final trial is a battle against several dozen Carbink whom are easily dispatched. Fi congratulates Groose, and Ravio presents him with 3 Pokeballs and the option to choose one of those Pokemon to have by his side as a partner: a classic choice between VENUSAUR, CHARIZARD or BLASTOISE. Groose, being the manly man he is however, decides to take -all- of the Pokemon rather than just one, because there’s nothing stopping him from doing that. This, however, triggers an extra trial that involves the HERO’S SHADE appearing to tutor Groose in the ways of the Master Sword for 3 days and 3 nights, the reason for this being his sheer balls to take all 3 Pokemon rather than just one despite being told he could only take one being an initiative required to use the Master Sword and be a hero or something. Groose passes the test, of course.

Several days later, Groose has taken Fi and Ravio out to the city in broad daylight to celebrate his passing of the Master Sword trial, but finds that the city is strangely deserted. It’s not that strange to Groose though given he’s not used to the city in this SM, but Ravio points out that cities are not supposed to be deserted and he knows because he’s traded in cities before. As they are taking however, a ragged-looking man shambles over the group…but it’s not actually a man – it’s a zombie! Groose mistakens it for a Re-Dead, but Fi assures him that it’s actually a genuine zombie and that it was human, but he has no choice but to slay it and release the human from his shame. Groose surprisingly has no problem with this, but soon finds himself surrounded by lots of zombies! He pounds them, of course, and then moves on ahead like it’s nothing.

While Groose is bear hugging and dual-grabbing zombies into oblivion, JUDGE NEMO watches from high-up in his office with a subtle smirk on his face, seemingly the only human to be unaffected by the outbreak. He is the ruler of the city, you see, but he doesn’t care that his people have been turned into zombies – in fact, he loves it! He is partly responsible for the outbreak in fact, as he witnessed the luxury cruiser from the start of the story arrive at port and flood out with zombies but didn’t do anything about it, instead going up to Dio and telling him that he can do whatever he wants with the city. Oh, and if you’re wondering how these new generic zombies could have been the JoJo zombies when those are superhuman and dissolve in sunlight, it’s because the JoJo zombies in this SM simply get weaker in sunlight and essentially become generic zombies until nightfall if they are ever exposed to the sun. Aren’t I creative?


Chou-Chou and friends continue where they left off in the Pandemonium Dungeon, their adventure basically being Chou-Chou Moe-Killing all demons in sight while Altis hoards all the treasure she can find. Also, they find Banjo and Kazooie in the dungeon and they join up with the group as the one of the few survivors of the first expedition.

Meanwhile, DHOULMAGUS is seen wandering through another part of Pandemonium in search of a secret room containing his “other half”. Ooooh. He is accompanied by some rather frightened warriors who are clinging to him because the demons aren’t attacking him, and the reason for that is because he – Dhoulmagus – is technically the demon lord Rapthorne who commands great respect from demons but the warriors don’t know that. Dhoulmagus, suddenly intrigued by what appears to be a doorway high-up, floats towards it to inspect it from close-up, leaving the warriors who were clinging to him to be devoured by demons that suddenly jump at them from nowhere.

“Such a pity.”

After finding that the doorway was not what he was seeking, Dhoulmagus floats back down, only to be confronted by Bellatrix who is in fact working for him and entered Pandemonium just before Kunkka’s ship arrived on the island.

“My Lord, some interesting people came in here just after the initial wave. I think you’ll like them!”

“Really now? I find that hard to believe when there is almost no one alive who can make it through Pandemonium without being respected by the demons within.”

“I couldn’t believe it too when I saw it, but there’s this little girl going around making quick work of even the highest tier of demons! She might even find the secret room for us!”

“That would certainly be convenient, but there’s no telling what someone with that kind of power would do if they found the room. We must make haste and find it before they do!”

After the villains’ conversation, you get put through some levels where Chou-Chou and co. venture through Pandemonium and fight against the 4 Pan Lords and of course defeat them, which rewards them with the Orb of Zot! The orb appears on a pedestal for the victor to claim, but Chou-Chou is distracted by a big door suddenly opening and immediately goes to see what’s inside: a dark room resembling a prison cell with a big black dog heavily chained up at the center. Poor doggy! Chou-Chou decides to set the dog free without thinking that it’s a trap given where they are, only to find that the dog isn’t actually an ordinary dog – it’s EVIL SIR LEOPOLD! The freed Leopold eyes Chou-Chou with interest as a potential target for possession and engages her in battle, but is defeated and forced to drop his staff which frees the dog from possession before it collapses. The staff is met with some curiosity from the group, but before they can act one of the members points out that the Orb of Zot got snatched up by someone else while they were fighting, that someone else being Bellatrix alongside Dhoulmagus and their new ally WIZZRO. Altis gets chummy with Bellatrix, but Chou-Chou wants the Orb of Zot back because she found it first. Dhoulmagus praises Chou-Chou for making it through Pandemonium and tells her that she can have the Orb of Zot if they give them the staff that “the dog” just dropped, not wanting to actually get into a fight with Chou-Chou knowing how powerful she is. Bahamut thinks the whole thing is suspicious and goes to pick up the staff, but she is possessed by Rapthorne and turned evil unbeknownst to her allies. Chou-Chou doesn’t want to give the staff away either and wants to have both it and the orb, but the possessed Bahamut attacks the group from behind with a large buffed fireball, greatly injuring everyone except for Chou-Chou. Dhoulmagus then tells Chou-Chou that the staff is possessed and that giving it to him will free her friend from possession as he is holding an identical staff so he won’t be possessed, and Chou-Chou, not wanting her friends to get hurt and being as surprisingly gullible as she is, allows Dhoulmagus to take the staff from Bahamut. The two staves then merge into one, where it is revealed that they were originally split and each contained half of Rapthorne but are now whole, giving Dhoulmagus enough power to enter his boss mode. This triggers a fight against boss Dhoulmagus, Bellatrix, Wizzro and several tier-1 Pandemonium demons, with Dhoulmagus actually managing to overwhelm Chou-Chou’s group if mostly because they’re injured and Chou-Chou trying to protect her helpless comrades. Dhoulmagus decides not to finish the group off himself however, and instead leaves with Bellatrix so he can be revived in his own flesh and blood as the real Rapthorne. This leaves Chou-Chou to fend off the remaining demons before she and her allies exit Pandemonium through a nearby portal after recuperating for a bit.


As Chou-Chou and co. were venturing through Pandemonium, Groose was clearing through hordes of zombies and starting to get hungry, so he went into a nearby supermarket in a large shopping mall to get something to eat. The store is empty, obviously, and Groose goes to help himself to a can of meat but is interrupted by STEVE CHAPMAN, who doesn’t allow vandalism in his store. Steve is defeated of course given he’s an ordinary human, allowing Groose an all-you-can-eat buffet of food from the shelves and Ravio even joins in because he doesn’t really have much of a choice in the situation. Groose then decides he needs to go take a dump, so he heads to the restrooms but is attacked by BRANDON WHITTAKER there whom he defeats by dunking his head in a toilet bowl like some kind of school bully. Later on, Groose passes by Cashman’s and is attacked by the Cashman employee SLAPPY, who accuses him of starting the zombie outbreak and manages to put up a half-decent fight but is quickly defeated.

Groose eventually reaches the center of the shopping complex and finds Dio (and Wang Chan) there surrounded by his newly-invigorated zombie army, as it is now nightfall. Fi deduces that Dio is the head of the zombies and that they might be able to end the outbreak by defeating him, so Groose swings over the guardrail and jumps down to greet the big man himself. The zombies move in close to block off Groose as he approaches Dio, but Dio tells them to back off and let him come closer, deciding that he will make Groose his personal servant akin to Wang Chan. Groose resists and is attacked by the zombies, but finds himself being overwhelmed by their increased speed and strength. With that, Dio asks Groose to submit to him, but they are suddenly interrupted by Chou-Chou’s group falling between them through the portal that sent them out of Pandemonium!

GROOSE: “Whoa…who the heck are you guys?”

CHOU-CHOU: “I am the overwhelmingly beautiful undisputed god of the universe…Chou-Chou!”

DIO: “A god you say? Yes, I do sense tremendous power emanating from you.That’s right – you’re the one I sensed earlier back on the cruiser!”

