Posted by: The Stadium | November 29, 2008

The Chief Concern — Snorlax


by KingK.Rool

– – –

He should know Surf.

I have a feeling I’ll only be doing one Pokemon moveset in this contest, and probably throughout the future as well. They’re so easy to do–all you’ve gotta’ do is go to Bulbapedia or Serebii and find their learnset, then adapt those moves to Smash Bros., which is pathetically easy. Easy as hell, and more often than not it leads to superbly fitting, awesomely-original movesets.

As it the case with Snorlax.

The big thing that sets this Pocket Monster apart from the rest are his much-vaunted sleep attacks. Frankly I love the idea, even if the moves themselves are kind of boring outside of Snore. Why no Dream Eater? Why no Secret Power? Why random leg pokes and a chomping attack? I’d at least have figured he’d be able to roll over in his sleep to crush his foes…

The other obvious point of interest is…well, actually that’s about it. I like Snorlax and all, and I really like how all these moves were adapted for the actual ‘set (Block? Seriously!?), but there’s really not much else for me to talk about.

…Not in a “not much else because it’s boring” kind of way, but more of a “not much else because there aren’t any other complaints I can make.” I’d imagined that a character who can put himself to sleep, and gains a whole ‘nother set of attacks as a result, would have more of an emphasis. Snorlax would definitely be a fun character to play as…but eh, I guess I was expecting more on the sleep moves.


In summary, this is a great moveset, in spite of what it might sound like based on all I’ve said up to now. It looks great, it was easy and fun to read, very creative, and an amazing sendup to the source material. The one thing I’d change if I were you would be to give Snorlax some more options while asleep–a dodge roll, a single jump (Bounce, maybe?), and so on would make this much more innovative.




  1. Yay for reviews!

    Pokemon movesets ARE kinda easy… but I find that they have immense potential to be both fitting and innovative. I enjoy them, anyway.

    So you want more sleep attacks, eh? Blame Warlord for me not including more, he said five was too much. I’ll get on that… but Dream Eater??? Tsk, tsk. That’s more of a Drowzee kinda attack.

    And the rest is pretty much all complimentary. I set out to make a solid Snorlax moveset, and I think I accomplished that. It’s not quite as daring as, say, my Electrode.

    Or as Orca will be.

    But no comments on Munchlax? Awww. I really like what I did with the little guy.

    Anyway, thanks for the review, Chief.

  2. Eh. If you had incorporated a hot dog vendor into Munchlax somehow, that’d be differnet, but really it’s just a neat extra.

    Like, REALLY neat, but still just an extra. You may notice I don’t really comment on those most of the time…

  3. Hmmm, I suppose so. I don’t comment on them, either, so complaining about that kinda makes me a hypocrite. Still, at least you say it’s neat. Now I need to get an opinion from those crazies who actually read extras…

    *seeks out Warlord*

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