Posted by: agidius | September 15, 2009

Dr. Wily does it Himself – Sukapon

Sukapon by Wizzerd

So, we have this Rayman-esque character from Nintendo’s very first fighting game… can’t say I’ve ever seen the guy before, although I’ve heard his name mentioned a couple times in the SSB4 thread. On top of my ignorance of the source material, this set is the subject of no small amount of controversy… getting a Seal of Excellence from Rool and being bashed to hell and back by Ocon. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look…

(after writing this, I took a look at Joy Mech Fight for myself. Best NES game ever.)

Organization: Overall, it really looks like you took the organization Kibble’s Balloon Fighter, with the large font size and the font itself… even if you did, however, it’s still just as fitting, and I won’t hold it against you. Moving on from the obvious, I also like how you put things such as the Symbol, Entry, and Wiimote noise before the set itself… while extras, they would be the first thing you’d see, even before the battle.

Originality: Okay, so all of his specials are ripped directly from the game… I’ll give you that. It was good that you put a little spin on them, especially in regard to Tondeker, but all in all you kept the integrity of the source material here.
Now, as for the standards… to be honest, I was a bit shocked at the Up/Down tilt. Original? Fitting to character? For sure. However, they seem very awkward to pull off and not particularly useful, and they don’t add much to the playstyle. Stop staring at me, KRool. To be honest, I’d have just kept one or the other, preferably the UTilt. The DTilt would have been nice if it was that leg sweep you can use in Joy Mech Fight, the one that guarantees tripping but has short range… if you had to give him defense against projectile spammers, crawling works just as well.
…curses, you stole my Down Smash for Muk.

Detail: Your descriptions were a bit bare-bones at times, but only where there really wasn’t that much to say. For the most part, there was enough detail to answer any questions I may have had, and not so much that you ended up contradicting yourself accidentally. (see Wart)
Still, moves such as Skapon Toss would benefit from mention of range, and your DAir was very sparsely detailed, making it difficult to envision. Okay, he drops piece-by-piece… but what’s the delay between pieces? “A while” simply doesn’t cut it in this case.

Playstyle: I haven’t picked up on much of a playstyle so far, (besides unreliable combos,) so… *reads playstyle section*
Wow. You’re pretty certain about this little guy’s use. I hate to break it to ya, but… well, you put it out there yourself in the playstyle section. He doesn’t have much going for him combo-wise, which is supposedly his area of expertise. (Rool’s gonna kill me.) His two combos you spoke of (FTilt near-lock, Dash Attack-Rising Attack) are easily escaped and easily predicted, respectfully. Beating Sukapon would be as simple as jumping at him to use an aerial.

Balance: I’m leaning towards Ocon’s judgement when it comes to Balance… Sukapon really doesn’t have that much combo potential, with his U/DTilts dealing no damage and an easily punishable FTilt. I’m honestly not sure what you were talking about when you gave it potential to rack up 40%… a simple shieldgrab would let the opponent escape this “combo”. His airgame is also very weak, TWO stall-then-falls and no real attacking options just welcomes Skapon to be gimped to death. Lastly… oh, wait. He does have a KO move, even if it would be ridiculous to pull off. How do you plan on grabbing them at the edge of the stage?

Relevance to Character: You had every right to make this set as generic as possible and still score perfect points in this category, considering the fight engine of Joy Mech Fight… but instead, you played off his Rayman/Mii qualities. This led to a feel unlike any other character… from sending parts of your body flying and snapping back up to them, UTilts and DTilts increasing/decreasing the spaces between parts to create blind spots, shooting your head at the opponent… This is Sukapon, through and through. Oh, and the Side Taunt with turning the crowd to cheer you on? Nice touch.

Extras: Sorry you have to get the short end of the stick on your tower of extras there. I’m honestly impressed that you write up so many matchups, don’t get me wrong, but there’s not much I could say about them without nitpicking them to death. The Taunts and Victory Poses ooze personality, and the Codec is out-of-character, perhaps to a ridiculous extent. Talking about HITBOXES? Okay, that was obviously thrown in for humor, but I had to criticize something in here to make it look professional.

Overall: Sukapon serves as a good example for why you shouldn’t blindly believe Rool. He’s underpowered, lacks any real way to fight off opponents, and relies on extremely unreliable “combos” to rack up the damage. Still, you had some moves I absolutely LOVED in there, the FAir springing to mind as an example. I can’t say you had a whole lot of potential springing from this guy who wasn’t designed to fight in the first place, so I’d say you did well with what you had, even if 80% of the moves could just as easily be transferred to one of the seven other characters in Joy Mech Fight, or even Rayman himself.

This review wasn’t supposed to come off as negative as it did. I originally had loved Skapon, after skimming it and seeing moves such as the FAir, but when you sit on a review for this long, you tend to see any set in a negative light.





  1. *readies flame shield*

  2. *steals Agi’s Leaf Shield to use against Air Man*

  3. Ah well. I think I improved on this somewhat on Bubbles. I can’t give a real response right now, but thanks for the review.

  4. Ah well indeed. I stand by my love of this set, but I’m not going to go all Mendez on you guys (any more than I already have) and force it onto the Top 50, or anything like that. Wizzerd is on the cusp of a big breakthrough set anyway.

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