CHOU-CHOU: “Hmph, glad to see someone recognizes by greatness.”

RYUTO: “Uhhh, not to interrupt, but may I ask just what was going on here before we came crashing down?”

FI: “That head you see before you has taken this city as his own and turned the entire populous into undead. We confronted him in order to put an end to it, but it’s not going well for us.”

BAHAMUT: “You! You guys are the ones who threw me off the cruiser and ruined by vacation!”

DIO: “So there were a few survivors back then, eh? Well, not like it matters here. Zombies, kill them all!”

The zombies proceed to swarm over the heroes.

RYUTO: “W-What should we do Lady Chou-Chou!?”

CHOU-CHOU: “What, you don’t think I have a solution to this? If they’re zombies, I’ll simply make the source of their infection my peons!”

Chou-Chou performs a widespread Moe Kill, magically turning all the zombies in the city back into people and even reviving those who died in a rather ridiculous deus ex machina, albeit in a temporarily unconscious state. Needless to say, everyone is completely lost for words.


FI: “Incredible…not even we with our sacred powers could pull off something like that, let alone cure somebody once they’ve been fully infected.”

Chou-Chou’s allies have nothing but praise for her, but she is suddenly shot in the neck by a laser beam! Shocked by this, everyone turns to the culprit Dio.

DIO: “Such power! That is absolutely marvelous, and a perfect fit for my new body! It might not be the right size or gender, but if I had that power I would be completely unstoppable!”

Dio goes to extend his tentacle veins towards Chou-Chou while her allies are still in shock, only to find the goddess’s hand suddenly slapping them away, much to Dio’s shock.

CHOU-CHOU: “You thought something like that would be enough to best me? Please.”

Chou-Chou’s allies are relieved over the fact that she’s practically uninjured, and Dio and Wang Chan have found themselves in a corner. Wang Chan is left with no choice but to pick up Dio’s head and retreat using his nimble body, forcing Chou-Chou’s group to chase after them outside. Chou-Chou’s group manage to catch up upon reaching the exit, only to find Judge Nemo, seemingly directing mild applause to Chou-Chou.

NEMO: “Bravo. You managed to completely reverse the infection of a city that was practically doomed. Impressive stuff, really.”

FI: “Are you the one who disposed of those 2 zombies?”

NEMO: “You could say that, but maybe I didn’t? It doesn’t matter either way, because that’s not what matters here. Look out there.”

Nemo points out to sea which you can see from the city surprisingly enough, and swirling, malevolent clouds become visible from high-up in the distance.

NEMO: “What is that, you ask? -That- is the end. You may have stopped the zombie outbreak, but high above the seas Naxxramas has appeared and the demon lord Rapthorne will be revived there. And when that happens, the world will fall to him.”

BAHAMUT: “Rapthorne? No way…he was a demon lord of incredible power sealed away thousands of years ago. If he was released, he could destroy the world.”

CHOU-CHOU: “Demon lord? Pfft. I’m gonna go and make that guy my peon!”

NEMO: “I’d like to see you try.”

And with that, Nemo vanishes. Everyone then heads out towards the sea, where Kunkka happens to be waiting for them with his ship to take them to Naxxramas. He cannot take them into the sky, but Chou-Chou thinks otherwise and is able to make the ship magically fly due to being a godly presence or something.

Holding horrors in eeeevery roooom…​
Ghastly ghouls, POISONS and HORROR!​
But in the shadows lurks something more…​
Cleaving your face for neeeeeeeeew creations.​
And if by chance you should survive…​

Kunkka randomly gets giddy and starts saying creepy stuff, forcing Chou-Chou to tell him to shut up. They eventually close in to Naxxramas and the group blast a hole through the side of the wall, which everyone except for Kunkka jumps through to kickstart the adventure in Naxxramas.

The group find that Naxxramas is disappointingly empty upon entering it, starting off in the Arachnid Quarter which only offered a few easy enemies. They then reached the Plague Quarter, where the first notable enemy appeared before them: LOATHEB.

“I. SEE. YOU.”

“Is that so huh? Well by the time we’re done with you the only thing you’ll be seeing are stars!”

The group engage Loatheb in a battle where he is at his canonical, giant size. After beating him, they hear a sinister voice call out to them:

“Fools, you think yourselves triumphant? You have only taken one step closer to the abyss!”

“Who’s there? Show yourself!”

No reply. Having conquered the Plague Quarter, the group enter the Military Quarter, which is far more promising because of its name. Or so you’d think…

“WHAT!? How did you gain entry into Naxxramas?” The group turn to the voice, which belongs to BARON RIVENDARE…a really, really -short- Rivendare who is like a small child mounting a pony. The less serious members of the group can’t help but burst into laughter, especially Chou-Chou.

“You would laugh in the face of your DEATH!?”

“Nah, we’re just laughing at how hilariously short you are.”

“Well, I daresay my combat prowess is no laughing matter. In the face of Baron Rivendare of the Four Horsemen, you are all but lambs to the SLAUGHTER!”

“Oh? And where are the other 3 Horsemen?”

“They are not done preparing yet. But that ill matters, because my status effects are more than enough to grind all of your bones to DUST!”

“Yeah yeah. Let’s just get this fight started.”

And so you fight against Baron Rivendare, who almost appears slightly shorter than he is normally. And when defeated…

“I’m sorry master…it’s because you had to spend all that extra time modifying my initial flaws that the other horsemen are still being prepared…” Before fading into nothing.

“I grow tired of these games. Proceed, and I shall banish your souls to oblivion!”

The sinister voice taunts the heroes yet again as they make their way to the Construct Quarter, which sounds even more promising than the last Quarter. There, they meet a giant big baby by the name of PATCHWERK.

“Patchwerk play!”

“Okay, I’ll play with you!”

“Uhh, Lady Chou-Chou, I don’t think he means to play with you in -that- kind of way.”

“Geez Ryuto, you don’t have to go pointing it out for everyone.”

You play against giant cannonical-sized Patchwerk in a pseudo boss fight, where Chou-Chou proves to be more playmate than the big boy can handle.

“Patchwerk no play anymore…”

“Hmph, that was child’s play!”

“I-I dunno. That one blow could have done a real number on us if it had connected.”

“Shut up, Ryuto.”

“I should have sewn him together from better players.”

“You should have done that alright!”

“Shut up. It’s hard to find quality parts nowadays. Maybe I’ll use all your parts if you would just die for me.”

And so, the group continue their -playthrough- (couldn’t help myself) and encounter their next opponent, GROBBULUS, who doesn’t raise as much commotion as the last opponent and is defeated easily. Once they move on, they reach a sinister lab and encounter a hulking, immobile humanoid that suddenly springs to life as a lightning bolt crashes down on it. This monster’s name is THADDIUS.

“IT’S ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!! But you won’t be, for long…”

“Would you just SHUT UP and leave us alone!?”

“Sorry, I have nothing better to do.”

“I…MUST…OBEEEEEEEYYYYYY!” Thaddius shouts as he crackles with electricity and poses like in his picture, and his 2 wight buddies Feugen and Stalagg jump down to join the fight. “Feed you to master!” You now must fight Thaddius in his boss form, and upon defeating him all the various souls slumped stuck in him are released from their suffering.

“You have no idea what horrors lie ahead. You have seen nothing! The frozen heart of Naxxramas awaits you!”

“I just hope it’s not as -horrifically- disappointing as all these boring fights have been. Seriously, Pandemonium was -way- more interesting than this slogfest.”

“You went to Pandemonium?”

“That’s right!”

“Interesting. Tell me about it later.”

And so, Chou-Chou and group encounter a big sign saying “FROSTWYRM LAIR” and expected to see a big icy dragon pop out from the center of the room, only to be massively disappointed upon finding that she and her comrades could pass through to the other side of the room unhindered.

“You up there! Creepy voice guy! Isn’t there supposed to be some kind of Frostwyrm here!?”

“There is no Frostwyrm, or at least anymore. I just kept the sign there because I thought you’d all get scared and run away upon thinking that there was a big giant scary 40 foot tall dragon IN THE ROOM. Mindgames, son.”

“Wut…” Chou-Chou now has a hilariously sour look on her face. She and the group proceed through the hallway to the final room…


“Uhh, it’s too late to start sounding scary…”


And upon entering the room, they find a bony man sitting on a throne and the owner of the voice that’s been communicating with them all along: KEL’THUZAD.

