Posted by: The Stadium | November 30, 2008

The Lion's Review — Lyon

I’m going to start by saying that I know the character well. Despite being a fan of the series, I am not very fond of Lyon as a character… actually I’m not found of the game he comes from either. Despite this, I am aware he has a lot of moveset potential and I’m going to see if you’ve taken advantage of that potential.

Layout- Way to much purple… but it is easy enough to distinguish and read.

Creativity- You use Magic an summoning quite well. Luna is unlike anything in the game. The recovery is very creative… but completely made up. You could just call it warp… A lot of his moves use his book, skulls or things other than spells. Awesome. I love the crouch.

True to Character- Can Lyon use Anima magic such as Excalibur… I don’t think so. In fact, I checked… he can’t. Nice try Spade… but you can’t outwit an FE nerd.  Why didn’t you even include Eclipse… replace Excalibur with Eclipse. Please stick to Dark Magic and staves… yes I’m aware that there aren’t many forms of Dark Magic in the game, but you can make something up (which in some cases, you did.)

Balance- Down B is really underpowered IMO. The phantom seems like it can only be used when you are a safe distance away. It dies extremely easily… and if you try to summon a new one while one is on the field, you take damage!? A simple no would suffice lol. On the bright side it is quite effective for the short time it lasts. Just remove that self-hurting clause and this should be fine. Overall, Lyon seems like a hard character to use, and a lot of his attacks aren’t particularly effective unless mastered. Definitely not a character for noobs.

My suggestions-

1. The extras section is a bit lacking. Things like a stage, a boss, and trophies make your moveset look a lot more impressive.

2. This is really more of a personal thing. Get rid of the Anima attacks and focus solely on Dark Magic, Staves, his book, and necromancy (or other related things you can come up with.)

3. Change the font. A bit more variety other than purple would make the whole set a bit more easy to read.

Other than that, it is a really good moveset. The attacks are interesting and well-detailed. You did the character justice (more than a generic character like him deserves, actually.)



  1. First of all, I know how FE cracks like you despise Sacred Stones, hence I made Lyon, one of the least liked characters, a moveset. And I tried to do it well. As it seems, I did it well.

    As you said, the GBA games don’t really offer much Dark Magic, however, if I removed the Anima attacks, half of the standard attacks (Fimbulvetr, Fire, Elfire, Aircalibur, Thunder…) would disappear into nothing. I know that Lyon can only use Dark Magic in the games, but I think that the odd mechanic for moves like Elfire is paying off making him not so true to the games but more unique. It’s not like Smash wouldn’t adapt characters and abilities to their likings (see Ness and Lucas, who both use attacks they can’t learn in their games). I know that Ereshkigal looks whole different in the games, but I wanted to keep most of the attack names with game spells, even if they don’t really look like the animation in the games. Why I didn’t use Eclipse? Because Eclipse has a too odd animation, while Excalibur uses Airblades. Whaddaya think is easier to adapt? 😛

    I purposely didn’t do many extras, since I only wanted Lyon to be a rather standard character. I don’t even intended to make him stand out – even if he did. I guess I will add a few extras, even though I don’t know what it should be. ^^”

    As for the text organization – maybe you’ve noticed that I have the same layout in all of my movesets. Though you may be right that I should change it up a bit… but oh well.

    Glad you enjoyed it, though, and thank you for the review.

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