“I was cast out by my comrades. Exiled. Forced to wander the frozen wastes…but I was not alone. Not entirely. The voice, now my only companion, guided me to my destination. Strange, nightmarish creatures awaited me at the entrance. I felt my blood run cold, as cold as Icecrown itself.

Inside, I bore witness to horrific acts, demonstrations of power, power that could be mine for the asking. Terrified, I ran…but did not get far. All too soon, my choice was made. Too late did I realize that such power does not come…without a price.

Now, the world shall pay a far greater toll, for I have returned.

I am Kel’Thuzad…

Your curiousity will be the death of you.”​

“Curiosity might have killed the cat, but I’m no mere feline: I’m the Undisputed God of the Universe, Chou-Chou! Also you can stop talking in italics now.”

“Once a human mage of the neutral order of mages, the Kirin Tor, I was a member of it’s Council of Six that made many of it’s descisions. I had an insatheable thirst for knowledge and even with the disapproval of the other mages studied the forbidden art of Necromancy. Frustrated with their anthequated precepts, I Ieded the vast call of the demon lord Rapthorne’s mental summons and forsaked my positheon in the Kirin Tor to answer it and find the great powers I seeked, settheng forth to Northrend, my mind prodded by the voice of the demon lord. Travelling alone, I sailed to Northrend and then walked it’s icy wastes, past the ruined city of Azjol-Nerub and finding Pandemonium, the home of the demon lord.

Boldly approaching Pandemonium, I was surprised to find that I was allowed in without worry, as if I was an expected guest. Descending to the bottom of the fleshy citadel, I bowed before the demonic throne itself and offered my soul to the dark lord. Promised immortality and great power in exchange for my loyalty and obedience, my first mission was to found the Cult of the Damned in the demon lord’s name, being allowed to keep my humanity intact for this mission. After three years of the infiltratheon of the kingdom of Lordaeron via the Cult, the demon lord ordered me to spread the plague of undeath across the land via cauldrons, which thanks to the Cult’s popularity spread like a wildfire. This led to Dhoulmagus investigation of it, and my death, but as Dhoulmagus fell to being a staff puppet I was in turn raised as a Lich and we would soon become fast allies. After many more events that are not parthecularly relevant, I would be left in charge of the Scourge forces as Dhoulmagus and Bellatrix’s funky sleep fusion occured, leading to the necropolis of Naxxramas as I bided my theme.

A strong wizard with a fondness for ice magic and a potent lich, I am a deadly foe.”

“Boring. No need to tell your life story.”

“True, because it won’t matter to you when you’re dead and under my control. Minions, servants, soldiers of the cold dark…obey the call of KEL’THUZAD!”

–after defeat—


“Maybe you should have spent more time honing you skills instead of your wisecracks.”

“Auugh…Hehahahahahaha!! Fools! That was all merely an act to buy my master time to revive himself! And now his power flows through me, his loyal servant! Brace yourselves, for you now face the true might of KEL’THUZAD!!”

“Running to your master knowing you can’t beat us by yourself? Whatever, I’ll just smack you around again until you -know- the difference in our strength!”


–initiate battle against Kel’Thuzad’s boss mode–

Kel’Thuzad is down for the count this time, but he doesn’t care as his master waits above and will destroy them all. Rather than kill Kel, Chou-Chou uses his chains to tie him up in a pose identical to his Warlord Ranking picture to shut him up for good, before blasting a hole through the ceiling and everyone leaping up to the roof where Bellatrix and boss Dhoulmagus awaits them. The two must be fought together and are both defeated afterwards in a grudge match, but it’s too late as Rapthorne has been revived in full glory, now looming over the citadel as a colossal entity.


Rapthorne is a colossal sight to behold, and while his hurtbox takes up almost the entire screen he has quite a lot of health to make up for it. He will attack you with various moves such as lightning bolts, slamming his arm down, an icy breath and a disruptive wave among other various spells, most of these attacks having an enormous amount of coverage. Worse yet, he will often makes holes in the stage that you can fall through, and various Naxxramas enemies will clamber out to assist him in battle at any given time…

…I need to play Dragon Quest 8, don’t I?

Rapthorne is destroyed, and Chou-Chou is hailed as a hero for destroying an entity that, until now, was feared for being a serious threat that could destroy the world. It is revealed that Dhoulmagus and Leopold survive, while Nemo appears bitter about Rapthorne failing to destroy the world. Shadowed villains snicker at Rapthorne’s demise, opening the path for further adventures.

~ PART 2 ~




After beating Rapthorne, our heroes head to DK Isle to celebrate, where FUNKY KONG randomly throws them a party because he’s friends with Groose or something. KLUDGE shows up to ruin the party, but is forced to settle down and join the heroes, Funky using the opportunity to show off his ZANT and SONIC HEROES amiibos.

As the heroes are celebrating, AANG, KORRA and TRAXEX, THE DROW RANGER arrive on a boat and request help as the evil empire is trying to steal amiibos across the world. They reveal that they have a IMAKUNI amiibo in their possession, and have hired AXTON to help with their mission. Chou-Chou agrees to help because she was going to go out on another adventure anyway, and the rest of the gang follow suit. The newcomer protags then go to show off their other amiibos: QUOTE/CURLY, MARX and MEGA BEEDRILL.

The group encounter DEADPOOL in his pirate costume and get him to join the team alongside his MAGCARGO, LANCE, TOON LINK 2.0, INKLING and OMOCHAO amiibos. They then encounter YOMIKO READMAN and she joins the team with her MAGIKARP, STEVE, CAPTAIN TOAD and SAILOR MOON amiibos. They are attacked by GENJO SANZO however, who reveals that he has amiibos of TAMAKI KAWAZOE, DR. ROBOTNIK, BOOM SONIC, CANDY KONG, LOUIE, NANO SHINONOME, CAPTAIN TOAD/TOADETTE, YOUNG LINK, IMPA, HITMONCHAN, DOOD, JACK ATLAS, BASS and DAISY, by far the biggest collection of anyone. He attempts to steal the protags’ collection and sends out his ACCELGOR to help him while also enlisting the aid of CLAWGRIP who suddenly jumps out of the ocean, Clawgrip adding his BAYMAX AND HIRO, TYRANTUM and ABAN HAWKINS amiibos to Genjo’s collection. Genjo fights Yomiko, Banjo and Kazooie fight Clawgrip while Accelgor fights Groose’s Pokemon, and the 3 are defeated and forced to retreat while leaving their Amiibos behind. Afterwards, the heroes meet up with the Avatar allies of ZHU LI and SOKKA.

Genjo goes to report his failures to his boss FATHER CORNELLO, but is impaled for his faliure – similar to his death in his source material. It is revealed that Genjo had a ROY amiibo in his possession, which Cornello crushes with his cane in disgust. He then sends out his minion NUE HOUJUU, who was just playing with her HERACROSS amiibo, and partners her with HOL HORSE to get the job done. We then see the two out in the ocean on a speedboat (which Hol Horse owns) that is invisible thanks to Nue’s powers, with Hol Horse using a pair of binoculars to keep an eye on a WONDER RED amiibo he set out in the middle of the ocean atop a rock to lure the protagonists into a trap.

After waiting for a what seemed like an eternity, Hol Horse spots a speedboat speeding by and goes to fire at it by reflex, shooting the hell out of it like his life depended on it. It’s revealed that it was just FRANK WEST in a nice boat, however, uining Hol Horse’s trap. Frank’s boat is sunk as a result, but the heroes conveniently come by and save him. Noticing that the protagonists’ ship was their real target, Hol Horse fires at them, but the bullets don’t do anything to the ship and only get the 2 villains noticed. Nue fights the protagonists and loses, prompting Hol Horse to abandon her by speeding away with the speedboat, forcing Nue to join up with the protagonists partly to get revenge for being abandoned by Hol Horse. Frank West also joins the group, and reveals that he has a KHYBON and SYLVEON amiibos in his possession. He acknowledges the group as having put a stop to a zombie outbreak he would have attended to, but was too busy covering a war.

The group finally reach their destination, an island with a tall futuristic tower at the center. They have only learned from Yomiko that the itower is actually a factory that’s manufacturing evil mind-controlling amiibos in the place of proper, genuine ones, and it’s her job, together with the Avatar group and Deadpool, to destroy it.

The group set foot on the island and notice a village that’s under attack by THE GRANDMATRIACHS, with DONNEL on the frontlines bravely trying to fight back despite having next-to-no combat experience. Chou-Chou hops in and beats the granny devil, where she is recognized as the hero that defeated Rapthorne and thrown a feast in commemoration – or at least they would, but they don’t have enough food to throw around because half of it always gets taken and sent to the Empire for some reason. It’s also revealed that the monster they just defeated – the Grandmatriachs – was actually a satanic summoning gone wrong by some villagers, who were hoping that it would go and destroy the factory at the center of the island so they can free some of the villagers who are being made to work as slaves there. The heroes inform the villagers that they came to the island with the intent of destroying the factory, and let Donnel join their group because he wants to be strong and he obviously won’t die so easily if he’s with a bunch of strong people. He gives the heroes a YOSHI 2.0 amiibo as thanks.

The group head into the factory, beat up some bald Fist of the North Star knock-offs and reach the top in record time, where they encounter a giant purple energy core being guarded by J.

“Greetings fellow warriors. I guard this great amiibo factory in hopes that a worthy opponent may one day appear before me. My name is….J.”

“J? You mean as in J-A-Y, or does the J stand for something?” One of the guys like Ryuto asks, but is ignored.

“No Ryuto, that’s not the kind of question you ask a fine gentleman like him. What you were really meant to ask was: is he an onion, or a garlic?”

“Why don’tcha find out the hard way? Though I guarantee it’ll make you cry!” J goes to assume his fighting stance and makes a beckoning motion to invite one of the protagonists to face him in 1v1.

“Let me handle this.” Ravio, of all people, steps out of the crowd towards J, surprising most of the heroes. He sounds surprisingly serious.

“Huh? What brought this on, lil buddy?” Groose asks.

“There’s only one room for a masked food fighter here. And that’s ravioli!”

“Very good. I like your resolve. As for the rest of you, you may leave the arena.” J goes to flick 2 fingers up, causing black flames to engulf the rest of the protagonists and teleport them elsewhere. The only ones who remain unaffected are Nue, Deadpool and of course Chou-Chou.


“Impressive. Some of you were able to withstand my power to forcibly teleport others.”

“Hey! What the hell did you do with everyone!?” Chou-Chou asked angrily, showing concern for her friends.

“Relax. I just teleported back out to the entrance. Go look over there if you don’t believe me.” J points, prompting the 3 unaffected characters to turn around and see that J wasn’t lying. Deadpool goes to wave to the others, some of whom – the more energetic ones – go to wave back at him.

“If you can teleport anyone anywhere you like, why not just dump em all in a volcano? I mean, seriously, making them walk all the way back here is a pretty dick move, don’t you think?” Deadpool asks, earning him a scowl from Chou-Chou.

“I’m not a jerk like that, and even if I wanted to there are no nearby volcanoes for me to use. I do know of someone who would actually do that, though-”

“Hello? I’m ready to fight now!” Ravio shouts, surprisingly impatient. With that, Ravio and J go into battle with each other. SPOILER ALERT: Ravio wins. Barely. Both are forced to their knees, but J collapses. By the time it’s all over, the other heroes who were teleported outside have made it back in, not surprised to see J taken down. J commends Ravio’s skills, and informs him of a compartment beneath the purple energy core that contains the only amiibos that have yet to be corrupted and turned evil: THE BOY AND HIS BLOB, CASTFORM, SQUID GIRL, KRYSTAL, UMBREON, DIXIE KONG and LUCINA amiibos are received.

“Everyone, we need to destroy the energy core to halt the production of the amiibos!” Yomiko reminds the heroes of why they came into the factory in the first place.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. My power alone was running this entire factory, and if it stops running it’ll go out of control and take down the entire island in a huge explosion that’ll kill everyone.” says J.

“Pfft. Do you really think we’d fall for such an obvious bluff? I mean, you’re obviously lying about the fact that you have enough power to run an entire facility by yourself.” Chou-Chou says with a smirk on her face.

“You did see me teleport your allies outside, did you not? If you want to survive, you’ll have to find a suitable energy replacement.”

This causes Chou-Chou to get anxious as she now somewhat believes J’s lie. The protagonists look around one another to scan out whether anyone would have enough energy, most looking at Chou-Chou, until an unlikely volunteer speaks up.

“I’ll go.” Said Neku. That’s right, Neku.

“Who are you again?”

“Nobody really likes me, and I obviously have no chance of getting on the Top 50, so I’m the best choice if someone’s gonna stay behind.”

“Do you even have enough power?”

“Watch and learn, dawg.” Neku flips towards the energy core, and lets himself get absorbed into it, powering it up even more than usual! Much bling flies out, possibly explaining why he had so much power. But that doesn’t really matter, so let’s move on.

After beating J, the heroes – save for Ravio – leave, and decide to go out and defeat the Evil Empire, the ones responsible for the amiibo mess they were in. They set out to the seas with Donnel’s guidance.

At the end of the chapter, a scene plays where J attempts to give Ravio a portion of his Fist of the Black Sun power, but Ravio bitch slaps it aside like the man he is. He ain’t no softy cone head…okay that made no sense.


Wang Chan and Dio, who are revealed to have survived the zombie incident, find Cornello’s cathedral and take shelter from the rising sun. Cornello, posing as a genuine priest, greets the duo humbly and asks if they have come for anything. Wang Chang suggests to Dio to kill the priest and take his body, but Dio decides to play along for the time being, as he senses something powerful and sinister about the priest. Dio reveals that he is a vampire and is looking for a head, to which Cornello replies that he is willing to give the vampire a hand, and proceed to talk about other things. This references Dio and Pucci’s relationship in Part 6, Cornello taking Pucci’s role in this SM.

Later on Hol Horse walks in on Cornello eating an oversized leg of ham, but hasn’t been noticed by him yet. Hol Horse decides to assassinate Cornello so he can take his riches and not get killed for his failure. He goes to shoot Cornello from behind, only to end up hitting a dummy that dissolves into sand. The real Cornello approaches Hol Horse from behind and mocks him, saying he can’t be killed so easily, but offers to spare his life because he’s valuable for his Stand. Later on, Cornello gets Hol Horse to partner up with Dio and Wang Chan. Dio gives Hol Horse the shivers, and he remarks that he could have been his boss instead in another world as he has enough charisma and competence.

Meanwhile, our heroes have arrived on a large island containing a large medieval city on their side and a huge castle belonging to the empire on the other side. The trip was long, however, and the heroes ate all the food on the ship so now they’re hungry. But what do you know? There happens to be a Chuck E Cheese’s close to the port!

“Woooooooooah! That’s so cool!” Chou-Chou, being something of a kid herself, is completely fascinated by the fast food restaurant, as Mugen Souls does not have takeout in any of the worlds. She has completely forgotten about her hunger.

“Oh yeah. This is your first time seeing one of these, isn’t it?” said Ryuto.

“I’d rather go to a more EVIL restaurant like McDonalds, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers.” Altis states her opinion.

“You do realize that those kinds of food don’t fill you up, right? We’re on a mission here: we should all go to a fitness store and buy some protein to enhance our muscles.” Axton suggests.

“Ugh. You guys don’t have any taste! Look, we may as well sit down and enjoy some -actual- food. I’ll shout for you all just this once.” Bahamut says, being rich, because lol character bias.

“Personally, I don’t mind so long as I can sit down somewhere quiet and read.” says Yomiko, because she likes reading.

“I’m fine with any choice so long as we get a free toy with our meal.” Says Deadpool.

“You mean the meals come with free toys!? You guys, we’re building one of these places on the ship right now!” Chou-Chou demanded.

“Not on my ship! I don’t want Tidehunter being attracted by the smell of greasy food.” (has never played DotA 2)

And so, after much more pointless dialogue, the heroes step into the store, only to be greeted by a stereotypical plump Italian chef.

“Welcome to-a-my restaurant. Make-a-yourselves at home!”

Everyone goes to sit down, while the plump chef scurries to the kitchen, and goes to press a button. Then, all of a sudden, the floor beneath the heroes gives way and they fall through a trap door! They fall for what could be several hundred Ganon heights, and land on something surprisingly supple and squishy. No, not boobs, but rather a gigantic round adhesive dough base! Everyone finds themselves having landed in all sorts of weird positions, stuck to the dough. Bahamut is stuck halfway through the dough, just like how she got stuck in the swamp at the end of episode 2 of her anime. Deadpool is in a humiliating position with his butt sticking out upright and his head barely not submerged. Ryuto lands on Altis in a lucky lewd position, groping her boobs, but is kicked back and lands in the dough head-first, his feet sticking out and flailing while he squirms. Everyone else is struggling in a more serious generic manner, but Yomiko seems surprisingly relaxed – she’s in a resting position while continuing to read the book she started reading – while Chou-Chou seems unaffected by the dough to the point of being able to swim in it.

“So this is what fast food restaurants are like, huh?”

“Hardly. This is a trap set by the enemy!”

“You are-a correct!”

Everyone turns to face the owner of the voice: the fat chef, who descends and dissolves, revealed as none other than MAD MIKE!

“You’ve-a-all fallen into my trap! Tres bien!”

“Uhhh, that’s not even an Italian word.” One of the protagonists points out dryly.

“Shut-a-up! You’ve-a-all been very naughty, so I was-a-ordered by the Empire to to-a serve you all-a-up for desert! Bon appetite!” Mad Mike flicks an ON switch at the wall, causing the temperature of the room to suddenly shoot up. He then teleports out of the room with evil villain magic.

“Great, now we’re all going to die. I knew we should have gone to McDonalds instead.”

“Never mind that! How we are going to get out of here?”

“Calm down. There should be plenty of ways for us to escape, given the various powers possessed among our group members…” Yomiko remarks.

“Come on guys, it’s not that difficult: we just have to wiggle out of here at grab difficulty, just like escaping from a grab in Smash!” Deadpool suggests, silly as usual from him, especially given his humiliating position.

“I don’t think that will work. Based on the adhesiveness of this pizza, we could be here for well over 30 seconds before escaping, and would most likely be fried before then.”

“Couldn’t we just overheat the crust of the pizza? We have plenty of firepower among us to make that happen.”

Anyways, the group escape through some silly means like eating the pizza before making their way back up to Mad Mike before having to fight him…

“How did you-a-escape!? That topping was supposed to be cheese supreme!”


ost: Pennywise Theme unless anyone suggests anything better

Mad Mike has 500HP, and rides around on a unicycle with pizza wheels for increased mobility. Mike can actually take knockback and hitstun like a regular character due to his size, making it possible to trap him in a combo, but after half a dozen hits he’ll flip to the opposite side of the stage and immediately start up an attack.

Pizza Toss: Mad Mike says “How bout’ a little fire and brimstone?” while spinning around before tossing out 6-10 pizzas at once that spread out across the screen. Should a pizza hit, it’ll explode in a tacky visual while dealing 6% and light knockback on a high angle. This isn’t a strong move, but it’s sure annoying as heck due to being fast, erratic and frequently spammed by the pizza meister. What’s more, with half health Mike will follow this up with…

Flying Pizzas: Saying “A little too spicy for you?”, Mike points at you and has any remaining pizzas face the screen. The pizzas then go to dive at you before doing a u-turn back to where they started and repeating the process 3 times before flying off the screen. You’ll need to either destroy the pizzas, shield them or dodge to avoid taking damage, because if one pizza hits they are all likely to rack up a surprising amount of damage on you.

Unicycle Ride: Mad Mike shouts “Pizza delivery!” while comically riding his unicycle in place before speeding across the stage to the other side, quickly skidding to a halt and turning around once he reaches his destination. If you’re caught in this attack, you’ll be dragged along for 20 hits of 1% before being launched back sharply, well away from Mike whom can start up his next attack without interruption. This isn’t so much of an attack as it is the way Mike moves back and forth across the stage, only it’s worth a motion due to being hazardous.

Drive You Crazy: Mad Mike turns around spontaneously -!- and notices the sound of a revving engine behind him. With this, a laser fires at him



Image result for dio brando

ost: Dio’s World

AZULA is seen looking throughout the balcony of the Empire’s castle, along with a generic guard peering at the heroes walking along the streets of the city using a pair of binoculars. Azula is annoyed over how Mad Mike and EX Red King, two very power warriors, have failed to defeat the heroes. She is then approached by KUVIRA, who suggests starting up their annual tournament early to lure the protagonists in…

We then cut to a tournament, which attracts the heroes’ attention. It takes place in the obvious colosesum setting.

The first match is HYDRAZOA against CHROM. Chrom goes to rush towards Hydrazoa like an amateur boxer, but that’s exactly what Hydrazoa wants as he opens up his body and traps Chrom inside to drown him, defeating and possibly killing him. It is then revealed at the end of the match that he was actually an impostor who used Chrom’s name to garner up hype for himself.

The next match is SHREK vs YOSEMITE SAM. It turns out that Shrek, despite being an ogre, is actually a beloved fan favorite, while Yosemite Sam is a persistent bumble and everyone is looking forward to how he’ll screw up this time, making this the no.1 match-up in the tournament. Shrek goes to showboat to the crowd to hype them up even more, which angers Sam and makes cartoon steam come out of his ears. Sam goes to place some TNT in the middle of the arena, then moves past the TNT and dares Shrek to step over the line. Shrek is of course not stupid enough to step over the line, which angers Sam and he goes to kick the TNT towards Shrek, but he simply uses his ogre strength to toss it back towards Sam with ease. Sam, realizing he’ll lose if the TNT hits him, fires his guns to move himself back with the kickback, yet while he moves himself out of the TNT’s range he ends up flying off the stage to his defeat, leaving Shrek the winner.

Chou-Chou enters the tournament to represent the protagonists given it would obviously be pointless for anyone else among that group to enter when they would lose to her anyway if they ended up fighting against her. Chou-Chou’s preliminary match is last, and she finds herself frustrated over how everyone is adoring Shrek more than her when she’s the undisputed god of the universe, and intends to make everyone in the crowd understand that. Needless to say, she easily wins all her matches, but none of her defeated opponents were notable enough among the crowd to garner her a lot of support.

Shrek eventually goes up against Hydrazoa, emulating the latter’s match-up against Kid Muscle in Ultimate Muscle in that both characters are physically strong and like to fart. Hydrazoa expresses jealously towards Shrek because he’s gotten more attention than him, because you know Hydrazoa’s set was ignored compared to Shrek when they are initially posted lol. Hydrazoa tries to do his normal drowning trick on Shrek, but is forced to back off when Shrek lets off a nasty one inside his body. Hydrazoa when uses his Up Special to set the stage on fire from high above, but Shrek puts out the fire just by sitting on it like how he put out the candle fire with just his finger in the first film. With this, Hydrazoa decides to get campy with his projectiles, but Shrek pulls up his invincible multi-layered shield to block them all, forcing Hydrazoa to approach as the two wrestle it out for a moment before Hydrazoa is ultimately defeated. This results in Shrek and Chou-Chou facing off against each other in the finals.

CHOU-CHOU: “Why does everyone even like you? You’re just a big stupid ugly ogre!”

SHREK: “And you’re just a little girl who’s in over her head.”

CHOU-CHOU: “Grr! That’s it! Now I’m super pissed!”

Chou-Chou starts off the fight by rushing towards Shrek with a flying kick, but he simply woofs down 3 onions and uses his invincible shield to block all her oncoming attacks before transitioning into a grab game, but he simply pushes Chou-Chou back instead of doing any serious damage to her given she looks like a little girl. The heroes in particular are shocked as Shrek is the first opponent who’s ever repelled Chou-Chou in battle, and being treated like a small child has really damaged Chou-Chou’s pride. Worse yet, Chou-Chou is starting to get dizzy from the deadly gas of Shrek’s fart which he secretly let off earlier on, mostly from being up-close to Shrek for a prolonged amount of time, causing her to faint. Shrek is declared the winner, and Chou-Chou’s friends, moreso Altis and Ryuto, rush over to her in devastation, as they were absolutely sure that she could defeat any opponent. A group of masked paramedics come in to take Chou-Chou away for “emergency treatment”, but Chou-Chou’s allies will have none of that and push the paramedics away, saying that they’ll treat their comrade themselves. The paramedics who were pushed aside make their fall more dramatic than need be to make the heroes look like villains to fool the crowd, and guards are called up to push back Chou-Chou’s allies as they claim that they are irresponsible for letting a small child fight in a dangerous tournament and that they have the medical technology necessary to help her recover. The protagonists could easily fight back against the guards, but the crowd starts throwing stuff at them and tells them to get out of the arena, forcing them to leave while defending themselves from thrown stuff.

Altis and Ryuto attempt to retrieve Chou-Chou after leaving the arena, but they are attacked by guards who want them arrested and are forced to fight their way through, ultimately being forced to leave the main city branch of the empire. They ultimately find themselves in a swamp and take recluse there, but soon find that it belongs to Shrek when he returns and he’s really not happy about them being there. The protagonists explain their predicament to Shrek, but he still wants them out as he doesn’t want the empire wrecking his home when he’s already co-existing with them by agreeing to show up in their annual tournaments to be their cash cow in exchange for not being persecuted and having his swamp destroyed. It’s too late though, as soldiers have arrived to arrest the protagonists and ask Shrek for his co-operation as he’ll be rewarded handsomely for it. Shrek doesn’t need a reward, only solitude, and refuses to sell out the protagonists and instead helps them drive out the soldiers. The protagonists question why Shrek helped them when could have just sold them all in and continued to live in his swamp peacefully, but Shrek replies by saying that he doesn’t like the empire and wants them to stop putting him in tournaments so he can just retire for good, and thinks there’s a chance that the protagonists could crush the empire if he joins up with them so he’s willing to risk being targeted by them for that. And with that, they all go to rescue Chou-Chou from her captives…but before that, Shrek offers Groose a choice between 3 Pokemon: MEGANIUM, TYPHLOSION and FERALIGATR. But Groose, being the man he is, decides to take -all- of them.


The heroes bust through the front gate of the castle and fight their way through guards, before ultimately confronting Azula and Kuvira. Needless to say, they win, but Nemo appears and reveals that he is actually the true ruler of the empire. Azula thinks it’s total crap, as she explains that Nemo is their adviser and suggested that they steal amiibos from across the world in the first place, then replace with evil ones that would unite the world or some ridiculous crap. Azula goes to casually throw throw a fireball at Nemo to put him in his place, but he simply teleports behind her and summons a reaper’s scythe to kill her, removing her soul from her body before destroying it with a swing of the scythe. Now that everyone will take him seriously, Nemo goes on to explain to the protagonists that “your princess is in another castle” before a massive towers bursts out from the center of the castle, tearing it in half. This leaves everyone amidst castle ruins, but surprisingly completely unharmed.

Nemo explains that the “true rulers of the world” reside in the tower, and that the heroes will have to defeat them all if they want to rescue Chou-Chou. He then laughs evil before vanishing. Kuvira is forced to team up with the protagonists, and joins their group, much to the reluctance of her enemies among them.

The heroes advance through the tower and defeat the Arlong pirates. They then have to fight against the New Fishman Pirates, but are confused as to why Hody is referring to Arlong in past tense. It is revealed that Hody wants to kill all humans and take over the world as revenge against them for the Snomads’ past defeat, as they were good friends of the Fishmen.

Decken is defeated quite easily before running away comically like a coward, but Hody completely overwhelms the group using his O.D Jones form, as none of the group members are canonically powerful enough to take him on – especially given they’ve been forced to fight underwater. Hydrazoa comes along and saves them however, surprisingly overwhelming O.D given he has a huge advantage underwater. Hydrazoa defeats O.D by using his Side Special to freeze him underwater, where he is unable to move and sealed away for all eternity…or at least until Chou-Chou comes along and kicks his butt for real.

After beating O.D, we see PRIME MINISTER HONEST with his son Syura and get a fun little conversation that you totally all saw coming…or not.

“Heh, it sure looks exciting down there.” Syura says while sitting on a couch watching a TV screen.

“Mah boi, this carnage is what all true dictators strive for.” Honest replies, trying to teach his son a valuable life lesson, while drinking from a wine glass and raising his index finger as to imitate a certain cheesy king.

“I just wonder what’ll happen when they meet HIM.”

The next scene shows the heroes entering a room, relieved over the amusement park battles being finally over. But suddenly, when they enter a large room…

“Welcome to Money Castle! It’s the most glorious sight you’ll ever lay eyes on, and it’ll only cost you…YOUR LIVES!!”

The group look ahead to see the owner of the voice: HALEKULANI. Who is sitting on his throne while money rains down from all parts of the room.

“Looks like someone’s GOT to have money…”

“Hmhmhm…” Altis snickers.

“Hey, don’t tell me you’re thinking of stealing this guy’s money…though I do admit he has waaay too much of it.” Ryuto says.

“If I burned all of the money here, the world economy would collapse and nobody could afford video games, let alone make them!”


Altis suddenly becomes energetic, and uses her gun to spray fire to burn up all the dollar bills.

“Huh, you’re actually going through with it right now!?”

“HEY YOU, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING TO MY PRECIOUS MONEEEEEEEEEEEH!!” Halekulani screams, actually getting off his throne and pointing at Altis condescendingly.

“Hmph. You know, a lot of girls would love to have this kind of money to afford expensive dresses, while you let all of this money go to waste just to show off how rich you are. Come to think of it, this money might actually be fake…” Altis wonders as she starts burning the money, leaving about half of it remaining.


“So what dude? You gonna trick us into taking the money and then send us down a trap hole when we go reach for it?”

“Hardly! I can manipulate money, and use it to turn people into even more money!”

Halekulani goes to send his money at the protagonists, but it suddenly stops in midair.


“You picked the wrong group to mess with.” Yomiko says, confidently. “As a paper master, I can manipulate paper. These dollar bills are made of paper, so therefore I can control them.” From there, members of group begin using fire, ice and water-based powers to quickly destroy the paper bills around them. Hydrazoa simply destroys the paper on contact with his watery body, while Shrek goes to use it as toilet paper, much to the disgust of those near him.

“No, my money! Please, stop! I’ll do anything! I’ll give you ten dollars!”

“Please. You think anyone falls for that trick anymore?”

“We didn’t come here for money: we came here to rescue our friend, and to save the world!”

With that, Yomiko manipulates a bunch of money into a giant hammer, which goes to swing down on Halekulani and knock him out for good. The heroes then move on, and we’re treated to a cutscene where Halekulani is teleported back to Honest by Syura and punished for his failure. Also, the heroes find a jar with SYRUP in it, but that doesn’t really matter at the moment.

“Please, forgive me! I didn’t have enough money!”

“Shut up, loser. You didn’t put that money to good enough use, and now you’re gonna pay the ultimate price: your life.” Syura goes towards Halekulani and grabs him by the forehead before teleporting the both of them to the top of a volcano. “Enjoy your hot bath!”

“Nooooooooooooo!!” Halekulani falls into the volcano, and dies of course. Syura then teleports back to his beloved father.

“To think that fool got such a high from fake money. It saddens me to say that the quality of useful minions is dropping nowadays.” Honest mentions.

“You didn’t need that fool when you have ME to take care of those rebels.”

“If you insist, then there’s no stopping you, boy. I wonder what’s for dinner.”

Syura leaves the room with an evil smirk on his face.

The heroes encounter Syura, but he’s got guards on his side and manages to bunch them all up before teleporting them over the same volcano he dumped the h-man in.

“Heh, what a terrible group of protagonists.” Syura says to himself before turning back and teleporting away again, utterly confident that he’s defeated the heroes.

And so, the heroes find themselves falling into a volcano. They survive, however, because some of them can fly and carry the others who can’t fly. The heroes then explore the surrounding area, which is nothing but a volcano on an island. There is a cave at the base of the volcano, however, and by venturing through it they enter an underwater cavern under the sea, where they run into Vander Decken again, with a massive, heavily-chained ship behind him.


Decken turns towards the protagonists, shocked that they’ve suddenly appeared before him. He thinks they’ve come to stop him from killing Cornello, but they insist that they’re trying to find a way back to the Empire, and that they have no idea who Cornello is as of yet. You see, Decken wants to kill Cornello instead of Shirahoshi because the latter doesn’t have a moveset, therefore doesn’t exist in this SM, and because Cornello did something to tarnish Decken’s ancestors a long time ago. You see, Decken’s full name in this SM is Vander “David” Decken, and he’s the the 8th descendant of the Flying Dutchman…yes, the actual Spongebob character who got a set from David back in MYM10. It totally makes sense. Turns out the Dutchman did have children: his son grew up to be a martian, while his son grew up to be a freaky barber, while his son grew up to be an incompetent pirate, while his son grew up to be a greedy businessman, while his son grew up to be an Easter-hating dictator, while his son grew up to be the President of an obscure country, who then bred with a fish…person and gave birth to Vander David Decken. From there, Decken inherited his great, great, great, great, great grandfather’s ship, also named the Flying Dutchman. Anyways, it turned out that this Cornello guy criticized something Decken’s father did, so he’s out to kill him for petty revenge.

They ask what Decken is doing: turns out he’s trying to break the chains of the gigantic shop Noah, which he’s going to send flying towards Princess Shirahoshi so he can kill her because she refused to marry him.

Two guards are seen dragging the uconscious Chou-Chou along the dark halls of a dungeon, only to bump into a tall, imposing shadowed figure. The guards stumble back and drop Chou-Chou, who is lifted by the scruff of her neck by the figure. Upon seeing the figure, the guards immediately panic.

“S-Sir! What should we do with this prisoner?”

“What do we have here? A little pewman, eh? Guess killing her would be a bit too barbaric, even for me. Put her in the DUNGEON for the rest of her days!”

“But sir, wouldn’t leaving her to rot away in a dungeon be more cruel than simply killing her while she’s unconscious?”

“Do you have a problem with my decision?”

“N-No sir!” The guards go to lock Chou-Chou in a cell, but are approached by Father Cornello.

“I have business with that child. Leave her in my hands.”

“Yes sir!” The guards are then dismissed.

Chou-Chou wakes up to find herself lying on a bed in a room resembling that of a princess’s in a fairy tale, where Father Cornello greets her kindly. Yes, it turns out that the two actually know each other in this SM, Chou-Chou recognizing Cornello as the one who helped her gather followers given she is technically god if you take her word for it. The room is strangely nostalgic to Chou-Chou despite it not being a part of the Mugen Souls universe, to the point where she comes to believe that all that had transpired in her adventures was but a dream and that she was finally back home, given there’s no way she could have possibly been sent back in time. Cornello convinces Chou-Chou that it was all a dream, and that he will take care of everything for her…

Cornello places an unconscious Chou-Chou in front of him and uses his chain lightning to carve up a pentagram, which is then used to summon the devil AKA The Grandmatriachs, who resemble Satan only made up of cookies and has a grandma face.

“We rise.”

“Ah, there you are. I have a little present you might like.”

“Do tell, sonny. We can’t see all that well in our old age.”

“You know how you, being the Devil, have always opposed God? Well guess what I have in front of me?”

“Ah, so that’s what we feel in front of us. Long have we waited for the moment God would lie helpless before us.”

“As have I.”

“It tried to get rid of us, the nasty thing. We almost initiated the Grandmapocalypse, but she had to intervene and banish us to Cookieverse,where we were mutated and became dough-like in essence over time. But now the Cookiverse is OUR domain, and even God will fall before us in there.”

“Yes then. Now go and take your God.”

“We would like to thank you for your kindness. How about a cookie?”

A rotting hand extends from Satan’s torso and holds out a cookie for Cornello.

“Cookies? Please. My diet only consists of meat and small children!”

“You make me sick.”

Satan goes to pick up Chou-Chou and absorb her into its body before sinking into a portal leading to the Cookieverse.

“The feeling’s mutual then. I have no purpose for a withered old hag like you in my new world.”

The heroes are going through the


After some epic anime battles, the heroes finally reach a cathedral, where Father Cornello awaits them with his back to them.

“That’s him! That’s the guy whose been pulling the strings!”

“I’ve come for you Cornello! Baohohohohoho!”

Cornello turns his head back towards the heroes.

“This old guy’s the one behind everything? He’s doesn’t really look like final boss material to me.”

“I wouldn’t be so quick to judge by appearances, lackey of God.”

Cornello proceeds to enter the Cookieverse, and leaves his final minion VIKTOR to deal with the heroes. He unleashes his Battlecast minions on them, they being Abominations, Pan Lords and Psychopaths who were converted into machines for his cause. The heroes are in trouble, but Altis reveals that she took some of Mad Mike’s pizzas and uses them to take control of the robots, causing them to turn against Viktor and making him suffer a comical defeat. The heroes then enter the Cookieverse, the final and longest level in the entire game.

“Lady Chou-Chou!”

The heroes finally encounter The Grandmatriachs, who are on the verge of absorbing an unconscious Chou-Chou.


ost: Hericide

Satan Grandma is a massive entity that looms over the background.

Satan Grandma is downed, but Cornello appears behind it and absorbs its remaining essence, but challenges the heroes to confront him at the cathedral as he exits the crumbling, soon-to-be-destroyed cookieverse with unconscious Chou-Chou underarm. You approach a rest stop between worlds, and that’s the last point where you can save or choose to go to previous levels before engaging the final boss…


Phase 1 – Priest Cornello

ost: The Binding of Issac: My Innermost Apocalypse

The first phase of this fight isn’t technically a boss, but rather a battle against Priest Cornello with the Rebound mechanic removed. This essentially gives Cornello infinite healing via his Up Special, and to make things worse for you the stage is very, very long and has no offstage area, giving him a massive advantage as he is not offset by a lack of recovery and has the means to attack you from any part of the stage with his NSpec and D-Smash. His moveset is also buffed slightly and he will automatically use his Final Smash every 2 minutes of the match, giving you even more to worry about. You have 4 stock for this fight.

Priest Cornello is repelled in what seemed like an easy fight, but he smirks and instantly enters his Rebound form in a rather horrifying transformation.


Phase 2 – Rebound Cornello

As soon as the match begins, Rebound Cornello goes to use his Up Special to land at the center of the stage with complete and utter super armor, not only making a D-Smash pit but also destroying the ends of the stage to form a typical Omega Stage/Final Destination layout. Rebound Cornello does not take rebound damage nor revert to Priest form after 9 seconds, and to make things worse 2 chimeras will leap up onto the stage to assist him with each of those 9 seconds. Should you fail to defeat Rebound Cornello within 2 minutes or put him at 300%, he will automatically use his Final Smash to grant him a permanent buff that makes him even more difficult to defeat.

“Ah, it’s good to be young again.”

“Ugggh…such power! He’s even stronger than Mad Mike, Rapthorne and O.D Jones underwater!”

“I was once a strapping young heavyweight male antagonist, but old age eventually took its toll on me. Curse human mortality! No longer able to chuck boulders or terraform the stage like I was once able to, I was forced to retire and take up various jobs such as driving garbage trucks and even prosecution, until I eventually became a priest after being cast out by one of my former colleagues, who framed me for Grinch porn. The whole priest thing was just to get me some loyal followers, but one day a little girl came in and claimed to be the ‘undisputed god of the universe’. I wouldn’t have believed her, much like anyone else, but thanks to my years of experience I sensed immense power within her and became curious about her, so I had a little chat with her. It turned out she had amnesia and was a bit down that nobody was heeding much attention to her, so I decided to form a cult centered around her and garner her followers, hoping that I would learn more about god. With that, she was performing miracles she called “moe killing” like it was nothing and bringing continents together, but unfortunately for me she was doing this in person so I myself was not recognized as a voice of god. Nonetheless, I came to realize that my intuition rang true, and that the entire universe seemed to revolve around her as everything seemed to gravitate towards her. That then gave me an idea…

One of my associates, Le Paradox, had developed a time machine, but could not gather nearly enough energy to kickstart it, and I deduced that the undisputed god would have more than enough energy to power it up for them. So I gave Le Paradox permission to use her and tricked her into letting her guard down for such an occasion. She was thrown back in time, and as a result she let off a brilliant source of energy that remained behind, that energy what you might call the very universe itself. As Le Paradox jumped back into the past for his own agenda, I stayed behind and grasped the undisputed god’s residual power myself, able to withstand it by sheer willpower. The universe revolved around that god, so it and all that it encompassed were pulled back in time with her, turning the empty past into a vibrant era as beings and landmarks from the future and beyond filled the world.”

“So that’s what was up with that weird tower….”

“The world would be pulled back with the undisputed god as she remained in the past, dead or alive, and soon I found myself there as well. All were brought back in whatever state they were in during their respective times, but I, one who had seized the majority of god’s power, found myself able to adjust my physical being to match that of the era the world had been plunged into, that being the form you are all witnessing. Yes, such was my plan all along: to have access to both my old set and young self to become the ultimate moveset!”

“You messed up the universe and deceived god just so you could be young and old at the same time!?”

“Hardly. I have always wanted to take over the world even as a young’un, but why settle with ruling as a mortal when you could achieve godhood? That’s right, I’m going to take that child’s remaining power as my own and reign over this world as its one true god!”


“I heard all that.”

The heroes find that Chou-Chou has woken up and easily broken out of her restraints.

“So you’ve heard of my true colors, eh? I was expecting you to be more upset about my betraying you, but no matter: once I’m finished with your friends, I’ll dispose of you!”

“Hmph. Bring it on, old timer.”


Phase 3 – Rebound Cornello take 2

This fight is similar to last time, only here your characters start off at 150% due to being heavily injured and must protect Chou-Chou as she attempts generate and throw a 300 Shampuru peon ball at Rebound Cornello, which will instantly KO him on contact.


Rebound Cornello is finally knocked down.

“Is that god enough for you?”

“Hmhmhmhmhm. Don’t think you’ve won yet, little girl.”


The group watch in minor shock as Rebound Cornello slowly gets up despite being almost completely charred. He then reverts to his Priest Form, surprisingly enough.

“Recognize these?”

Cornello asks Chou-Chou as he holds out his left hand and 7 small floating blueish orbs orbit over his open palm, leaving her in shock.


“Yes, the rest of your power as god. Did you think I was lying when I said I seized it upon throwing you back in time?”

“Wait, you mean all the ridiculous stuff we’ve seen Chou-Chou do -wasn’t- her full power!?” One of the non-MS protagonists asks in more or less those words.

“That’s right. Your little “god” can do much more than simply make fluffy bunnies and move landmasses, as you will soon see…”

Cornello clutches the orbs representing Chou-Chou’s power, shattering them and suddenly being engulfed in a brilliant rainbow energy that soon expands to cover the entire room. When the light clears, the heroes final Cornello is gone and cathedral has become a hideous combination of pulsating flesh and bits of machinery jutting out here and there, like something from a surreal nightmare. They are left on a giant floating platform in the midst of a nightmare world, and are soon met with a colossal entity towering over them…

MasterCore render.png

Phase 4: MASTER CORnE-llO

Ost: Shadow of the Core

This is the 3DS Master Core battle at 9.0 Intensity, only instead of being made up of black particles he is made up of rotting flesh and some machine parts. The first battle is against Master Priest, who has Cornello’s face and if he “eats” you with either of his grab hitboxes when you’re past 150% he’ll fully devour you for an instant KO and heal himself 40%. His stage-raising attack comes out much, much faster, and instead of randomly generating electric orbs near the top of the screen he’ll go to tip the stage upside down and slam dunk it into the abyss upon fully raising it, instantly KO’ing you if you were standing on the stage at the time and requiring you jump off just at the right time.

The second battle is against Master Chimera, whose electric shockwave attack is replaced with an ice wave that removes your buffs and spike attack generates one of Cornello’s D-Smash spikes. In addition, his bite heals him 20% on contact and he’ll devour you’re for a KO if you were past 135%. Finally, landing on the stage and tilting it will turn the opposite side of the stage into a hitbox that deals 18% that KOs at 140% if you were standing there.

The third battle is against Master Canes, and functions similar to the battle it is based upon. The final battle after that is against Master Homunculis, cheap imitations of all your party members who are instantly killed upon sustaining 40%. You have all your available party members for this fight.

 After finishing their homunculi, the fleshy room around the heroes shatters and is replaced with a heavenly sky. From there, Cornello descends, only now he is surrounded by a holy light is robed in white like a real god.

“With my mortality purged, I can now fully embrace godhood.”

“Hmph, so you’re a god now? Big deal – I’m the undisputed god of the universe, so you’re nothing but a regular god next to me!”

“You? God of the universe? I never gave much thought to god prior to meeting you, but upon fully realizing your disposition I came to question just why someone like -you- was in charge of the universe. A little girl in charge of all existence? Blasphemy! I have never accepted you as god, and never will. Instead, it is I who should be god!”

“And just what gives you that right?”

“The right, you say? Why, the very fact that I dreamed up such an ambition. The very fact that I dared to defy the current god. And the very fact that I stand before all of you in this holy form! Yes, gods are not born – they are made! Only those with experience and ambition deserve to stand at the top!”

“You’ve got the whole ambition thing down, I’ll give you that. But do you really think anyone here – no, in the entire world would follow someone as selfish you?”

“Oh, they will. You see, the masses are blind, and need a perfect heavyweight male antagonist to follow them. Little girls like you need to put in the DUNGEON for the rest of your days!”

“That’s not very nice. Some people like variety. And you do realize that not everyone like villains with interesting powersets?”

“Well, when I reign as god, I’m going to erase all women from existence, build a Ground-type Gym for men-only and host annual gruesome survivor contests where I select a host at random to invite 16 participants from different universes to kill each other off in games and have those games never get complete. There will be no cuteness, and plenty of solid ground for everyone to terraform.”

“Y-You’re sick! That’s it, we must absolutely defeat you no matter what! Come on everyone, let’s show this fake god what a -real- god can do!”


“Yes, that’s right, Fall into the pit, and relieve the terror of bannation endlessly! I shall make examples of all of you for the history to come!”


Ost: Yousei Teikoku: Ending Note

This is it, the final battle. You can use every single character for this fight, but Chou-Chou will always be the last character in-line. Beware: each character has a set amount of stamina based on their weight, and if they are KO’ed they will die for real as their bloodied corpse remains for Cornello to exploit, that character remaining dead even after the fight and never being revived. If you want to kill off some party members you don’t like, now’s your chance. You get a prize for clearing this fight with no deaths, which is much easier said than done.

After whittling Cornello’s HP down to zero, your character will gain the smash aura and must use their final smash against Cornello to deliver a crippling blow to him. Afterwards, Chou-Chou will appear if she wasn’t your character and will proceed to create a Galaxy-sized peon ball using 999 Shampurus…

“I-Impossible! How can you still have this much power!?”

“This power isn’t mine alone. It’s the power of all those who fight alongside me – or to be more specific, everything that was ever thrown at me throughout my journey and is now being used against you.”

“Damn it! I should have just disposed of you right from the get-go if I knew you could be this powerful with this kind of power!”

“Too late for that. Go! Peon Ball!”

Throws peon ball.


Cornello tries to resist the peon ball, but it completely engulfs him.


God Cornello is completely disintegrated, leaving only Chou-Chou’s fragmented power which returns to her. The end of the story varies from there, but the true ending involves most of the group being dropped off back to their respective homes while a select few go to explore the exciting world that is constantly expanding due to the time-pull, which Chou-Chou could technically fix but doesn’t want to because otherwise she wouldn’t get to be with all her friends.

There are 3 endings:


The heavyweight male antagonist ending. The most common ending that requires you to lose against Cornello.

Cornello kills everyone, then goes on to create his ideal world that he oversees as God almighty. The story cuts to a post-apocalyptic version of the Castlevania world where humanity has been destroyed by Dracula, now all-powerful, with nothing but monsters and dark wastelands across the globe. Cornello, the one giving him his power and immortality in this world while posing as an evil god, suggests to Dracula to take 16 random beings from other dimensions and have them fight against each other for entertainment, thus starting the cruel era of survival. We then get a shot of the villains who would follow Dracula and inherit his legacy, sitting on their thrones arrogantly: Dimentio, Ryuk, The Count, Dr. Strangelove, Dark Bowser, Freiza, Death, Ameno-Sagiri, Michael Reynolds, Sho Minamimoto, Vector, Judge Nemo and finally Dr. Marcus. Dr. Strangelove and Reynolds would eventually join forces later on, starting what would become The Illbleed Slaughter…


Defeat Cornello normally.

Chou-Chou sacrifices herself to destroy Cornello. With no one to keep the surviving villains in line, the clash between lightweight female protagonists and heavyweight male antagonists continues on…


Recruit every character, and defeat Cornello using Chou-Chou.


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